Soothing Micellar Shampoo

Soothing Micellar Shampoo

MONAT Soothing Micellar Shampoo promises a gentle, refreshing cleanse.

237 ml ℮ 8 fl. oz.

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$30.00 (USD)

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$26.00 (USD)

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MONAT Soothing Micellar Shampoo transforms into an airy lather that gently lifts and removes impurities from delicate tresses without causing irritation.

It provides a gentle, refreshing cleanse.

Experiencing blissfully clean hair.

/ Clarifies by attracting, capturing, and removing debris, impurities, and product buildup.

/ Deep cleans without stripping hair of moisture or essential nutrients.

/ Provides soothing benefits to a sensitive scalp.

/ Ideal for a sensitive scalp, delicate, fine, and fragile hair.

/ Eco-friendly formula.

/ 100% post-consumer recycled bottle.

Fragrance / Unwind and enjoy a coconut-forward, citrusy aroma with notes of blood orange, coconut husk, cashew nut and sandalwood.

Texture / Cream

A gentle, high-performance, cleanser that is friendly to scalp and the environment.

A soothing, fragrance-free micellar shampoo that effectively deep-cleans fine, delicate hair as it comforts a sensitive scalp.


/ Emulsify in hands and apply to wet hair.

/ Leave on for 2-3 minutes.

/ Rinse and repeat.

/ For optimal results, follow with your favorite MONAT Conditioner.

Soothing Micellar Shampoo



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