Take a Hike Day

Stressed out? Join the party.

Although we all feel anxious and worn-out from time to time, there are many ways to counteract the feeling of wanting to scream at the top of your lungs.

Not all stress is bad, but overbearing pressure from life can lead to significant health problems. Adopting healthy lifestyle habits help. Like going out for a hike! Did you know you have the ability to harness nature for stress relief?

For many, going outdoors is soothing, especially when feeling anxious. And being in nature makes many people feel happier and more at peace. Interestingly enough, this approach is used as a stress management activity in Japan, where it's called "forest bathing."

November 17 is Take a Hike Day. What better way to “power off” and get outdoors? This is the perfect excuse to turn off your cellphone, get outdoors and connect with nature. Sunlight provides vitamin D, which promotes relaxation. Studies have also shown a connection between depression and vitamin D. So go soak up the sun (but don’t forget the sunscreen). Further, research has shown that spending time in the great outdoors lowers our blood pressure and eases muscle tension.

So here’s a reminder worth sharing: disconnect! Turn off your phone. Cell phones stress you out, there's no question about that! Power off, head outdoors.

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