New Year, New [Self-Loving] You!

January is Self-Love Month, right before the nationally celebrated month of getting struck by Cupid’s arrow and loving others… Coincidence? We think not : -). We’ve all heard that, to be able to love others, we need to first learn to love ourselves. What a great mindset to start off the New Year! But what is “self-love”, really? We asked colleagues and friends what “loving thyself” meant to them and we got pretty cool responses. Here are a few of our faves:

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When you truly love yourself you don’t get the urge to feel superior to others. Instead, you see other people’s experiences as an opportunity to learn about life… And in the end, you’re less judgmental and more compassionate not only towards them, but also towards yourself.
Ironically, I used to “love” myself by not caring about my appearance, because to me, this was a way of “accepting” myself, but I was very shy and insecure and I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. That all changed once I committed to taking care of my body -from the inside out and from head to toe!
Pamper yourself, exercise, smile to stranger, read a book, open the door for someone, take a break, educate yourself, eat chocolate without guilt, don’t say no to everything or yes to anything… To me, it’s the simplest things that make us feel good about ourselves!
Some people are so proud and think so highly of themselves that they never accept when they’re wrong. I think that when you have self-love, you are confident and brave enough to be humble and say “I’m sorry”.

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It’s not about ignoring your flaws, it’s about embracing them… Don’t love yourself despite your imperfections, love yourself with your imperfections!

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Helping Foster Children One Costume at a Time

Everyone loves Halloween, especially kids! Halloween is one of the most fun experiences in a young child’s life. It provides lifelong memories, develops self-worth, and allows kids a day of pretending. Unfortunately, many children are unable to participate in this fun, annual experience because they do not have a costume.


In a Halloween costume drive, the MONAT Gratitude Squad‬ collected over 100 new costumes. These costumes were then donated to the Miami Dade County Foster & Adoptive Parent Association during a fun-filled Halloween party that included candy, cookies, chips and refreshments.


For close to three hours, foster parents and their children were able to “shop” and pick out the costume they wanted to be this year for Halloween. While this was an exciting and fun day for the children, the parents were just as thankful as the kids. Collecting Halloween costumes allowed foster parents to save time and money. With some foster families having 5+ children under the age of 10…that’s a lot of time and money saved!


Like you, we want the future to be even bigger! We hope you have enjoyed this first year as much as we have, and we can assure you, this is only the beginning. Together we are unstoppable.


It was a great day of giving back to the community for the MONAT Family. It was spooktacular evening of gratitude!




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