Green Is Beautiful

Help Create & Sustain A Cleaner, Safer Planet With A Green Beauty Routine
The TLC of our home planet is something that touches each of our lives. As we face environmental challenges on a daily basis, it is imperative to be aware of the things we can each do to help contribute to a more sustainable, cleaner, and safer planet.
Sustainable living is an attempt to reduce our use of the Earth’s natural resources and personal resources. Believe it or not, there are small things you can do each day that make a big difference in this ongoing mission. Creating a Green Beauty Routine is just one of the ways. Here are a few small things you can do to create a Green Beauty Routine and make a difference.
Check Your Labels
It’s always a good idea to educate yourself on what ingredients your beauty products contain. Much like the food we put in our bodies, it is smart to avoid certain chemicals or processed ingredients. Keep an eye out for parabens and phthalates, which may be toxic when absorbed in high doses. Another additive to watch out for is sodium lauryl sulfate, a common source of skin allergens. These chemicals can wreak havoc on both you and the environment.
Make Plant Oils Your New Best Friend
Oils are packed with antioxidants which fight free radicals and help reverse the effects of sun damage. Using plant oils on a daily basis is good for your skin and hair. Due to the decrease in the body’s own oil production as we age, fine lines and wrinkles appear, and hair loses its luster and bounce. These oils help replenish what has been lost and since they are not water-based, they don’t need any type of synthetic preservative or added chemicals. This makes them pure, safe, and one of the best sources of hydration and repair.
Don’t Waste Your Beauty Products
Be sure to squeeze as much as you can out of your beauty products. A wringer like the one used for toothpaste works exceptionally well at squeezing every last drop out of your MONAT products. After all, you don’t want to throw away product you can easily use!
Stay Conscious of Your Water Use
Did you know every minute the faucet runs, two gallons of water go down the drain? The average eight-minute shower dumps 17 gallons—so making a conscious effort while washing dishes, brushing your teeth, and taking a shower can make a difference.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Learn how reducing, reusing, and recycling can help you, your community, and the environment by saving money, energy, and natural resources, here.
Ready to help?
As part of the MONAT Sustainability initiative, we’re proud to introduce the MONAT Recycling Program—in partnership with TerraCycle®.* The MONAT Recycling Program offers a simple, environmentally conscious solution for the disposal of the empty packaging of all your favorite MONAT products. To find out more on how to get involved in this incredible program HERE.

*Available in the contiguous USA

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All the Feels!

How Life is Better (and Healthier) with a Pet by Your Side
Owning a pet can be a big responsibility, but there are some significant health benefits to opening your home to a furry, feathered, or fishy friend! Here’s a few ways how life can be better (and healthier) with a pet by your side.
Pets Help You Stay Active
Calling all dog lovers! Dogs are one of the top pets that require daily exercise to stay fit and healthy. Walks around the neighborhood or playtime in parks keep their bodies in shape and their minds sharp. That’s good news for them—but even better news for you! When you join your furry friend on a walk, you’re also burning calories and raising your heart rate. And don’t forget when it’s time for a post-play bath, consider a sulfate-free dog shampoo. We love MONAT PET™ Gentle Cleansing Dog Wash.
Owning a Pet Has Proven Health Benefits
There are positive benefits to owning a pet that go well beyond a walk or a run. Research has shown that owning a pet helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Watching your pet at play or just spending time with them helps you feel calmer and less stressed. The sensation of petting your dog or cat can reduce levels of cortisol—a stress hormone—while raising levels of serotonin, the chemical in our brain that helps us feel good. Isn’t that awesome?
Pets Offer Companionship & Can Make Us More Social
It’s often said that pets offer unconditional love and can forge an unbreakable connection with you. In fact, both cats and dogs are legally defined as “companion animals”, which speaks to how much they can enrich our lives. They really are our best friends! Owning a pet also offers opportunities to get out and be social. They give you additional points of contact for conversations, and create opportunity to build connections with other pet owners. You have a lot of things in common, anyway! Whether you’re exchanging training advice or sharing happy moments, your experiences with your pets offer new ways to connect with others, which is big boost to your emotional health.
Pets Teach Us to Be Better People
You pet’s well-being depends on the level of care and attention you give them. That kind of responsibility can give your life meaning and purpose. The daily routine of caring for a pet may feel like a chore at times, but it allows you to create structure and stability. While cats and dogs are the most popular types of pets, any domesticated animal from birds and lizards to horses and rabbits, can increase our emotional, mental, and physical health. Share your life and your love, and you’ll reap the rewards.
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Get Your Healthy Living Journey Back on Track!

Simple steps to feeling your best in 2021
Now that we’ve kissed 2020 goodbye and welcomed 2021 with open arms, it’s time to officially get back to feeling your best, both mentally and physically. We’ve got just the right steps to create a lifestyle that centers on health from the inside out as you make your way into 2021.
Drink Up
Prioritize staying hydrated by drinking a lot of water! Not only will it help cleanse your system and get you turned around in the right direction, but it will wake your body up and get any toxins flushed out. Remember, 64 ounces of water a day or half your body weight in ounces daily is what you’re aiming to drink. For an extra boost in the morning or before your workout, add MONAT Energy to your bottle of water.
Get Moving
It’s time to refocus on your motivation and work exercise back into your healthy living routine. Start with three to four days of exercise a week to get your body moving and back on track. No need to stick to the boring ol’ treadmill either. There are tons of activities that can be done safely outdoors such as kickboxing, running, and yoga. To add a little more fun, there are socially distanced group classes available, too. Plus, exercising with a friend is a great way to stay motivated and accountable for sticking to your plan!
Opt for a Rainbow of Foods
Fruits and veggies and nutrient-dense foods, oh my! Dr. Agin, MONAT Scientific Advisory Board member, advises to eat a balanced diet: hydrate yourself and eat nutrient-dense foods (with the greatest amount and variety of nutrients) and minimally processed foods. Try filling your plate with a spectrum of colors found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Think fresh leafy greens, deep blue and red berries, and bright veggies. Better food choices like this will help you get glowing again from the inside out. No time to cook? Try MONAT Total Greens for a quick and easy serving of your daily greens.
Catch Your Zzzs
Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep! To ensure your body recovers, heals, and functions at an optimum level, do your best to not only tuck in early, but be sure to turn off all devices, screens, or other distractions about an hour before you plan to lay down. This allows your mind to start calming down and unwinding from a day of constant activity. You may also want to consider taking MONAT Sleep Drops 20 to 30 minutes before bed if you’re still having trouble getting a good night’s sleep.
Getting back on track in the new year is easy. With a little bit of commitment and planning, you’ll be on your way to your healthiest, happiest you in no time!
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Here’s To Your Health!

Four tips to stay healthy this holiday season!
The holidays are here—and that means you’ve likely spent the last few weeks eating, drinking, gifting, and being merry! While this season is certainly something worth celebrating, all the hustle and bustle often causes us to develop some less than healthy habits. Rather than correcting these choices after the new year, why not incorporate a few healthy practices into your daily routine now? Here are four tips to stay healthy during the holidays.
Drink Plenty of Water
Cooler weather combined with holiday parties means dehydration is calling. Holiday options like soda and alcoholic beverages make drinking water all the more vital in order to ensure you stay hydrated and glowing throughout the holidays.
Support Your Immune System
A diet incorporating a healthy mix of fruits and vegetables will help you feel more energetic and avoid the extra weight that tends to creep up this time of year. Feel like you don’t have time to cook a meal that contains your daily serving of fruits and veggies? Try drinking Total Greens from our new MONAT Wellness line. Total Greens is a superfood drink mix designed to make it easy to enjoy fruits and vegetables from anywhere at any time!
Make Time for Exercise
Get up and get moving! Use the few quiet moments you have during the day to incorporate a bit of exercise. Consider doing sit-ups after you wake up in the morning and before bed. You could also break your cardio sessions into two, 15-minute runs rather than one, 30-minute run to make it feel less daunting.
Treat Yourself
Serving others is what the holidays are all about. But don’t feel guilty for taking some time to treat yourself to some self-care this season, too. Try meditation, reading your favorite book, or indulging in a special hair treatment. You’ve earned your unwind after a long year!
We hope you find these tips helpful! The holidays are a special time, and we want everyone to be happy and healthy alongside their loved ones.
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The Power of Wellness

The perfect balance of body and mind begins with wellness
When you think of wellness, what comes to mind? Self-care? Healthy food choices? Daily exercise? Meditation?
Well, you’re right! All of these things definitely contribute to our overall wellness. But if you want to get technical, wellness is described as the active choices we make toward a healthy and fulfilling life—and when we strive to achieve our best state of mental and physical being.
It seems with the current kinda-upside-down-kinda-getting-better-each-day world we are living in at the moment, wellness has taken the reigns of our list of priorities….and for good reason. When we focus on becoming the best version of ourselves, we are sure to live our best life possible! Insert this under Things We Love!
Below are some easy and powerful ways to incorporate wellness into your life that can benefit you each day—and help you achieve the ideal balance of body and mind.
Water, Water & More Water
Time to drink up! Water truly is a fountain of youth…and it benefits us from the inside out. It’s time to get sippin’! Not only does water keep us hydrated—which in turn ensures our organs and tissues are benefitting—but it brings out the best in our skin, hair, and nails! Water is surely one of the easiest ways to get your glow on. Add some sliced lemon or other fruits for some extra flavor and nutritional benefits!
Eating Well = Living Well
A balanced diet with ample whole foods and greens is a key part of a solid wellness plan. Reach for vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and legumes. And yes, we are all prone to grabbing a perfectly baked treat here and there—and there’s nothing wrong with that—but it’s best to avoid an abundance of processed or refined foods. Keep it clean for maximum benefits.
It may seem impossible to slow down and calm your mind these days, but meditation and mindful thinking is an incredible way to clear your mind and reset. Focused breathing alongside some easy stretching can really have a positive impact on your day. A relaxed mind is a clear mind, so give it a try!
MONAT Wellness For The Win
Our newest new line of products is not only the perfect addition to your wellness routine—it will put you in motion as part of the new Healthy Living Revolution!
As our innovative balance of nature and science continues to evolve, MONAT Wellness offers a holistic collection of products designed to nurture, balance, and protect the source from which real beauty radiates: the inside.
Inspired by nature and informed by science, MONAT Wellness represents the best of Modern Nature!

Monat Energy

Boost for Body + Mind*

Total Greens

Greens + Fruits Superfood Mix

Collagen Key™

Vegan Collagen Building Blocks

MONAT Balance

Dual Layer Pre + Probiotic Complex

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Available in the USA
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Get Your Royal Oils

Rejuvenating your hair and skin begins with royal oils!
Healthy hair and skin are in—and they always have been! So what’s the key to rocking soft, healthy locks and stepping out into the world with youthful, glowing skin? Adding oils to your haircare and skincare routine is a great start!
Many people don’t realize the unbelievable rejuvenation the right royal oils offer on your hair and skin. Now, let’s take a look at the benefits using oils has on your hair!
Strong Hair, Don’t Care!
Great hair is well-moisturized and soft to the touch while strong. The beauty of adding oil to your haircare regimen is that it enriches your hair with the softening and moisturizing properties your hair needs to look its best.
The following are just some of the benefits using oils in your haircare routine offers:
  • Protection from heat damage: Oils add a layer of protection that keeps heat damage at bay.
  • Hydration: The fatty acids in oils protects your hair from losing the moisture it needs to look its best.
  • Promotes hair growth: You need hydration and strength to grow healthy hair, and oils add essential hydration and strength.
Nourish the Skin You’re In!
People often associate oily skin with breaking out. While it’s true that oily skin is prone to the pimples and breakouts we often associate with our awkward teenage years, oils are often the missing ingredient in skincare regimens!
The right oils nourish your skin, help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and so much more! The following are just some of the benefits of adding oils to your skincare routine:
  • Hydration: Dry skin is an obstacle for many. Oils offer your skin the moisture it needs to appear brighter and softer to the touch.
  • Shrinks pores: Large pores are another common skincare issue. Using oils can help reduce the appearance of large pores—even making them look much less noticeable!
  • Wrinkle reduction: Wrinkles are a problem for us all! Adding oils to your skincare routine can help prevent the signs of aging by addressing sun damage and adding moisture to help improve elasticity.
The Royal Duo
REJUVENIQETM Oil Intensive is our flagship product and has been a staple of our haircare and skincare routines for years. REJUVENIQE™ is a magical multitasker that offers a balancing, rejuvenating haircare and skincare experience for all!
REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive is formulated with omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants designed to nourish your hair, scalp and skin without greasiness. If you’d prefer a lighter touch, REJUVENIQE light by MONATTM offers delicate nourishment for fragile, fine hair and oily-to-combination skin.
Are you ready to sport the healthy locks and skin you deserve? Add some royal oils to your daily routine!
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Celebrate the Beauty of Mom

Your Biggest Fan is Beautiful Inside and Out
Moms are amazing! They’re our first friends in childhood and our biggest fans in adulthood. Moms call us beautiful in our awkward “tween” phase and lovingly tolerate our more rebellious teenage years. As we approach Mother’s Day weekend, there’s no better time to celebrate the most amazing women in our lives. Moms are incredible in more ways than we can count, and here are three ways these incredible women are beautiful inside and out!
Our First Support System
Our First Support System
From the moment we arrive in this great big world, mothers spend every waking moment doting on us. Moms worry whether we’ve eaten enough, whether we’re tired, or whether we’ve made a new friend. As we grow up, we tend to pull away in pursuit of our own independence—even if Mom tries to hold on to us just a bit longer. However, no matter how far we stray, Mom will always be there. She is a support system many of us rely on well into adulthood.
Our First Teachers
Chances are your mom was the first to teach you some of life’s simplest lessons. Whether she was teaching you how to take your first steps, how to create art with a pack of paints and blank construction paper, or how to read, she was your number one coach on all things learning. She saw your ability to learn and do anything—and to do it well! She encouraged you and believed in your talents, helping to guide you along the way.
The First to Share Beauty Secrets
Do you remember your first party or formal event? After years of playing dress up with Mom’s makeup and slipping on her heels, you finally got your opportunity to dress-up for real—and mom was there to guide you through the process—including sharing all of her favorite beauty secrets to achieving the best hair, skin, and makeup! Before you set off for the night, she probably gazed at you all dressed up and said you looked beautiful—and that’s one of life’s most beautiful moments.
Now that you’ve grown up and acquired some of your own beauty routines, MONAT Haircare and Skincare are the perfect beauty secrets of your own to share with Mom. We hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day with the most amazing woman in your life!
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Keep it Local

Support Small Businesses While Social Distancing
Social distancing has required adjustments from us all as we work to stay safe and healthy. Those adjustments include working from home, postponing trips, and generally limiting interactions with others. In many ways, social distancing can feel like distancing yourself from the things and people you love.
But that doesn’t have to be the case! You can use social distancing to your advantage by supporting the people and businesses that were always within arm’s reach—even if you can’t be within arm’s reach currently. Some of the greatest employees, entrepreneurs, and budding business leaders probably reside in your community. Now is the time to use social distancing to bridge the gap between you and them, and here are three ways you can do that!
Buy from Local Shops
Large retailers have proven themselves to be trusted sources supplying food and products you and your family have used for years. However, your local deli or corner store—as well as the employees—may be in greater need of your patronage these days. Consider picking up your essential items or takeout order from the business right around the corner. We’re confident they’ll appreciate it!
Hire Local
Hire Local
Where’s your next Employee of the Month? He or she could be a few blocks over. Whether you’re a manager at a large company or an ambitious start-up, social distancing makes traveling long distances impractical. So, while a global candidate search may have been your organization’s plan a month or two ago, it probably isn’t viable in this moment. However, a local candidate search doesn’t mean you’d be settling. An incredibly talented candidate who may have slipped through your screening process may be just the person you need to invest in your company’s mission!
Support Multi-Level Marketers
The most hard-working and ambitious entrepreneur and business leader in your life may live right next door! MONAT VIPs and Market Partners are either supporting or building a small, local business every day. If you’re a VIP, each purchase supports the dreams of the local business leader who enrolled you. Plus, you’re also supporting them when you introduce new VIPs to MONAT with Refer-A-Friend!
Also, Market Partners are not only earning income and expanding their own businesses. They are also helping new prospects establish and find success as local business owners. It’s a beautiful thing, and we can continue supporting these entrepreneurs and leaders while social distancing.
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Pamper Your Pet

Show Your Pooch a Little Extra Love with a Spa Day
Doggy day spas? Yep, that’s a thing!
Rather than dish out tons of cash to have a stranger pamper your pet, why not create your own at-home spa for your furry friend? All you need are a few good products and some go-to activities to turn a regular day into your pup’s best day ever!
A Clean Pup is a Happy Pup
Humans aren’t the only ones who love a good bubble bath! Lather up your dog and rid them of all the dirt and grime that can build up within their fur. We love pH-Balanced MONAT PET™ Gentle Cleansing Dog Wash—because a clean pup is a happy pup!
And of course, don’t forget the pawdicure! How can you tell if it’s time to trim your dog’s nails? When it sounds like they’re walking around the house in your favorite pair of heels! Avoid the click-clack by trimming nails regularly. This will also get your pup used to having their paws handled, making visits to the groomer less stressful. At home, invest in a good pair of dog-specific nail trimmers to keep their nails healthy and on-point. You may also want to have a pair of small scissors handy to trim any extra fur and an emery board for smoothing jagged edges.
Unwind Outside
A little time in the sunshine is a great way to let your furry friend release all of their pent up indoor energy! Plus the vitamin D and fresh air can benefit them, just as it does you. Hit the beach for some playtime, explore some local nature trails, or simply lay back on the lawn with your fur baby for some well-deserved R&R. A little outside unwind time together is always a great way to spend an afternoon. Once you head back indoors, freshen up Fido with a touch of MONAT PET™ Freshen Up Deodorizing Spray.
Exhale & Chill
Despite their go-go-go attitudes, most dogs love a good nap! Be sure your dog’s bed stays in tip-top shape so that they benefit from some solid rest. Vacuum the bed regularly, and if possible, wash it in the washing machine to keep germs and odors at bay. If it won’t’ fit in the washer, spot clean any trouble areas and set out in the sun to dry. A clean, comfy bed will give your dog the best ending to one of their best days yet!
How do you pamper your pooch? Share some pics of your fur baby with #MONATPet
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Come Together for International Women’s Day!

Connect & Celebrate With Your Girls!
March 8 is International Women’s Day, and we’re buzzing from all the good vibes we’re feeling right now! Let’s face it, the closest women in our lives are more like sisters than just friends—and the best thing about family is that they come together to help each other do amazing things. Ultimately, MONAT is all about that, too!
Whether you’re a Market Partner spreading the word about an incredible opportunity or a VIP sharing haircare and skincare advice with your besties, MONAT is all about bringing out the best in each other! Let’s take a look at a few ways to connect and collaborate for International Women’s Day.
Support a Women’s Charity
We love charities committed to empowering women and the families they lead! Their efforts truly make a positive impact on women and the communities in which they live. Our MONAT Gratitude team frequently partners with local charities like Miami’s Lotus House Women’s Shelter to empower women in need. These visits provide women complimentary products and MONAT makeovers. Days like this are always empowering for all involved!
Share Your Beauty Secrets
Share Your Beauty Secrets
Sharing haircare and skincare secrets can form lasting bonds. In a way, passing on your beauty secrets is like sharing a part of yourself and what makes you stand out. We took this concept on the road with our Healthy Skin Revolution tour and hopped aboard an eye-catching pink truck to introduce people throughout the United States and Canada to MONAT Skincare last fall. The tour was about more than an introduction to a brand-new product line, though. It allowed everyone in attendance to spread a little bit of their beauty to someone else!
Celebrate Each Other’s Success
It’s easy to celebrate your success, but celebrating the success of others is truly special. Nothing says “I care” more than showing genuine happiness when your friend does something special. Whether they’re purchasing their first home or mastering a new hobby, be sure to show them how much this means to you. Recognition and celebration are essential to MONAT, and we make sure to spread that positive energy at every event!
How will you celebrate International Women’s Day? Share some pics of you and your girls with the #MONAT and #InternationalWomensDay!
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