January 11, 2023

No Trim? No Problem!


4 Ways to Minimize The Need for Hair Trims!

Hair damage can happen any time of the year…fortunately, MONAT offers a variety of products you can use from the comfort of your home! Maintain your hair health and reduce the need for a trim with these quick tips.
Hand holding REJUVABEADS™ by MONAT, our Lightweight leave-in serum


Consider REJUVABEADS™ by MONAT your go-to product to reduce the need for a haircut. This revolutionary leave-in treatment helps to mend split ends and can be used each time you shampoo. The result is shinier and healthier-looking hair without leaving home to trim your split ends.
Damage Repair System displayed on top of a granite surface next to flasks and beakers.

Damage Repair System

Just because your hair feels damaged beyond repair, does not mean that you need to chop it all off! Incorporate the Damage Repair System in your haircare routine. This is a customizable haircare solution for all types of damaged hair, that will instantly strengthen and repair hair from the inside out. The system includes Damage Repair Bond Support Shampoo, Damage Repair Bond-Building Hair Treatment, Damage Repair Bond Support Masque, and Damage Repair Bond-Fortifying Hair Leave-In Crème.
Hand holding the Monat Curling Wand

Lay Off the Heat

We know a lot of you style your hair with hot tools to get your look just right. While hot tools are a lifesaver when creating your favorite styles, they can also cause hair breakage and other damage. Limit your use of hot tools or apply MONAT STUDIO ONE ™ Heat Protectant Spray to clean, towel-dried hair which will prevent against the high heat generated by thermal styling tools.
Monat Unknot Detangler displayed on a white marble counter along side a Monet squared hair brush.

Unknot Detangler

The best way to stop tangles, knots, and the split ends they cause is right out of the shower! Unknot Detangler helps to achieve smooth, manageable locks. In addition to leaving knots and tangles behind, Unknot Detangler helps to strengthen your hair while maintaining its natural moisture.
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