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Thanks for sharing your Before & After photos with us!

If we've already published one of your Before & After photos, please do not resubmit the same photos. We’d love to see something new!

* Please note: If you're a stylist and would like to submit multiple Before & After photos, please send an email to

Tips for successful photos:

When taking and submitting your before & after photos, please follow these guidelines:

Haircare Products:

/ For the “Before” photo, be sure your hair contains no products. The “After” photo may contain any MONAT products of your choice.

/ Use only MONAT haircare product(s) in the “After” photo and state the name of the product.

Skincare Products:

/ Ensure that your skin is free of makeup and other skincare products in the photos, and keep hair pulled away from your face. 

/ Use only a MONAT Skincare product in the photo and state the name of the product.

/ Use the same lighting, camera angle (front-facing preferred), pose and neutral/solid background in all photos.

/ Photos must be in high resolution (at least 300 dpi or higher). Use the high-definition setting on your camera/phone.

/ Photos must be of you and must be recognizable as the same person in each photo.

/ Include the date the photos were taken and note time for each, so that if used, we can specify “after 30 seconds” or similar.

/ If you are using a photographer, ensure you have the permission of the photographer to use the photos for posting on MONAT websites, social media or other promotional materials.

/ Keep signed, dated copies of your Before & After photos, testimonials and substantiation.

/ Submitting a photo or testimonial does not guarantee your photo or testimonial will be selected by MONAT for promotional use.

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Please note: All photos submitted shall become the property of MONAT. MONAT shall be free to use such photos in its marketing materials, on any media, including social media. By submitting your photos to MONAT, you confirm that you are of legal age and that you assign to MONAT and anyone authorized by MONAT the absolute and irrevocable right and license to use, reproduce, edit, exhibit, project, display, copyright, and/or publish and circulate the photos in all forms and media for art, advertising, publicity, public displays, exhibitions, and/or any other purposes. You also confirm that you will not be compensated or receive any money, prizes or renumeration in return for MONAT's use of your photos.