Purifying Vinegar Rinse

Vinegar Rinse

A lightweight, water-like cleanser that provides a shine-boosting cleanse.

237 ml ℮ 8 fl. oz.

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A brunette woman with curly hair smiling and looking to the side.


This easy-to-apply cleanser deeply purifies hair and scalp.

Natural emollients preserve hair and scalp moisture while fruit extracts help enhance shine. The perfect shampoo substitute for clean-feeling hair on non-wash days!

Purifying Vinegar Rinse sitting on a wood block next to apples, aloe vera, ginger, 
         apple cider vinegar, a vase with pampas, and a wood muddler.

Infused with amino acids, fruit, and apple cider vinegar

/ Purifies to remove product buildup, dirt, and oil**

/ 83% softer, smoother hair*

/ 80% of users experienced improved scalp hydration after one use**

/ Enhances shine by 64%*

/ Preserves color

*Based on instrumental tests by a third-party laboratory.
**Study consisted of 35 women aged 25–55 administered by a dermatologist.

Fragrance / A tropically inspired fragrance featuring juicy notes of fig, delicate white flowers, and violet with hints of vetiver, cedar, and moss.

Texture / Liquid

A bottle of Purifying Vinegar Rinse sitting on marble title, resting on a purple wall.

Apple cider vinegar extract combines with REJUVENIQE S™ and other healthy hair actives in a water-like rinse to deeply cleanse hair and scalp while retaining moisture, preserving color, and enhancing shine.

A bottle of Purifying Vinegar Rinse sitting on marble title, resting on a purple wall.
A brunette woman with wet hair smiling and holding Purifying Vinegar Rinse, overlayed 
      on an image with different ingredients that are in Purifying Vinegar Rinse.


/ Twist open nozzle.

/ Apply to wet hair and scalp.

/ Massage to lather for 1–3 minutes.

/ Rinse.

/ Follow with your favorite MONAT Conditioner or Masque.

Purifying Vinegar Rinse


Apple Cider Vinegar


Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

Ginger Root Extract

Black Spruce Bark Extract

Plant-derived Squalane