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MONAT Styling Products!
One Bonus Item Discounted in August Qualifying Flexships Only.
Too Good To Be True!
1. The CHAMP Conditioning Dry Shampoo 2. Blow Out Cream 3. Refinish Control Hairspray 4. Moxie Magnifying Mousse 5. Thickening Spray 6. Reshape Root Lifter 7. Tousled Texturizing Mist 8. Restyle Instant Sculpting Taffy 9. MONAT Black Groom Styling Clay
*No other discount applies to this bonus item. Item prices predetermined. Flexship must ship in August.
Here's how!
1. Login your VIP Suite ( Once logged in, go to My Flexship ( under Tools.
2. From there, click “Edit Flexship”. You can then add a product by clicking “Add Promo Item” and select from items 50-70% off.
3. Once you’ve added your bonus item, you may continue the checkout process.
New VIPS, Try It. Love It. We Promise!
MONAT has lowered the Flexship entry rate for August. Your first qualifying Flexship order can be any MONAT product duo you want for a minimum of $60 USD/$79 CAD! Experience the power of premium hair care!
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Now’s the time! You can get an Essentials Product Pack to launch your business for as low as $199 in August! And…to sweeten the pot, once you sign up, if you enroll one new Market Partner and one new VIP in your first 30 days, you get a product credit rebate in the amount of the product pack you purchased. You can’t beat that!

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Game On for New Market Partners! Look What You Get for Enrolling in August!
MONAT Market Partners get plenty of incentives to help their business grow. Enroll as one and you too get to enjoy all the perks! Sign up as a Market Partner with any Product Pack in August and you get the first month of requirements to attend the famed Reunion 2019 for free! Market Partners from across the globe will be attending this fantastic event. You’ll get to see a different side of Vegas, one you never knew existed.

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VIPs Have an OFY Choice!
We listened to our VIPs and they want an OFY choice. So we’re giving it to them. They can choose from Smoothing Shampoo, Clarifying Shampoo and 6oz Air Dry Cream for their Flexship order.
Blackberry Hair Is Innnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!
Find out the scoop!
Brand New
Heavenly Hydrating Masque
Quenches moisture-starved hair in a heavenly hydrating cloud for improved vibrancy, shine and manageability! And, if you’re a VIP, it’s available for qualifying Flexships!
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To learn more, check out our Beauty Insider!
Brand New
Double Action Hydrating Serum
Combines long-lasting hydration with body-building ingredients to restore hair vibrancy, bounce and shine! And, if you’re a VIP, it’s available for qualifying Flexships!
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To learn more, check out our Beauty Insider!
Sign up as a VIP and enjoy MIX & MATCH and FREE shipping on orders of $84 USD/$110 CAD or more.
VIPs can order any of MONAT’s Systems or stand-alone products and change their order month after month. Plus, with Mix & Match, you essentially can create a System just for you! All orders are assessed a handling fee as follows: Orders of $60 USD/$80 CAD or less—$1.00 USD/$1.50 CAD. Orders of $60.01 USD/$80.01 CAD or more—$2.50 USD/$3.00 CAD. Find out the scoop!