Dry shampoo has a ton of different uses! It’s like a cornucopia in a can! Read on!

Revitalizing Your Hair With Dry Shampoo. Yes, Really!

We think of dry shampoo and we think of something that can get rid of some hair oiliness and get us through an extra day or two before a much-needed shampoo. Well, who knew that dry shampoo has a ton of different uses! It’s like a cornucopia in a can! Check this out!


Post-Gym Pick-me-up
Toss a can in your gym bag and keep it there. After a workout, dry shampoo can serve as a style refresher and provide some needed fragrance to your hair. Get rid of that sweaty “I just worked out” smell pronto! A great dry shampoo to try is THE CHAMP™ Conditioning Dry Shampoo, which is formulated with agrana rice starch and doesn’t leave any residue behind.
Give Me Hair Volume!
Because of the texture of dry shampoo’s ingredients, it can actually be used as a volumizer on clean hair! Yessire! Hold up different swatches of your dry hair around your head, concentrating on your roots. Then mist your roots with dry shampoo, give a pass with your blow dryer, tousle with your fingers and voila! Suddenly it looks like you’ve got more hair!


The Perfect Styling Aid
Dry shampoo with provide texture and “grip” to your freshly washed hair, which can sometimes be too soft to effectively create different hair styles. Try using some mists of dry shampoo on your clean hair before braiding or styling an updo and see how the hair stays in place better.


Spike It Out!
Yes, if you have short hair, dry shampoo can do wonders! Apply it throughout your hair, muss it up a bit and you’ve created that to-die-for impish, perfectly disheveled look in no time flat.
Stop Those Slippery Bobby Pins
If your bobby pins are always sliding out of your hair, you can stop that Johnny-on-the spot by spritzing your hair first with some dry shampoo and then putting the bobby pins in. They’ll stay put and you can stop adjusting them all day long!


Eyebrows Too Flat?
Yes, dry shampoo can help your brows too. Spray a bit on your finger, gently rub on your brows and then brush them up. If you use colored dry shampoo, putting it on your brows will also give more definition. Cara Delevigne, here we come!
MONAT, the breakout hair care brand, is launching a new premium collection of hair styling products called MONAT STUDIO ONE™ that enhance performance, respect the environment and celebrate individuality.

Introducing MONAT STUDIO ONE™— A Premium Styling Collection Inspired By Your Life Luxuriously Fashionable

Blowout boutiques, brow bars, mani-pedi salons, spa retreats. Beauty and hair care have moved beyond just products to becoming full-on lifestyles and a social culture where your products and your looks reflect every facet of your life and style.
MONAT, the breakout hair care brand that embraces modern nature, has captured the moment beautifully in a new premium collection of hair styling products that enhance performance with innovative, groundbreaking technology, respect the environment by saying “no” to toxic ingredients and animal testing — and celebrate individuality and personal expression.


“Developed specifically to inspire women around the globe to celebrate their individuality, their unique hair character and their personal style. MONAT STUDIO ONE™ gives women exciting new products that help address their specific hair needs and create the latest looks quickly and easily — so they can get on with their lives,” says Deborah Hicks, VP of Global Product Management & Strategy, MONAT.


To bring the new MONAT STUDIO ONE™ collection to life, MONAT is opening the MONAT STUDIO ONE™ experience — a signature salon onsite in MONAT corporate HQ. The new state-of-the-art studio will be part styling salon, part creative lab where MONAT STUDIO ONE™ products will be showcased in action creating new looks for MONAT fans and family. Stay tuned for details!
MONAT STUDIO ONE™ is introducing two revolutionary styling products that capture the essence of this premium collection by addressing two of the most common and critical needs women have with their hair — frizz and protection when using high-heat styling tools.


The collection’s first product, MONAT STUDIO ONE™ FRIZZ-FIX SMOOTHING PRIMER, formerly an Only For You (previously called Anti-Frizz Smoothing primer) bonus, is a leave-in treatment designed to use after shampooing and conditioning to help control frizz, defend against humidity, guard against pollutants and protect the hair surface from damage while styling. It delivers 12 hours of smooth sleek looks and powerful perfection. Frizz has met its match. MONAT STUDIO ONE™ FRIZZ-FIX SMOOTHING PRIMER is perfect for all hair types: straight, wavy, curly, coily.


Next in the line is MONAT STUDIO ONE™ THERMAL PROTECT STYLING SHIELD. This professional-quality styling prep product is formulated to create a powerful level of protection for hair when using high-heat styling tools including curling irons, hot rollers and flat irons that can reach up to 450F/232C in temperature. Protects all hair types and textures when straightening, curling and styling with high heat. It can do this because it has an advanced heat defender technology that absorbs and dissipates heat onto the hair when styling. A blend of plant-based actives provide a high performance, yet gentle matrix that shields the hair fiber against moisture loss and damage caused by thermal treatments and high temperature styling tools, while providing a smooth, silky feel and improved shine.


Also, two former MONAT products will now be included in the MONAT STUDIO ONE™ collection—MONAT STUDIO ONE™ REFINISH CONTROL HAIRSPRAY, known for defining layers and adding volume without weighing hair down, and MONAT STUDIO ONE™ THE CHAMP™ CONDITIONING DRY SHAMPOO, which knocks out greasiness and lets locks shine. Why? Because they are premium styling products that truly reflect the MONAT STUDIO ONE™ premium experience.


Sleek and chic MONAT STUDIO ONE™ packaging design reflects the dynamic modern lifestyle of the fashion forward MONAT woman. Matte silver bottles are accented with high-gloss polished chrome caps and the MONAT STUDIO ONE™ logo makes a bold signature statement front and center.
Just in time to sleigh it with the hottest holiday hairstyles or indulge all the beauty lovers on your list with luxurious gifts of MONAT. MONAT STUDIO ONE™ sets the tone for an unforgettable holiday season and steps out into the new year with a stunning new styling collection.
Watch these Beauty Insiders and MONAT STUDIO ONE™ commercials and check out what’s in store for you!
A Hair And Skin Supplement Can Really Help!

A Hair And Skin Supplement Can Really Help!

MONAT has raised the bar in hair nutrition with the supreme proprietary blend of S3. Each of the clinically proven ingredients work together synergistically to replenish the system of possible nutrient deficiencies that could be contributing to hair loss.


Dr. Brent Agin, MONAT Scientific Board Member, reiterates this information, saying, “These days, with soil depletion and water depletion, you can no longer rely on getting all of your nutrients from food.” Dr. Agin recommends S3 Supplement Support System as a great supplement that promotes healthy hair as well as skin and nails.


S3 is a precisely formulated daily nutritional. This exclusive proprietary daily nutritional includes clinically proven ingredients, including:
  • OptiMSM®
    A rich source of sulfur and a key component of collagen and keratin that supports the structural integrity of the hair and skin.
  • ACTIVAloe®
    Improves the elasticity of both the hair and skin. Helps to improve the appearance of aging skin and hair.
  • EVNolTM
    May promote hair growth and increase the amount of hair in individuals experiencing hair loss.
    (as beta-carotene) – Counteracts Vitamin A deficiency which is common in people who are experiencing hair loss.
    Provides structural support to the hair shaft and follicle.
  • ZINC
    Contains anti-aging properties which are beneficial to hair health.
“When it comes to supplements, the biggest difference is attention to safe natural ingredients,” Dr. Agin continues. “There are so many products for hair and nails that it is very hard for consumers to figure out which ones are reputable with safe ingredients. Without any governing body that weeds out the bad companies and products it is up to the consumers to figure this out. MONAT removes the guesswork for the consumer.”

Are Your Hairstyles Picked Out For Your Holiday Parties Yet?

It’s getting to be that time of year. Already pre-Thanksgiving festivities are underway! With so many events and parties to go to during the upcoming season there’s always the question of how to do your hair! So we thought we’d take a look at the biggest social media app there is – Instagram – to see what’s trending. Here are a few bombshell looks that will take your breath away…and everyone else’s in the room too!
Image Source: @curriehair
This unbelievably gorgeous look was posted on @curriehair’s post. The glam look was created by @Michellepritchardhair of #currieglenmills. Isn’t it simply to die for?
Image Source: @straight_ahead_beauty
Now look at this, will you? @straight_ahead_beauty shows us an awesome #triplebun that is really simple to do. Make three ponytails, twist each into a bun and then pin each bun to your head. How easy was that? And what an unusual style to show for it.
Image Source: @karma_hair_beauty
@karma_hair_beauty not only shows us a stunning look but how to put it together. Anyone can do it and isn’t it just gorgeous? This is a real show-stopper.
Image Source: @hairbysaretta
This one takes the cake! Conceptually it’s so easy to do but the end result is wowsa! Made by @hairbysaretta at Blue Water Salon, all you need are some satin or flower scrunchies (yes, scrunchies, they are back!) and you’ve got it made!
Check out our Instagram for more inspiration. You’ll have more than you ever dreamed of to help you get through this holiday season in super style!
MONAT also has many holiday looks for you to try. Check out our new looks in #MONATstyle Hair Tutorials. Each tutorial tells you exactly how to style your hair in easy-to-follow steps. Try one!
For example, here’s #ChicTopKnot for the holidays. This is one look that never goes out of style and it’s really simple to do!
Image Source: mymonat.com
The #KnottedHalfUp is another awesome holiday style that is easy to do and unusual. Try it yourself!
Image Source: mymonat.com
There are many more fantastic hairstyles to take from at #MONATstyle Hair Tutorials so be sure you take a look. You can stop traffic this holiday season!
Wild And Wacky Halloween Hair Styles To Try!

DIY Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween costumes come in themes, depending on what’s going on in pop culture or even politics that year. This year you can expect to see a lot of Meghan Markle and anyone (or thing) from a platinum Xtina to the iconic Lady Gaga to the always popular witches…even to Game of Thrones players. But as anyone knows, the most important thing in a costume is the HAIR! We’ve got a few styles for you that go with any outfit and are fun, fun, fun!
Image Source: pinterest.com
This is one totally wicked witch! Will you look at what this hair looks like, with all the bands and jewelry? It’s easy to style too! Just go to a party store or even a flea market, scoop up some spooky necklaces, and use a lot of black and white makeup. Be sure to use some Restyle Instant Sculpting Taffy to keep everything firmly in place.
Image Source: @gigihadid
No matter what year it is, an 80s costume never goes out of style! Whether you’re rocking Tina Turner, Olivia Newton John or just an 80s look, you definitely need the right do! Put on some red lipstick, do some massive teasing with Refinish Control Hairspray (try a side tease this year for something different) and throw on a pair of oversized earrings or Spandex and you’ve got your look!
Image Source: imgur.com
Zombies are always popular Halloween looks, especially because the makeup can be so wild. Check out this braided and crimped mane! It might take some time to weave the tiny braids on the top of the scalp and then use a crimping iron on the rest of your hair but oh, the end result is so worth it! Here’s where some Reshape Root Lifter can really give you a boost. And don’t forget to paint some fake blood on your neck and décolletage!
Image Source: pinterest.com
Dressing up in red, white and blue like Harley Quinn of DC Comics is a perennial favorite for Halloween! You can take it to the limit like this girl did and even use one of those “1 day only” hair color sprays to turn your hair red and blue! Use Tousled Texturizing Mist to give your hair…however you do it!…some super texture!
Happy Halloween, everyone!
Hit Refresh And Shift Your Haircare Routine From Summer To Fall When The Air Cools

Hit Refresh And Shift Your Haircare Routine From Summer To Fall When The Air Cools

Summer is a blast but it can be brutal on your beautiful hair with its intense heat, the sun’s harmful rays, pool chemicals, saltwater, sweat and going a little heavy on the highlights! All this leads to end-of-the-season tresses looking totally washed out, lacking body, bounce and brilliance.
Like transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall – packing away the strappy, light and airy pieces and pulling out rich knits and luxurious layers – your haircare should follow suit, changing with the season and flowing seamlessly into autumn’s cooler temps. Here are some tips to ensure your hair is in sync with the chillier season.


1. Deep clean with a clarifying wash.
One of the most important tips for transitioning hair to fall weather is to start with a clean slate. Summer can be a particularly hard time on hair so try Clarifying Shampoo to do a deep clean to remove environmental toxins and stubborn build-up, revealing a clean, happy scalp.
2. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!
Hydration is critical to reversing summer damage and getting hair lustrous and healthy-looking for fall. The Advanced Hydrating Hair Care Collection cleanses, conditions, deeply treats and locks in essential moisture that lasts up to 72 hours! Each unique, intensely hydrating product formula is infused with two of the most technologically advanced ingredients designed to defend against and revive even the most seriously thirsty hair—REJUVENIQE S™.


3. Do a hair treatment masque.
Fix summer damage and move into fall with lustrous healthy-looking hair. A masque brings immediate penetrating nutrition and moisture back to dull, lifeless hair depleted by summer extremes. Try Heavenly Hydrating Masque with Rejuveniqe S™. It’s like a cloud of hydration that supplies a surge of moisture from root to tip, delivering soft, silky hair full of bounce, body and shine.
4. Play with color!
Fall is a great time to experiment with a new hair color. Rock a rich red in tones from copper to auburn to burgundy. Or go soft and chic in brown with caramel highlights. Or rock on bold with shocking pink, ultra violet or cobalt blue. Then surround yourself in full-on fall color, take some selfies and set your Instagram feed on fire!


5. Get a trim.
Parting with even just a couple inches of your precious hair can be tough but getting a good trim and freshening up the ends can do wonders. Fall is the perfect time to cut away the damage and split ends of summer-ravaged hair. A trim gives shape, adds a bit of bounce and basically just cleans up your hairstyle. Or if you’re feeling like really switching it up for fall, go for a dramatic new cut and step into fall with a totally new look.
So Many Hair Masques! Which Masque Is For Me?

So Many Hair Masques! Which Masque Is For Me?

These days there are so many hair masques available, it gets really hard to choose. Well, it really all depends on what your hair needs! MONAT has made it simple for you. Here’s a chart you can use to figure out in a snap what’s best for you!


Who needs it? Slightly dry hair
Benefits: Provides light nourishing moisture treatment
Formulated with: REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive & Amino Acid Complex
Usage: Once or twice a week


Who needs it? Slightly dry, lightly damaged hair
Benefits: Delivers light hydration and moisturization & helps minimize frizz and split ends
Formulated with: REJUVENIQE™ Intensive Oil
Usage: Once or twice a week


Who needs it? Hair with product build-up or to reboot your hair care routine
Benefits: Provides a deep cleanse, absorbs impurities, gently conditions
Formulated with: Activated Charcoal Blend, Coconut Oil
Usage: Once or twice a week


Who needs it? Dull, lifeless, parched, thirsty hair
Benefits: Delivers body, bounce and shine, intense hydration clinically proven to last up to 72 hours
Formulated with: REJUVENIQE S™, PatcH20
Usage: Once or twice a week


Who needs it? Severely damaged, over-processed hair
Benefits: Fixes breakage, strengthens, softens
Usage: Once or twice a week or every day if hair shampooed daily and extremely damaged
See how easy that was? Now all you have to do is look at your hair…and choose the masque that matches it best!
What Do Women Want To Know About Hair Products? Here’s What The Internet Says!

What Do Women Want To Know About Hair Products? Here’s What The Internet Says!

Our hair is a BIG topic. After all, every woman always talks about her hair. Think of one time you sat with your girlfriends and hair and what you use didn’t come up? They constantly do! Well, this is not just a big topic for you. All woman are obsessed with hair products. How do we know? We looked at internet search rankings for hair products and saw how many times some kind of hair care topic came up. Let’s take a look!


Dry Shampoo
So many women want to know what kind of dry shampoo to get. It’s a maze after all. There are so many on the market, of every conceivable kind. How to choose? We’ve got a good one for you…THE CHAMP™ Conditioning Dry Shampoo. Great for those mornings you wake up with a little too much oil around your forehead or for after the gym or a good run, this waterless dry shampoo absorbs oils, dirt and impurities between washes. It leaves hair looking and feeling fresh and clean. And, unlike so many others, it leaves no dulling residue or powdery build-up. It really helps extend styles two and three days! It’s also cruelty-free and vegan.


Deep Conditioner for Natural Hair
Now this was a key search topic. We all know women with some sort of chemically treated hair. And there are plenty of conditioners for colored, dyed, straightened or permed hair. But what about a conditioner for woman with truly natural hair? They need conditioners too! Well, we’ve got two choices for you—Super Moisture Masque and Heavenly Hydrating Masque. Super Moisture Masque is good for slightly dry hair and provides a light, nourishing moisture treatment. It is formulated with REJUVENIQE® Oil Intensive and an amino acid complex. Heavenly Hydrating Masque, for all hair types, is specially formulated for dull, lifeless, parched and/or thirsty hair that needs intense hydration from roots to tips.


Leave-in Conditioner
This easy-to-use product was a fav topic. After all, who can really live without one with our busy lifestyles? Just spray on, comb through and go…or style, if that’s your gig. This topic came up because the market is flooded with them though. It can be nearly impossible to choose a good, all-around leave-in. But we’ve got one for you. Restore Leave-In Conditioner is lightweight and designed to hydrate each hair strand. It conditions and detangles and leaves hair touchably soft and shiny without weighing hair down. This too is cruelty-free and vegan. Too good to be true!


Shampoo for Oily Hair
This was also a big topic. After all, who wants to go around looking like they’ve got an oily, grungy mess at their roots or even worse, down their hair strands? Clarifying Shampoo is an ideal deep cleansing shampoo that works wonders, leaving hair shiny and perfectly healthy-looking. It is specifically formulated to instantly lift away surface impurities, wash away styling product build-up and help rebalance surface oils, bringing freshness and a deep sense of clean to your locks, without stripping or drying out the hair.


Hair Serum
It seems everyone has damaged hair in some way, doesn’t it? Those women with long, flowing, bouncy, shiny locks who you see in magazines? Believe us, they weren’t born that way! It takes product to give you truly healthy hair…and usually it’s a serum that will provide the ultimate fix, which is why this was such a popular search topic. A truly great serum is Inner Force Restructuring Serum, a true ground-breaker in the serum category. It reconstructs hair at its core, reversing visible damage from styling, coloring, harsh chemicals and over-processing. It literally rebuilds the hair architecture from the inside out to correct and actually prevent damage. Best of all, it’s allergy-tested, dermatology-tested and hypoallergenic.
Want An Eyelash Serum That Really Works? Find Out Here!

Want An Eyelash Serum That Really Works? Find Out Here!

It seems that every woman wants fuller, stronger, lush eyelashes. Don’t you? But there are so many products on the shelves today, it’s hard to pick the truly right one.
Most over-the-counter eyelash serums contain biotin (a B vitamin), peptides, or lipids. But, according to Debra Jaliman, M.D., a dermatologist based in New York City, for some people, these formulas may cause sensitivity or an adverse reaction – itchiness along the eyelash line is one common side effect.1
What to do? Pick one widely known for its amazing results…Eye Wonder Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum! This amazing formula will help lashes and brows appear fuller, longer, healthier and rich with shine.


EYE WONDER is a high-performance serum with proprietary and proven ingredients, including Capixyl™. This clinically proven active helps to increase the length and density of lashes and brows.
While conditioning precious lashes and brows, the serum also protects from brittleness and breakage. Applied along the lash line and brows, the serum is easily absorbed and quickly delivers ingredients while helping to hydrate the delicate skin at the lash line and the skin around the brows. Both lashes and brows look great!
Just look at these “before and after” untouched pictures, taken from the MONAT Hair Testimonials closed Facebook group.


Jasmin Da Silva Thompson. “My result with Eye Wonder in 5 weeks I MONAT! I started with little stubbies and now my lashes are so much longer and fuller.“


Brittany Washington. “My results using eye wonder. After 3 weeks of use!! My eyebrows have been falling out for years. I can’t believe I have eye brows again!! Thank you MONAT!!


Alexis Hazel. “I use Eye Wonder 2x a day and coat the base and use like mascara to coat them well also no mascara is on my eye lashes! so pleased with my results Free to use!!
With the Eye Wonder Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum from MONAT, prepare to be “eye-dolized!”

*Please note these are opinions based on what MONAT customers say.

1 Mulpeter, K. “The 7 Best Eyelash Growth Serums for Longer, Fuller Lashes.” Health. Aug. 9. 2018. https://www.health.com/beauty/eyelash-growth-serums

Want Some New Hairstyles From A Celebrity Hairstylist? Read On!

Want Some New Hairstyles From A Celebrity Hairstylist? Read On!

MONAT has teamed up with Celebrity Hairstylist Alex Brown and she has created some really great hair styles just for MONAT followers. Scroll on down!

Are you pro-braids? Do you wish you knew how to do them differently? Check out this video for a super sleek ponytail with braids. You’ll be amazed at how gorgeous the style is. Click here to watch this great tutorial!

Need a smashing new do for that night out next week? Going to a major event and want something different for your hair? Watch now to learn how to create Glamourous Waves you always see on all the broadcast awards shows. You’ll really knock’em dead!

We all wear ponytails, right? But don’t you wish you could do something edgy with it at times? Try this Bubble Ponytail that is so in right now it’s smokin’! It’s easy to do and creates a totally different effect. Try it! You…and everyone else…will love it!
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