Top 5 Styling Tips For Summer Hair!

Top 5 Styling Tips For Summer Hair!

Along with all the fun, relaxing, beach and pool days of summer come heat and humidity and the burning rays of the sun. Keeping your hair looking good without a lot of time spent styling (that time should be spent outside!) is the goal.
Here are five styles with tips on how to keep them in tip-top shape…easily!


Styling Tip #1 – Chunky Top Knot

A chunky top knot is perfect for weathering hot days. Keep the bun slightly messy to relax the look and stay on trend. Keep it in place with a solid blast of hairspray, like Refinish Control Hairspray which also will tame flyaways around the hairline.


Styling Tip #2 – Ultra-High Ponytail

The ultra-high ponytail is another great look for a hot day that flows into an evening out. Use a pliable product like Restyle Instant Sculpting Taffy when blow drying to keep it clean and sleek all day. Also put some Restyle Instant Sculpting Taffy in the palms of your hands, rub together to warm the product and then very gently wipe your hands over the crown of your head for added hold.


Styling Tip #3 – Low, Loose Side-Braid

Curls are great but sometimes you want them out of the way, especially when you’re too tired to wash your hair in the evening. MONAT’s The CHAMP Dry Conditioning Shampoo has a trick for this! Before going to bed, get rid of any overnight greasiness by spraying The CHAMP directly on your roots and then slightly all over your hair; massage in gently with your fingers. Work your hair into a low, loose side-braid without the use of a brush, and sleep on it. Tomorrow you can either keep the braid or undo it… and flaunt natural second-day body and waves! Just be sure you don’t set your hair too tight or perfectly, since the slightly messy look is in for the summer!


Styling Tip #4 – Slightly Disheveled Pixie

A slightly disheveled pixie is another great summer style. Warm a tablespoon of BLACK Groom Styling Clay in your palms so you can shape, mold and paste small pieces of your hair any way you feel like…the messier the better! You’ll end up with thicker-looking hair and a matte finish, giving you a cool appearance in the midst of a hot day! BLACK Groom Styling Clay is great for men’s hair too, to create a textured matte look with pliable hold.


Styling Tip #5 – Beachy Waves Look

No summer hair tips would be complete without an emphasis on the beachy waves look, a great do for those of you with naturally wavy hair. Spray Tousled Texturizing Mist into your palms, run through your hair and then let your hair air dry, moving your fingers through it every so often to loosen the waves. If you want some extra volume, spray at the roots of your hair while it’s half dry to build fullness and dimension.


Bonus Tip – Protect Your Hair

Importantly, the best hack you can follow in the summer, regardless of the hairstyle you choose, is to use products with sunscreen to protect hair from sun damage in them. All the products listed in this blog contain CRODASORB™, which is a UV absorber that helps protect hair color from fading in the sun.

Now get out there and have some summer fun!

Have You Mastered The Art Of Grooming?

Have You Mastered The Art Of Grooming?

Calling all men! How many of you have stepped into the 21st century and developed your own art of grooming ritual for your hair? Spending time in the bathroom – but we don’t mean lots of time! – is no longer reserved for women. Masculine hair and facial hair grooming is a habit that all men should embrace, regardless of your look.
Let’s Talk About Hair
The unkempt, grunge style of the 90s has long gone and the “man bun” is reserved for millennials. But there are still numerous ways to wear your hair. To give you an idea of the many ways you can wear your hair, pick up some men’s magazines, google “men’s hairstyles” and read a link like this. If you’re still at a loss for what to do with your hair, ask your stylist for advice.
Above all, any guy with a clue knows that the “just got a haircut” look is passé. Anyone who has an art of grooming knows your haircutter should practically be your friend…and a good friend, not a bad one! You certainly don’t want to be like Jim Morrison, who once said, “Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts.” A steady schedule of monthly visits to a good stylist to keep your hair shaped is vital to looking your best.


Overwhelmed by Haircare Products?
Choosing hair products is often where men stumble. Which products should you use to clean and style your hair? The right products can make a huge transformation in your overall appearance. Save time by using MONAT’s BLACK Shampoo + Conditioner 2-in1 system that cleanses and conditions hair while maintaining essential moisture. It also helps stimulate natural hair growth and who doesn’t want that?
The art of grooming also includes styling your hair, even if you think styling is not for you. This is where choosing the right product becomes critical. Putting a finish on one’s hair is important for everyone, from hipster youth to athletic go-getters to seasoned executives. Remember, sloppy gets you nowhere. Try BLACK Groom Styling Clay to give you just the right hold (not too much!) and the variety you want in how your hair looks.


Treat Your Facial Hair With Care!
Time to talk about your facial hair. If you wear it, regardless of length, it needs to be regularly trimmed and groomed. While beards are on trend right now, the Paul Bunyan look definitely is not in!
If you shave, shave like a master! Prepare your skin so your razor gives you a smooth, comfortable shave. Shave creams like BLACK Cream Shave is rich and soothing and helps open your pores to leave less redness. Finish off with BLACK Aftershave + Moisturizer to soothe skin, reduce ingrown hairs and leave a silky (not greasy!) feel!


Remember, just as a stylish woman is admired, so is a man. Develop your own art of grooming and watch the heads turn!

Condition Your Hair

Top Tips To Condition Your Hair!

How to Properly Condition Your Hair!
So all this time, you thought you’ve been conditioning your hair the right way. After all, what is there to do but put conditioner on your head, massage it through your hair and rinse. Right? Wrong! There actually is a proper way to condition your hair so you get maximum benefit and shining, lustrous hair. Let’s get to it!
  • Prepping Your Washed Hair: After you’ve rinsed out your shampoo, squeeze some of the water out of your hair before you condition your hair with Revitalize Conditioner.
  • Applying Conditioner: Add conditioner from the mid-lengths of your hair to the tips. You don’t need to condition your hair at the roots because the natural oil from your scalp is more concentrated there; you don’t need it.
  • Let It Sit: If your hair is long, clip it up and finish showering. The longer the conditioner stays on your hair, the better it absorbs. Rinse out the conditioner as the final step in your shower.
  • Give Hair a Squeeze: Before you rinse, though, give your hair a few gentle squeezes since excess water dilutes your conditioner and prevents hair from soaking up moisturizing ingredients.
  • Bring On the Cold: This conditioning tip is important. Finish with a cold water rinse. Cold water will shut the cuticle tight, sealing the shingle-like outer layer. This will cause it to reflect the most light and shine.
  • Pick Products for Your Hair Type: Most importantly, be sure to select a shampoo and conditioner that are made especially for your hair type. If your hair is dry, choose moisturizing products like Renew Shampoo and Restore Leave-In Conditioner. If you color your hair, opt for color-safe formulas and extra special treatments, like masques such as Replenish Masque. Volumizing products are great for fine hair types; try Revive Shampoo and Revitalize Conditioner.


Work On Your Split Ends: We’ve all got them but now we can get rid of them with a product like REJUVABEADS®, which selectively targets and penetrates damaged hair and pulls split ends* together like magnets, mending them completely through a proprietary technology. Continued use leads to stronger, healthier, more flexible and resilient hair.
Remember, how often you wash your hair depends on your hair type. If you have oily or fine hair you may need to shampoo daily. Normal hair can probably be washed three times a week and dry to very dry hair can go 4 to 5 days to a week without washing.
By following these conditioning tips properly, you can now happily dry and style your hair, knowing your locks are ready to turn into shine and luster!
*Independent testing has demonstrated that application of the product resulted in a 100% repair of split ends 3mm long and under.
New Year, New Style

New Year, New Style

It’s the New Year and you’re itching for a new hairstyle. After all, your hair is your crowning glory, right? But what to do when your locks are looking less glorious than usual? Well, it could be time not only to change the calendar but also to change your look! Shake things up a bit and discover a new do that is completely, uniquely and gorgeously you!
  • What was perfect for you years ago might not necessarily be so today. For example, you might feel that the cute hairstyle that once looked amazing on you is not as flattering anymore if you’re not used to seeing your face get rounder or slimmer.
  • The long, silky locks that were once your shining armor suddenly seem difficult to maintain with your busy lifestyle; you now barely have time to run a brush through your hair in the morning.
  • You are ever-changing… so why should your hairstyle remain the same?
Your mane can be beautiful in many shapes, cuts, and colors, but if you don’t want to take drastic measures, here are a few simple tricks without the need to use scissors or dyes:
Pull Hair Back. Use a headband or wear a sleek ponytail to keep hair off your face, control flyaways and let your beautiful features take center stage. Spray on a little Refinish Control Hairspray by MONAT to keep hair in place.
Tuck Hair Behind Your Ear. The easiest trick of all! It instantly highlights any cute new earrings. Make an X with bobby pins in the back to keep your style in place.
Texturize. Give hair instant volume, waves and a soft, matte finish with a sea salt spray or a texturizing spray, like Tousled Texturizing Mist from MONAT.
Switch Your Curling Iron. Tired of the same ringlets every morning? Switch to a bigger- or smaller-sized curling rod for a completely different look. Use a large, 2-inch barrel to get Old Hollywood waves.
Try a Faux Bob. Have a quick fling with shorter hair by pulling your hair together at the nape of your neck, then tie with an elastic near the ends and tuck them under, pinning in place. Restyle Instant Sculpting Taffy from MONAT will ensure strands don’t stray.
Switch Your Part. Always wear a center part? Flip your hair to the side for instant lift. Always wear a side part? Try a center split for a more casual, bohemian feel.

Hair Shedding VS Hair Breakage

Now that you’re on your MONAT journey to fabulous hair, are you paying closer attention to your mane? Are you noticing a few hairs on your pillowcase? What about in the shower? Are you worried you might be shedding too much hair? Are you certain it’s shedding and not actually breakage? No need to fret! We’re here to explain the difference between hair shedding and hair breakage.


The Skinny on Hair Shedding
In case you didn’t know, it’s normal to shed between 50 and 100 hairs a day. As stated on the American Academy of Dermatology’s (AAD) website, excessive hair shedding is common in people who have experienced one of the following stressors:
  • Lost 20 pounds or more.
  • Given birth.
  • Lots of stress (Caring for a loved one who is sick, going through a divorce, losing a job).
  • High fever.
  • Undergone an operation.
  • Recovering from an illness.
  • Stopped taking birth-control pills
Most people notice the excessive hair shedding a few months after a stressful event. As your body readjusts, the excessive shedding stops. Within a few months, the hair should regain its normal fullness. And with the help of MONAT’s naturally based, hair treatment systems, you can rest assured knowing you’re doing everything you can to prevent hair loss.


Now About Hair Breakage
When you style your hair, do you notice a lot of short, broken hair strands in the sink or on the floor? If the answer is “yes,” you’re probably experiencing hair breakage. Hair breakage is a result of too much heat styling or chemical damage. Here are a few tips to treat hair breakage:
  • Use Replenish Masque a few times per week (2-3 times is ideal).
  • Stretch your blowout as long as you can, as the natural oils from your scalp are healthy for your hair. If you must wash your hair daily, be sure to treat it with Rejuveniqe® to keep the hair follicles coated with hydrating ingredients.
  • When hair is wet, use a naturally based leave-in conditioner like Restore and comb hair gently to avoid breakage.
  • Try to keep chemical salon services limited to one at a time. Multiple chemical services (like coloring and relaxing) is more likely to cause stress on the hair shaft.
  • Over processed hair is brittle. So if you must color process your hair, make sure to add moisture with a regular deep-conditioning regimen.
  • Avoid heat styling as much as possible.
  • Eat a diet rich in protein. Protein can repair weak spots in the hair shaft, warding off breakage. But be forewarned: Too much protein can make the hair brittle, and too much moisture makes strands too flexible. It’s important to find the right balance of moisture and protein.
We hope you enjoyed reading this blog. For more hair care tips like these, like us on Facebook!
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