December 7, 2017

Winterproof Your Hair and Skin with These Easy Hacks!

winterproof your hair and skin with these easy hacks
While winter weather is a great time to get cozy with a cup of hot chocolate, you can’t forget that the dry and dreary weather can be brutal for your hair and skin. It’s harder to retain moisture in your hair so it can become brittle and prone to breaking. Frizz and static also occur with your winter clothes. And your skin also can become drier and itchy to the point of flaking.
Avoid steaming hot showers
While hot, steaming water may feel good when it’s brrrrr outside, it isn’t good for your hair or skin since it strips away natural oils. Shower in lukewarm water instead. Limit yourself to one five or 10-minute bath or shower daily.


Alternate Dry Shampoo with Wet Shampoo
Winter temperatures can make your hair and scalp become dry and damaged. Instead of using wet shampoo every day, take a break every few days and use dry shampoo like THE CHAMP™ Conditioning Dry Shampoo which will get your hair clean and give it bounce. When you do wash your hair, don’t use very hot water since it will strip away your hair’s natural oils. Lukewarm water gets the job done by helping hair keep in its natural moisture. Also use a hydrating shampoo like Renew Shampoo that adds essential moisture back into the hair.


Don’t Forget to Condition Hair
Protect your hair from the winter cold by applying a great conditioner after every shampoo. A leave-in conditioner like Restore Leave-In Conditioner will not only restore essential nutrients but it also tames frizz and flyaways that come from hoodies, sweaters, scarves and beanies! To give you hair the one-two nourishing punch, massage your hair and scalp with REJUVENIQE® Oil Intensive and leave it on for an hour to really soak in. Your hair will come out silky and shiny!
Dry Hair Carefully
While it’s best to let your hair dry naturally, not all of us have the time. Squeeze out the excess water to shorten your drying time. Rubbing vigorously can cause fragile wet hair break; it also can cause frizz. Gently blot moisture from your hair with an absorbent towel and try, if you can, not to dry it completely; stop while your hair is slightly damp and let it air dry the rest of the way. Your hair will thank you.


Your Skin Needs Help Too
  • Choose oils since they are more hydrating. Moisturize with an oil like REJUVENIQE® Oil Intensive immediately after showering and again before bed to help relieve chapped skin.
  • Dermatologist Dr. Amy Ross, MONAT Scientific Board Member, advises to avoid deodorant soaps, perfumed soaps and alcohol-based products. All have a drying effect, which you want to stay away from when you are already surrounded by dry winter heat.
  • Make sure you hydrate from the inside out, Dr. Ross also emphasizes. That means you should increase your intake of foods rich in omega oils and drink plenty of water!
  • Use a humidifier, Dr. Ross adds. Inside winter heat is very drying and a humidifier will help both your skin and your hair stay moist.
Remember, moisture is the name of the game!