An unstoppable new you
who can’t wait to conquer the day.

But it’s so much more
than how you look
and feel.


   The single greatest EFFECT MONAT has had in my life was to be home   

   The MONAT effect is my husband back at home   

   My life is better thanks to MONAT, that’s my MONAT effect   






Del Valle



This is the effect MONAT has had
for thousands of people.







Del Valle



This is the effect MONAT has had
for thousands of people.


And it’s not just you.
That’s the best part.


MONAT Effect is...
Goals achieved, obstacles overcome, lives changed—because of you. New and lasting friendships. Empowering others to find Flexibility. Success. Joy.

These are a few of
their stories. What
could YOURS be?


Share your MONATEffect with us


Stay hydrated all season long with our Product of the Month: Hydrate & Refresh™ Face Mist plus this offer, because your hair & skin deserve it! 💦✨ With our ‘New Season, New Reason’ offer, you can ensure your locks are nourished and radiant, no matter the weather😉

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Dry hair, meet your match! The Advanced Hydrating System and Renew™ Hydrating System are your go-to systems to quench your hair’s thirst, leaving it radiant and ready to conquer the crisp autumn days. Fall in love with your hair all over again and say goodbye to dry, brittle hair  🍁💦
Do you have your fall faves? Share with us  in the comments 👇
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@themelindamurray pro tip for flawless skin: LESS is MORE! 💁‍♀️💫 

Our MONAT Brighten + Correct Concealer™️ is more than just a concealer, it’s your beauty ally! 💖 Here’s what it does:
✔️ Covers and reduces dark circles
✔️ Fades fine lines
✔️ Smooths wrinkles
✔️ Vanishes puffiness

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@taylor_jade1 is spilling all her hair wash tips and secrets with us! 💁‍♀️ 

✨ Always shake the shampoo bottle
✨ Emulsify the product in your hands and shampoo twice
✨ After rinsing, apply Purifying Vinegar Rinse 
✨ Squeeze all the water out of your hair before applying conditioner and let it sit for 5 minutes before rinsing

Do you have any hair wash tips or secrets?👀 Share them with the world👇

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Get ready for PSL season! 🎃 Did you know your skin is made of protein? So we’re spicing things up and treating our taste buds to a healthy MONAT Vegan Protein smoothie with a twist on this fall favorite! 


✨ 1 scoop of vanilla MONAT Vegan Protein powder
✨ 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
✨ 1/3 cup pumpkin puree
✨ 1 banana
✨ 1 tbsp peanut butter (optional)
✨ Pumpkin spice and cinnamon to taste
✨ Handful of ice
✨ 1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)
✨ Whipped topping of your choice!

🍁 Add all ingredients into blender and blend until smooth.
🍁 Pour into glass and enjoy immediately!
 Who’s up for a Pumpkin Spice Vanilla Protein Smoothie? 👀 Save this post to re-create at home!
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🍁 Happy first day of fall, beauties! 🍁✨ Dive into the season with Hydration Booster™️ for extra hydration, REJUVENIQE®️ oil for beautiful hair and skin, MONAT Liquid Lipstick™️ for a pop of color, MONAT Radiant Bronzer™️ for that sun-kissed look, and our Damage Repair Bond Support Masque for haircare magic. — Which MONAT products are you currently falling for this season? 🌟🍂 Drop your picks below! 👇

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Stunning hair unlocked with MONAT styling marvels! ✨💇‍♀️ Elevate your hair with our magic potions for flawless locks that steal the show. 👇 Comment with the emoji that matches the product you use the most!

💜  MONAT STUDIO ONE™ Air Dry Cream 
💙  MONAT STUDIO ONE™ Curl Defining Cream 
💖  MONAT STUDIO ONE™ The Moxie™ Magnifying Mousse
❤️ MONAT STUDIO ONE™ Flex Control Hairspray

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Makeup removal just got a whole lot easier and more luxurious with our Makeup Vanishing Balm™️! ✨ Your must-have companion for removing MONAT Skincare Makeup effortlessly💄

💫 Melting makeup remover: Watch makeup melt away like a dream!
🌿 Dissolves and softens: Embrace softer, happier skin.
💧 Nourishes and moisturizes with REJUVENIQE S™️: Give your skin the love it deserves.

Elevate your skincare routine with the power of Makeup Vanishing Balm™️ - because removing makeup should be a pampering experience! 💆‍♀️💖 

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💦 Hydrate & Refresh™️: Your MONAT Skincare Makeup’s new BFF! 💄
Before and after your MONAT Skincare Makeup routine, indulge in the refreshing mist to prep and set for beauty that lasts✨💁‍♀️

Here is @zayleen20 Skincare Makeup lineup:
💕 MONAT BB Cream SPF 40™️ - Vanilla 
💕 MONAT Brighten + Correct Concealer™️ ️- Very Light 
💕 MONAT IR Clinical™️ Clear Brow Gel
💕 MONAT IR Clinical™️ Mascara
💕 MONAT Hydrating Liquid-Gel Cream Blush™️
💕 MONAT Perfecting Translucent Loose Powder™️
💕 MONAT Radiant Bronzer™️
💕 MONATLiquid Lipstick™️ - Divine 
💕 Hydrate & Refresh™️

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Did someone say more youthful eyes? 👀 Level up your eye game with our luxurious Eye Smooth™️ cream! 🌟 Your secret weapon against dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness, leaving you with eyes that pop and skin that’s smooth, tight, and absolutely refreshed.

Boost your skincare routine with our rose gold eye roller to help de-puff, de-stress, and brighten the skin!

Reminder: For a limited time, spend (MP: $81 | VIP: $99) and get a FREE full-size Eye Smooth™️ and more!

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Share the love for MONAT Skincare Makeup! 💕 Leave a heart emoji and let us know which product has your heart🫶

💙 MONAT Brighten + Correct Concealer™️️
🧡 MONAT Hydrating Liquid-Gel Cream Blush™️ 
💖 MONAT Perfecting Translucent Loose Powder™️ 
🤍 MONAT IR Clinical™️ Clear Brow Gel
💜 MONAT Radiant Bronzer™️
❤️ MONAT Liquid Lipstick™️
🖤 MONAT IR Clinical™️ Mascara

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Gearing up for a glowing day with MONAT Skincare Makeup! ✨ Our NEW makeup must-haves not only enhance your beauty but also nurture your skin!

We love how @obi_sainz uses our makeup for skin that looks flawless while caring for it because beauty is more than skin deep. Which makeup products have become your go-to? 💄💖⤵️

📸 @obi_sainz

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Happy #NationalSkincareAwarenessMonth! 💖For 2 DAYS ONLY, celebrate healthy skin when you spend (MP: $81 | VIP: $99) and get:

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When the MONAT community comes together, magic happens! ✨💄 We’re proud to announce $3 million in sales within the first 24 hours of our Skincare Makeup launch. Join us in celebrating the fusion of skincare and makeup because we’re just getting started!🥂

📸: @vitulls

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“Went to Cali and found my glow😘” - @janaymcwilborn

She sure did! Let MONAT Skincare Makeup do all the work ✨💋 Our two-in-one products nurture your skin while giving you that beautiful no-makeup, makeup finish! For this look, Janay used:

BB Cream - Cedar
Concealer - Medium tan
Blush - Peach
Clear Brow Gel
Liquid Lipstick - Magnetic
Powder - Honey

Share your skincare makeup transformation by posting a GRWM video or a before & after photo flaunting your gorgeous look using #MONATMakeupSquad! 

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Spritz, glow, repeat! ✨ Our Hydrate & Refresh™ Face Mist is your secret to dewy, radiant skin. Defend your skin, achieve a luminous, 24-hour hydration, and set your makeup flawlessly. 

Get the ultimate refreshment in every spritz! Comment with 💦 emoji if you love using this for a radiant, dewy glow!

This month ONLY, get an additional 15% OFF on this fan favorite!

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New MONAT Liquid Lipstick™ filter alert! 💋💄✨ Wondering which shade is your perfect match? Tap on the sparkle icon on our Instagram profile to use our new filters and try each lipstick shade. 
You can also find the filter using THE LINK IN OUR BIO 👄

Let us know which one you like most!👇

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