In October, MONAT celebrates its second anniversary in the USA and its first anniversary in Canada. So much accomplished and so many inspirational testimonies of lives transformed through MONAT’s business opportunity and hair care products!

Since 2014, MONAT launched in the U.S., expanded to Canada, enhanced its VIP Customer Program, launched MONAT Motor Club for Market Partners, and doubled its collection of products and systems.
The MONAT family grew along the way, too! Since last year, more than 22,000 VIP Customers and more than 25,000 new Market Partners joined our ranks to take part in this hair care revolution.
But our greatest achievements have been helping people achieve their dreams, regain their self-confidence, become better entrepreneurs, and enjoy more beautiful, healthy and youthful-looking hair!

THANK YOU for joining us on this great journey and we look forward to what’s to come!

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