Summer Forecast: Good Vibes & Great Hair

Protecting Your Hair From Damage
Ahhh, the sun. We worship it in the summer and pine for its warmth in the winter. Yet despite our love affair with that fiery ball of heat, the importance of protecting our hair from its damaging rays is a must. Unfortunately, the sun isn’t the only culprit we encounter that is ready to lay on the damage during our summertime fun. The ocean and pool water can also dry it out, frizz it up—even fade the intensity of color-treated hair. These three unruly amigos can also damage our scalp. (Ouch!) So before you step outside for some well-deserved leisure time, check out these easy ways to protect your locks all summer long.
The Heat
The Heat
It’s no secret that warm climates cause dry, brittle hair, or leave it frizzy and cause split ends. But don’t fret, there are ways to protect your hair without missing any of the fun.
The Fix: Choose wisely! Pick styling products with an SPF for extra protection as the weather heats up. Product can be applied to dry or damp hair before sun exposure. Try a nutrient rich hair oil in the morning before you head to the beach to protect your hair from the sun, then wash it out when you return in the afternoon.
Or if you’re feeling super low maintenance and choose to avoid the use of any heat styling tools, try an air dry cream. Wash your hair post beach, pool, or outdoor adventure, then apply a small amount of air dry cream and let Mother Nature do the rest.
And if you must use heat styling tools, use them on a lower setting. This is less harsh on your already-delicate hair. Be sure to utilize a solid heat protectant, conditioning spray or leave-in conditioner. These each act as a barrier between the hair and the heat, and help restore lost moisture.
The Sea
The Sea
The ocean houses some of the most beautiful sea creatures within its currents—including us during the summer! But unless you’re a full-time mermaid, the saltwater won’t be doing your human hair any favors. Saltwater is drying in nature and can strip or fade color-treated hair with the crashing of a few waves. And if you spend tons of time in the water, it can also dehydrate your locks, causing it to become brittle and parched.
The Fix: If possible, always try and wet your hair with fresh water (pop under a beachside shower if available) prior to taking a plunge. This will help fend off the total absorption of saltwater. Post beach, try applying a hydrating hair masque. It will recharge dried out or heat-stunned hair and will replenish lost moisture, preventing frayed ends and breakage.
The Pool
The Pool
A dip in the pool is synonymous with summer. However, the chemicals used to keep that pool clean and swimmer-ready is another story. Chlorine will dry out your hair, stripping it of its natural oils. It can also significantly alter color-treated hair, bringing out the bronze, dulling the blonde, and even producing unsightly green tones (yuck).
The Fix: If you’re spending time in the pool, take a simple step to avoid the possible ick. Much like prior to entering the ocean, wet your hair in the shower before you go for a swim (most pools have them on deck). This ensures that your hair is saturated with unchlorinated water first. If you’ll be spending tons of time in the water over the summer, try a leave-in treatment like a hydrating serum designed for long-lasting hydration.
There’s no need to limit your goals on the fun-o-meter this summer! Beach days and pool parties don’t have to be your hair’s worst enemy. Simply prep yourself before heading out and making the plunge—and come Fall—your (still) healthy hair will thank you!
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Father’s Day Styling Fit for a King

The suit makes the man.
This saying has stood the test of the time for a reason. There are few things better than seeing a tailored, well-coiffed man enter a room. But if we could add to it, we’d say excellent grooming is the final touch. Consider men like Marlon Brando, James Dean and Tom Ford. These classic men of culture and style embody our modern perceptions of confidence and masculinity. Whether he’s a blue-collar worker or a Wolf of Wall Street socialite, achieving that timeless, refined look begins long before slipping on shirts and knotting ties.
It begins with smooth shaves, beard trims and revitalizing shampooing and conditioning. Investing in your look isn’t just for you ladies—and that’s the lesson the modern man in your life can take from classic men of culture and style. We like to call this “rugged sophistication,” and as Father’s Day approaches, we’re offering a short guide to unlocking it in your modern man.
The Roots of Style
Every great look begins with great hair days. Ladies, you know better than anyone that even the most flattering hairstyles require healthy hair to really pop. The same goes for the guys! No matter how skillful the barber or stylist, men need good hair days to maximize their look—and the key good hair days is healthy hair and healthy roots.
That requires caring for your hair from scalp to tip. Your guy may not want to spend a lot of time getting treatments and touchups to brighten his locks, which is why cleansing and conditioning the hair and scalp conveniently and efficiently is key. A good two-in-one shampoo and conditioner that cleanses and moisturizes is just the thing to add to his morning routine!
Going With the Grain
A man’s first shave is a rite of passage. It’s a step toward adulthood which lasts the remainder of his life. Whether he’s a daily shaver or prefers three-day stubble, few things are more refreshing than a fresh shave. Conversely, few things can be more frustrating than a bad shave. Men are taught early on to invest in good razors and to shave with the grain for the best results.
But great shaves don’t end there!
Like the modern men in your lives, shaving has gotten more refined over the years. Nowadays, in addition to a great set of razors, your man also needs shaving cream that not only offers a close shave, but also soothes and moisturizes his skin.
Tame the Mane
Growing a beard is another rite of passage for men. Boys spend their entire adolescence tugging on their chin hairs until the peach fuzz fills out into a full beard. Beards are not only a mark of masculinity, they often complete a man’s look—in some cases becoming part of his identity.
One of the keys to maintaining beards is taming the mane. If you’ve ever embraced a man with a beard, you know how itchy it can be when his beard is dry and unruly. A lightweight, moisturizing beard oil is just what your man needs to ensure soft, warm snuggles this Father’s Day.
Break the Mold With Styling Clay
The idea of using hair styling products is taboo to many men. The man in your life may not want to feel like he’s working too hard to achieve his look. We understand, but the key to great looks is not looking like you’re using product on your hair. A great styling clay is just the thing your modern man needs to complete his look before he leaves the house!
With the right tools and vision, your modern man can achieve a timeless look!
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Wild & Free: Heatless Hairstyles for Summer

Dear June,
We know you’ll be here soon…and as one of our favorite months, we can’t help but love you and all of the fun adventures you bring our way! However, we also can’t help but grumble under our breath about the heat and humidity you deliver so effortlessly. (Thanks, but no thanks!)
Do we love your warm, ocean breezes and endless summer days? Sure. Do we love how easily our hair turns into a tornado-esque frizz-fest from all of that heat? Nope. Not one bit.
That being said, the last thing we want is to be using styling tools with even more heat! After all, summer is a time where less is more…sundresses, bathing suits, etc. So if you could please advise on how we can best tame our manes and keep our style looking summer-time flawless without the added heat of styling tools, we’d appreciate it!
Sun Worshippers & Ocean Lovers
Image Source: @aloharandi
Dear Sun Worshippers & Ocean Lovers,
I get it. As the month whose main responsibility is kicking off summer, I completely sympathize with your concerns! Your hair is your everything and styling it alongside the added humidity and heat lurking around can be challenging. But, don’t worry! There are great ways to stay stylish throughout my visit—without the burden of those hot styling tools. Check out a few tips on summer styling stunners that are sure to keep you looking fresh, beautiful, and far from heated!
Air Drying: Cool Styling for the Summer Heat
One of the easiest ways to handle your hair this summer is letting it air dry! So put your hot tools away and focus on your product instead. A great Air Dry cream is a MUST. It will help tame that frizz and add some coveted volume once your hair is dry. Apply a small amount of product on wet hair and comb through to distribute evenly. Next, how about giving the ever-popular Beachy Waves style a try? This is an easy style that’s perfect to rock from sunrise to sunset.
Beachy Waves: Channel Your Inner Beach Bum
Beachy Waves are a beautiful and easy-to-create look that is perfect for summer. Here are two different ways to try this style:
Part your hair while damp and take small sections, twisting them away from your face. Twirl your hair until each section is complete. When your hair is fully dry, finger-comb or shake out your hair through lightly. This will result in beautiful, natural-looking waves!
Or you can create the same beachy look with loose braids. Create a loose braid on each side of your head. Remember, the tighter you make them and the longer you let them stay in, the more of a crimped looked you will get. When your hair is dry, undo your braids and finger-comb through to separate your hair. Finish with a light hairspray to keep your look in place. Voila! Beachy Waves are all yours!
Watch Air Dry Cream at work with Beachy Waves:
I hope these tips help create a frizz-free summer for you!
See ya around,
Trying some of these free-flowing styles? Be sure to share on social media #MONATstyle!
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Fantasy Color Hair

Chasing Rainbows at Any Age
Watermelon Sugar. Vanilla Lilac. Fruit Juice. Red Chocolate.
No, we’re not talking about taming your sweet tooth…we’re taking about delicious fantasy hair colors! From young souls to old souls, fantasy colors are a tasty way to express your personality and make a dramatic, bold statement. Vivid, standout hues with even more standout names will put a new spin on your look—no matter what your age! Imagine rockin’ stunning shades of yellow, pink, purple and blue! Capturing the entire rainbow within the strands of your hair has never been easier and more on trend.
Image Source: @betseyjohnson
Ageless Color Fit For a Queen
Much like a free-spirited heart that leans toward vibrant shades, color truly has no age! With so many color options and application styles, you can always find a shade and style that will keep things fun and classy…even for those headed to the workplace each day. Think of adding tactful bursts of color or go all-in with an overall dye. Silver and platinum hair are trending…meaning it’s actually kinda cool to “go gray”! These hues are at the subtle end of the fantasy hair spectrum, but the silver hues are sure to leave an impression. Or try opal hair, which pulls in many colors of the rainbow all at once, as an application of pastel shades are applied once the hair is lightened.
Image Source: @jazzy_glitter
Channel Your Inner Princess
Feeling young, wild and free? You’re not alone! Fun, festival-driven hair colors are making their way into the spotlight this summer. Bold pinks, purples and even greens are some head turning options to help loosen the color boundaries you’ve set for your hair—and give something fun a try! One of our faves is sunset hair…which is as lovely as it sounds! It blends the vibrant and warm colors of the sunset, including orange, deep purple and bright red. Feeling super adventurous? A full rainbow coloring will have you catching the attention of everyone this summer!
Embracing the Color Bug…Properly
If there’s one thing color enthusiasts of any age have in common, it’s a love of change! Now that you’ve picked your color, keeping it classy can be a piece of cake! Big changes (often times) mean big steps…and taking your hair from average to bold means that your hair will need to be pre-lightened or bleached. This will give your new bold hues a fresh pallet on which to settle in and your colors will appear as vibrant and clear as possible.
Depending on your color choice, processing times will vary. Keep in mind that multi-step lightening and coloring will mean a few appointments with your favorite stylist…to properly ensure your new color explosion can be created properly. It all depends on your current hair color, length, thickness, and color history.
Got the color bug? Check out our Colour Enhance lines with a variety of options to keep your bold shades vibrant and healthy. Be sure to share your new look on social using #MONATstyle!

Colour Enhance Perfectly Platinum Shampoo and Conditioner

Colour Enhance Beautiful Brunette Shampoo and Conditioner

Colour Enhance Brilliant Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner

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Summer Braidspiration

Get Sun-kissed and Twisted
Picture this…
Warm days. Hot nights. Waterfront views. Out of office messages.
Yep, the lazy days of summer have come a-knockin’ and we are ready to sit back and relax! But indulging in some well-deserved R&R doesn’t mean your hair can’t look fab while you’re soaking up the sun or getting into some good trouble during your outdoor adventures!
Now is the perfect time to show off your personal style with some easy-to-create and maintain braids. Braids are a stylish and fun way to keep your hair up, up and out of the way…with an added dash of sass! Plus, braids are the perfect accessory to take your hair from day to night, while keeping things tamed against the (unavoidable) humidity. Here are a few of our favorite braiding styles that will keep your hairstyle sizzling all summer long.
Side Braid
Choose your best side and get that #SIDEBRAID in motion! The side braid offers the ultimate effortless look. It is very versatile and truly can be the ultimate braid chameleon. You can take it from elegant to bohemian, or just plain ol’ fun and flirty! Check out one option for a gorgeous side braid created in just a few seconds.
Featured product: REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive
Double Braid
Ready to have everyone doing a double take as you saunter along that sandy shore? Unique, trendy and just all around stunning, this #DOUBLEBRAID is what we like to call a triple threat. This particular style boasts two braids that are formed on one side of your hair. They are then linked seamlessly into your ponytail. The result is an unforgettable look that we’re sure will become your next favorite! Watch how to create this look below.
Featured product: REJUVABEADS™
Warrior Princess Braid
What’s better than a summer romance? Tapping into your inner princess with a hairstyle worth writing home about, that’s what! This #WARRIORPRINCESSBRAID is both simple and complex while boasting an effortless energy of confidence and beauty. Perfect for those oceanside sunset nights that turn into sunrise mornings! See how this stunning twist on a natural look is created.
Featured Product: Tousled Texturizing Mist
Now that you have some gorgeous braiding styles to add to your vacation to-do list, get up, get out, and get sun-kissed and twisted! Share your styles with us…tag us at #MONATstyle!
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Lighten Up! Preparing Your Hair to Go Blonde

There’s no better time than summer to give your hair a lighter touch! Going from brunette or black to sun-kissed blonde can be life-changing! But you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared before jumping into a newfound color pool. Here are a few things to consider before diving into your exciting new look.
Giving Yourself the Green Light
It’s normal to be nervous as you consider which shade of blonde you want to rock. But remember…change can be a very good thing! Once you’ve picked your favorite hue, consider your hair health before coloring. Is your hair damaged from styling? Split ends? It’s a good idea to get a trim prior to coloring. Knock off all those dead ends so that you can add your new color to a nice, healthy slate.


Leave it to the Pros
Can you go blonde in the privacy of your own home? Sure. Nothing’s really stopping you. However, when it comes to making a drastic color change, it’s best to leave it to the pros. This is the best way to avoid damaged locks and any unwanted mistake—some you may not even realize you’re making, should you choose to DIY. Besides, your stylist lives for transformations like this! Plus, you’ll know your hair will end up the way you envisioned it. So sit back, relax and let your colorist work their magic! P.S. Be sure to bring pictures of what you like and don’t like so everyone is on the same page prior to processing.
Lighten in Stages
Transitioning from dark to light takes time. The last thing you want to do is rush the stages of processing and damage your hair. It’s normal to schedule more than one appointment to reach your desired shade of blonde—you’ll have to give your hair a rest for a week or so in between dye jobs, so plan accordingly. Patience pays off, trust us! You’ll avoid unnecessary breakage, dryness and all the other hair baggage that no one wants to carry around.
Homecare is Key
Now that you’ve officially gone from Jackie O. to Marilyn Monroe, you must give those newly lightened locks tons of TLC at home. Definitely opt for some quality color care shampoo and conditioner. These will help keep your color protected, plus looking shiny, healthy and vibrant as long as possible.


For keeping your newly blonde color in check, we love Colour Enhance Brilliant Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner.
Ready, Set, Blonde!
Everyone’s eyes are drawn to light, so get ready to be noticed as you set out to conquer the world as a blonde! Making the switch from dark to light? Share your new look on social #MONATstyle!
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Our Fave Four Hippie Chic Looks from Coachella 2019

Hippie hair don’t care! Coachella 2019 came to a close last weekend, and we’re still feeling the good vibes. From the smooth tunes to the funky fashion, we were loving every pic and vid that captured the action. Of course, it’s the fun hairdos that really made our eyes pop and feel a sense of FOMO. Even watching from afar, we knew we had to put together a list of our favorite hippie chic ‘dos!
Image Source:
Playful Pigtails
Pigtails aren’t just for the playground. Coachella was peppered with girls unleashing their inner flower child while dancing the day (and night) away with fun, playful pigtails! The best part about rockin’ pigtails isn’t just that they’re cute and low maintenance…this easy-to-do style is also perfect for Coachella and festival season because they’re made for second-day unwashed hair. A good dry shampoo will carry you through the weekend without a worry. Give these double bubble pigtails a try!
Twisted Ponytails
Twisted ponytails were another popular Coachella look ꟷ and for good reason! This fun and functional style keeps hair off your face and provides a new twist (literally!) on typical ponytails. We’ve got just the thing if you want to try it out yourself, too. One of our favorite hair tutorials is the #TwistedPony. Be sure to hashtag it and #MONATStyle if you rock it this summer at a festival!
Image Source:
Space Buns
Space buns in the sun was another great Coachella look. Style is cyclical and this popular 90’s look popped across our social feeds throughout both weekends. Space buns are kind of a bolder look, making them less than ideal for day-to-day styles…but perfect for free-spirited festival weekends. They’re also easy to put your own spin on, and we LOVED every new variation of this classic look.
Feelin’ Wavy
A lot of our favorite styles made a splash at Coachella with waves. Waves really capture the energy of festivals because they’re effortless trendy. Does anything say, “I’m Coachella ready!” like some sweet scrunchy curls that are the right amount of messy? We don’t think so. Check out our #WetMermaidWaves tutorial and give it a shot. It’ll definitely give you that festive, “Woke up like this!” look.
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Give Your Locks a Dry Run This Summer

Air Drying is SO Hot Right Now!
We love the summer weather…but the days are hot enough without the added heat that comes alongside our daily hairstyling routines. But there’s good news! Letting your hair air dry and flow freely without the added heat of a blow dryer means you can effortlessly rock your style all season long! If you’re a newbie to this au natural styling technique, check out some of the useful tips below.


Product Perks
First things first, air-drying doesn’t give you the green light to be lazy! You’ll still want to apply product to help set your hair, which will add some volume and reduce unruly frizz once your hair is dry. Apply a small amount of product on your hair while it’s damp—we LOVE a good Air Dry Cream! Comb through your hair to distribute evenly. This will help tame your locks and keep your style smooth throughout the day.


Say Yes to Styling
While the idea of free-flowing your way through the day sounds delicious, to achieve the best air-drying results you must still style your hair. Don’t worry, there are simple and quick ways to add style, which lend most of the work to the air dry itself.
Try twirling your hair into a tight bun when damp. When your hair is fully dry, release your bun and finger-comb through lightly. This will result in beautiful, natural-looking waves.
Another look is putting your hair in two loose braids as it dries. Just be wary of how long you let your braids stay in, to avoid a more crimped look. Undo your braids and finger-comb through to separate your waves. Hello, beachy waves!


Hands Off!
Once you create a beautiful style—like twisting your locks into loose curls or waves with your fingers—you’ll need to be hands-off after that for the best results. Don’t run your fingers through your hair or brush your hair excessively as it dries. This will cause the hair to frizz. Sit back and let it dry on its own. Then, give it a little shake loosely with your fingers to separate your waves. To finish your look, add a generous mist of texturizing spray or hairspray and you’ll be good to go! Try some of these free-flowing styles and be sure to share on social media #MONATstyle!
Check out some Beauty Insider tips for using MONAT Air Dry Cream:
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Sizzling Summer Styles

Hair tutorials that’ll keep your locks lit
Summer’s delicious energy is quickly approaching, and we’re ready to mix things up with a few new hairstyles. We’ve gathered some of our favorite, easy-to-create hairstyle tutorials that we’re sure you’ll love. Give them a try and be sure to tag #MONATStyle on social media to show us your sizzling summer styles!
Faux Fishtail Braid
You can’t go wrong with the classic look of a solid Fishtail Braid, but sometimes pulling it off can turn into a daunting task. That’s why we love its just-as-cute cousin, the Faux Fishtail! It’s much easier to navigate, plus the end result is still the perfect look you want for days in the sun—or for those hot summer nights! Check out this tutorial for the perfect #FAUXFISHTAIL.
Try this look with Tousled Texturizing Mist
Knotted Half Up
Style with a twist is all about standing out with this trendy Knotted Half Up! Whether you want to dress up your daytime look or add an extra head-turning touch to your night time style, take a look below and learn to master this stellar summer style. #KNOTTEDHALFUP
Try this look with REJUVENIQE® Oil Intensive
Beach Waves
There’s just something about rockin’ those sexy, flowy, beachy waves that we just can’t get enough of! This easy-to-create style is versatile enough to take from day to night, yet simple enough to knock out in just a few minutes. Watch below and learn to make the perfect #BEACHWAVES!
Space Buns
Ready to feel a little out of this world? This go-to style is the perfect choice for that special summer festival you’ve been waiting for! With just a few twists, turns and tucks, you’ll be festival ready in no time. Check out this simply tutorial below and get ready to rock your #SPACEBUNS!
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Color Me Good

Consider These Pre-Coloring Tips
Change is good!
We can’t fight the urge to try new looks, styles and colors as we cycle through the seasons. Whether you’re a first-timer or you’ve changed your hair color more times than you can count, you’re about to take a magical journey! Matching the warmth and energy of upcoming summer days and nights is a must…and coloring your hair is a great way to do that! But first, we want to make sure your locks are prepped before receiving a makeover. So here’s a list of five things to consider before you jump into the color pool!


#1 Speak Up
Everyone’s hair has a past! Which is why it’s super important to share your hair’s history with your colorist prior to starting. A quick consultation gives them the best possible idea of the nature of your hair health as you enter the coloring process. It’s best to provide a solid history to get the best results possible…so put on your thinkin’ cap and jot down any coloring, processing or damage you recall. Don’t be shy to mention things you disliked about previous hair colors either. Your hair will thank you!
#2 Prepare Your Hair
Ideally, you want your hair to be as healthy as possible before your appointment. It’s the best way to prevent breakage that may occur during processing. Here are a few ways to prep your hair:
Ditch the dead…definitely get a trim to remove any split ends before you color. Healthier hair always responds better to color.
Applying a hydrating hair mask all over your strands about a week before you go in to get your color done is always a good idea, too. This hydrates your hair from root to tip and preps it for the color process.
On the day of (or night before) your appointment, making sure your hair is squeaky clean is key. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove any excess product that may be lingering…because a clean palette is the best way to obtain the truest color and best results.


#3 Have Patience
Always consider the level of change you’re seeking with your new color. Big changes like going from brunette to blonde take time—and a transition like this is best done over multiple appointments. Too much at once could burn your hair. Yikes! So be patient. This allows the hair to be processed with the least amount of breakage and damage. The result will be beautiful hues that were well worth the wait!
#4 Use Shampoo & Conditioner Designed for Color Treated Hair
One of the golden rules of hair coloring is you MUST change your shampoo and conditioner to those designed for color-treated hair. Doing this maintains your bombshell hues, as well as the overall health of your hair.


#5 Be Natural
Once your color is complete, be sure to keep things natural and avoid heat styling for at least a few days post processing. Letting your hair air dry is also a great excuse to boast that beachy wave look we all love…which is also perfect for warm weather!
Remember to have fun with your color! Be adventurous and remember that with the proper care, your newly colored locks will be one of your most favored summertime accessories. Happy coloring!
Check out these MONAT faves for pre- and post-color care:

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