May 24, 2018

Keeping Blonde Hair Blonde!

They say blondes have more fun but what they don’t tell you is that caring for blonde hair isn’t a lot of fun. The water, sun and air pollution can make your tresses brassy while over styling and processing, if you’re a bottle blonde, can result in hair that’s dry and easily damaged. But if you nail down the right maintenance routine, you can luxuriate in your light locks while keeping them healthy at the same time.
Pick the RIGHT Shampoo and Conditioner
When it comes to choosing a shampoo and conditioner, look for a formula designed specifically for maintaining and protecting your hair color. Colour Enhance Brilliant Blonde Shampoo and Colour Enhance Brilliant Blonde Conditioner were made precisely to enhance blonde and golden hues while keeping hair nourished. If you’re a platinum blonde, it’s even more important to pick the right products. Go for purple to keep the brassiness at bay. Colour Enhance Perfectly Platinum Shampoo and Colour Enhance Perfectly Platinum Conditioner revitalize color brilliance and enhance platinum hues.


Keep Your Hair Hydrated
Looking for that perfect shade of sunshine can put your hair through the wringer. Lifting a dark shade to blonde is not a nice process and can strip your hair of oils and nutrients leaving you with dry, stretchy, brittle hair. To help bring dry brittle hair back to life, we recommend investing in a good leave-in conditioner and/or hydrating masque. Hair masques are a great way to restore the moisture stripped from your hair during the lightening process. These deep conditioning treatments are vital for color-treated hair, and are a great way to avoid looking like you’ve got straw for hair. Try Replenish Masque to get your hair back to silky.
Take a Break from Shampooing
Refreshing your hair without shampooing will help keep color vibrant. Find a dry shampoo like THE CHAMP™ Conditioning Dry Shampoo that works for you to maintain your blonde longer.
Watch Out for Heat
Blondes really need to take extra care with heat styling because blonde hair is drier to begin with. Take a vacation from heat styling by letting your hair simply dry. Use Air Dry Cream, a light, airy cream for heatless, effortless styling and to give you texture and frizz-free results. Try it with a bun, updo or braid. You never had it so easy.
You Can Never Have Enough Moisture
Use a hair oil to keep your fair strands moisturized. Apply from mid-length to the ends and your hair will not only get needed hydration but reflect the light. Try REJUVENIQE® Oil Intensive with 13+ natural plant and essential oils to give you long-lasting shine.
Keep It Covered
We know you may have paid a pretty penny for that lovely blonde shade but if you’re going to be outside in the sun for a while, wear a hat. While yes, the sun can lighten your locks (which you may want) it also can turn your hair an ugly brassy shade. Better to keep your golden strands covered.


Saving Your Blonde Hair from the Water
It’s true that salt water and pool chlorine can turn light hair colors into a yukky shade of green. The key is to fight the battle ahead of time by applying a conditioner like Revitalize Conditioner before entering the pool or ocean. This creates a barrier between your golden blonde hair and the salt water or chlorine. After you come out of the water, rinse your hair as soon as possible to get rid of residue and keep it clean clean clean.
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