At MONAT, we recognize the importance of sustainability and the role it plays in realizing our values.

We are committed to being mindful of our environmental footprint, ensuring we have a positive impact on our communities and our planet, treating people with respect, and bringing gratitude to all aspects of our business.

As a global company with a global footprint, we are approaching our impact as an opportunity to enact important positive change.

That is why we’ve developed a framework that will guide our strategy, goals, and actions for the future.


Modern Nature.

Because MONAT products are naturally based—reliant upon natural sources for their key ingredients, unique formulas, and proven benefits—we consider it our duty to protect their source: the beautiful world in which we live.

We strive to sustain our communities, the natural world, and our business through a commitment to standards and practices adherent to three pillars:


We care for our environmental impacts by measuring, managing, and achieving our goals for improvement.

  • Recycling and Conservation
  • Energy and Emissions
  • Environment and Nature

Business and Products

We live our values and fulfill our purpose through our unique business model, which creates opportunities to change lives; and our products, which are safe, sustainable, innovative, and naturally based.

  • Products and Packaging
  • Operations and Logistics
  • Governance and Ethics

Joyful People
and Communities

We go above and beyond to ensure we contribute to a joyful and fulfilling life experience for all our stakeholders.

  • Our Employees
  • Our Market Partners and Customers
  • Our Communities and Our World

We are developing and launching initiatives that address the issues that matter most to our stakeholders and have the greatest impact on the planet.

Some examples of these projects include:

Energy and

Improving our energy and emissions by making upgrades within our facilities to LED lighting and energy-efficient equipment.

and Nature

Completing a life-cycle assessment of our product lineup in phases—starting with our top-seller items—by analyzing each product’s total footprint and identifying the best ways to improve the process.

and Ethics

Establishing governance mechanisms to ensure sustainability remains a strategic objective across all areas of the business well into the future.


Implementing best practices for a safe and healthy workplace in all our facilities.

and Conservation

Launching the new MONAT Recycling Program, using post-consumer recycled content in our packaging, introducing refill containers, and adopting other sustainable-packaging initiatives.

What is the MONAT
Recycling Program?

The MONAT Recycling Program is a solution that gives our Market Partners, VIPs, and Customers the ability to properly discard empty MONAT product containers in the most environmentally responsible way.

We are partnering with TerraCycle®, the global leader in collecting and repurposing hard-to-recycle waste, to make our packaging recyclable.

Visit the MONAT Recycling Program page to learn more and sign up!