Who’s your role model?

November is National Inspirational Role Models Month. At MONAT, we celebrate the holiday by acknowledging the impact contemporary role models have on our lives.

Who inspires you? It’s a common question often asked by teachers, peers and even employers. There’s a reason many job interviewers ask this question; it’s a good way to discover not only who you are as a person, but how you think and feel about yourself and those around you.

Over the course of the week, we asked MONAT employees, “Who is your role model?” and the results are in! Peruse them, below, then head to your favorite social media site and tell @monatofficial who inspires you by including #myrolemodelis.

“If anyone has ever seen the movie ‘Joy,’ you will know who Joy Mangano is. She is the self-made millionaire who has invented many products, most notably the Miracle Mop, as featured in the film. Joy’s early years sound like many of our own, which allows her story to resonate. She went to college, got married, had three children, held a variety of unfulfilling jobs, however, it is what she did with a simple idea and a lot of passion that really makes her an inspirational woman to me. She took that idea and did not take no for an answer! She and her product were featured on QVC which launched her success. By the year 2000, her company was selling $10 million worth of Miracle Mops per year. I admire Joy and her perseverance, she is truly the kind of #BossBabe I aspire to be.”  


~ Bethany Balsdon, Events and Recognition Manager

“The person I’d like to say I admire is Amal Clooney. She’s a great example of the woman I try to be every single day.  Amal as an international lawyer and handles cases related to human rights and crimes against humanity. I admire her bravery, as she handles many cases others won’t. Amal, who is fluent in English, Arabic and French, has also written a couple of books. She is an inspirational role model for young women around the world; she exemplifies integrity, compassion and dedication–and typifies what it means to be a global citizen across all cultures. She’s a true activist. She’s effortlessly stylish, and she's married to George Clooney. Enough said.”

~ Lauren Nicole Jordan, Social Media Specialist

“In my case, the athlete I admire the most is LeBron James. He is not only a great basketball player but a role model for those who live in Cleveland because his achievements go beyond the game that he loves. As a matter of fact, James is a big contributor to community programs around the country, and has an active role in the Boys and Girls Club, ONEXONE and the Children’s Defense Fund. James also started his own charity which raises money for a number of causes in his native Akron. That’s not all; there are quite a few athletes in today’s society who are easily getting into problems; that’s not the case when talking about this player. Believe it or not, he has never let the spotlight keep him for emitting a positive image for younger generations; especially African Americans. In this day and age, with the evolution of social media and the incredibly in-depth coverage that professional sports endure, James has brilliantly handled his intense fame while never letting it change the type of person he is.”

~ Jose Rebolledo, International Business Student,
MONAT Marketing Intern

Images: c/o Google. Source Joy Mangano | Source Amal Clooney

What is the WWITOS Pledge?

Let’s Make a Pledge in Honor of Women Walking in their Own Shoes Month

As thewwitospledge.com says, "the Women Walking in Their Own Shoes™ (WWITOS) Pledge is an agreement you make with yourself. By making this agreement, you are saying 'I am 100% responsible for my life.' The Pledge is a 'YES' to becoming your best self and creating your best life. It is simple, yet it holds the power to transform your life."

In a nutshell, the pledge is to remind you of your reason for succeeding. It is an opportunity to reclaim your life, reaffirm your commitment to your personal and professional goals, and create the life you desire and deserve.

So what does this have to do with MONAT?
A lot.

More and more women are starting to realize the many benefits of having their own business, which is why there’s been a rise in people joining multi-level marketing programs—or as we like to call them, social marketing companies.

Let’s be real. Punching a time card at the wee hours of the morning is no longer sought after. People are becoming increasingly aware that if they want to live a “happy and fulfilling life,” they better find a way to do it on their own. With such an insecure job market, and awful hours with low pay, many women are flocking to the internet searching for ways to create their own wealth, on their own time.

When we decided to feature this pledge on our blog, we quickly realized how similar the messaging behind WWITOS month is to our Real People, Real Possibilities Facebook campaign.

Real People, Real Possibilities is a social media campaign that addresses the different motives why people join MONAT. It features raw, unedited, honest content from our Independent Market Partners who are predominately women.

The campaign showcases real people who have started to live again thanks to MONAT. Check out their entries, here.

So here’s to you: the women who walk in their own shoes. The women who talk the talk but also “walk the walk.” Keep shining!

5 Habits of People who follow their Dreams

So you want to travel the world or be your own boss? Keep reading…

There are a few common habits of highly successful people who have turned their dreams into reality. People who have a vision or goal don’t always get there from having financial means, but actually a few common habits that have helped them get to where they are. The best part is that you, too, have the opportunity to do the same!

As the famous quote by Wayne Dyer goes, “Change the way you look at things and things you look at will change.” Life is all about perspective, and if there’s one thing that all successful people have in common, it’s their perception on life’s challenges.

So what makes highly successful people different than everybody else? Here are five, surefire ways they manifest their own positive outcomes.

They see challenges as opportunities.

A current crisis offers the chance to re-evaluate how you live your life, to be more mindful and strategic, and to take stock of your values and priorities.

How you respond to crises has a lot to do with the lens through which you regularly perceive the world.

If you tend to see the world through a “gloom and doom” lens, you may be reacting to current events with feelings of fear, anxiety, or a sense of despair.

The solution? Change the lens from which you view the world! Below is an example on how to do this.

Challenge: Sales are down and business is slow. Opportunity: Use this slow time to get your office organized, update your marketing materials, and reconnect with past customers you’ve had no time to call.

It’s important to recognize that there are some challenges that are simply beyond your control, so turn your attention to those challenges with opportunities you can act upon.

They aren’t afraid to identify their weaknesses.

Everyone has a talent—leverage yours. Self-evaluation is the key to staying confident during rejection and failure. You can’t be great at everything, but you can build a team to compensate for your imperfections.

They aren’t just dreamers: they’re doers.

Highly successful people know what they want, and they find a way to get it.

Doers are so committed to making their dreams a reality that they banish any possibility of a backup plan.

They don’t think things like, “If it doesn’t work, I’ll just go get a job.” Apply this mantra to your professional life and see the odds go in your favor.

They have teachers, mentors and role models.

Successful people recognize what it takes to be excellent, even if they haven’t made it yet.
They know that most hurdles have already been solved, and having a mentor helps.

Successful people know they have blind spots, and they are humble enough to ask someone to look for the flaws in their thinking.

By seeking advice from ‘mentors’ you’re opening up the door for thoughtful, unbiased advice to help point you in the right direction.

They’ve learned to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

To grow, these like-minded individuals embrace the discomfort. It feels awkward. It’s uncomfortable. You’re out of your comfort zone.

But if you stay in your comfort zone, that’s not where your growth is.

Your growth is where discomfort is. You grow your greatest by exploring and expanding your capabilities. You have to leave the nest to spread your wings.

To unleash your potential, and expand what you’re capable of, you have to embrace change and discomfort is a part of the path.

There’s no precise formula for success, but if you take a hold of these simple ways of life, you’re headed on the right track.

New Year, New [Self-Loving] You!

January is Self-Love Month, right before the nationally celebrated month of getting struck by Cupid’s arrow and loving others… Coincidence? We think not : -). We’ve all heard that, to be able to love others, we need to first learn to love ourselves. What a great mindset to start off the New Year! But what is “self-love”, really? We asked colleagues and friends what “loving thyself” meant to them and we got pretty cool responses. Here are a few of our faves:


When you truly love yourself you don’t get the urge to feel superior to others. Instead, you see other people’s experiences as an opportunity to learn about life… And in the end, you’re less judgmental and more compassionate not only towards them, but also towards yourself.
Ironically, I used to “love” myself by not caring about my appearance, because to me, this was a way of “accepting” myself, but I was very shy and insecure and I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. That all changed once I committed to taking care of my body -from the inside out and from head to toe!
Pamper yourself, exercise, smile to stranger, read a book, open the door for someone, take a break, educate yourself, eat chocolate without guilt, don’t say no to everything or yes to anything… To me, it’s the simplest things that make us feel good about ourselves!
Some people are so proud and think so highly of themselves that they never accept when they’re wrong. I think that when you have self-love, you are confident and brave enough to be humble and say “I’m sorry”.

It’s not about ignoring your flaws, it’s about embracing them… Don’t love yourself despite your imperfections, love yourself with your imperfections!