May 19, 2023

Cheers to your Scalp Health!

Products, heat styling, and environmental factors can take their toll on your hair and scalp. Strands become lackluster and your favorite products may not work as well as they should. Fortunately, we can improve scalp health with a handful of helpful products and quick routine changes.
Your Daily Purifier
Purifying Vinegar Shampoo gently dissolves dead skin cells, stubborn product buildup, and environmental pollutants to renew hair and scalp. It will leave your hair looking fresh and clean.

Purifying Vinegar Shampoo being purd into a hand while showering.

Your Weekly Exfoliating Treat
Scalp Purifying Scrub is a 2-in-1 scrub and shampoo that exfoliates, dissolves product buildup, and reduces excess oil to cleanse and refresh your hair and scalp. Use once a week or as needed.

Woman's hands taking the recommended amount of Scalp Purifying Scrub out of its container.

Your Anytime, Shine-Boosting Bestie
Purifying Vinegar Rinse has a lightweight formula that deeply cleanses to remove product buildup, dirt, and oil while leaving hair with healthy-looking shine.

Woman with brunette hair applying Purifying Vinegar Rinse to the top of their wet hair

Your Pre-Shampoo Treatment
Pre-shampooing is a great way to re-invigorate your hair and scalp. Apply REJUVENIQE® or REJUVENIQE light by MONAT™ to your hair and scalp as a pre-shampoo treatment for extra hydration.


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