September 17, 2018

New Restructuring Hair Care Collection Turns Back The Hands Of Time!

Have you just had it with your hair? Is it very damaged, over-processed and over-stressed? Does your hair actually snap and break? Do split ends develop constantly? Does your hair feel dry and brittle, like it’s lost its elasticity and resilience?
Not to fear! A new collection of products by MONAT takes a 360-degree approach to damage repair by renewing hair’s strength from the inside out! MONAT’s Restructuring Hair Care Collection products are specifically designed to target damage at the microscopic level. The secret is two of the most technologically advanced ingredients to rebuild, re-strengthen, restructure and resurface hair for hair that looks reborn. Flip your shower routine on its head with a new approach to hair care!
The two revolutionary, state-of-the-art restructuring ingredients are FIBER RESCUETM, which has a breakthrough hydrolyzed plant lipoprotein technology that reconstructs every strand of hair from root to tip, and REJUVENIQE STM, an activated oil which imparts unmatched hydration and luminosity.
The Restructuring Hair Care Collection contains four products, which can be used in three different ways to give you the hair care that your tresses need!


The Restructuring Hair Care Routine & Reverse Care Method
The Routine is the Restructuring Pre-Wash Conditioner and Restructuring Shampoo. This amazing duo works together to gently clean, condition and hydrate your hair. What’s so unusual about this Routine is the Reverse Condition Method, which sets the stage for healthier hair. First, you start with the Restructuring Pre-Wash Conditioner, designed to be used prior to the Restructuring Shampoo as the first step in this revolutionary regimen. FIBER RESCUETM and REJUVENIQE STM activated oil power up each strand, rescuing and hydrating each one from root to tip, while marine botanicals, such as red algae, act as a figurative hair “net” and shield strands from the friction caused by massaging and rubbing the hair. The conditioner, a lightweight formula, instantly moisturizes dehydrated hair while leaving it feeling and looking healthier. Then you shampoo to gently cleanse your hair while instantly hydrating and improving manageability, bounce and shine.


The Restructuring High Intensity System
If you feel your hair needs something more serious, it’s time to actually repair damage rather than just cover it up. Your answer is the Hair Transformation Masque and Inner Force Restructuring Serum.
The Hair Transformation Masque is the 3rd Step within your regimen. Intensive and ultra-rich, it features a highly concentrated dose of amino acids that repair and thicken each strand. Hair Transformation Masque, an ultra-rich and creamy rinse-out treatment that rebuilds hair’s architecture, while sealing and smoothing each and every strand, is designed for use once or twice a week but is gentle enough to enjoy each day.
Lastly, before you style, apply Inner Force Restructuring Serum, a leave-in that will boost your hair with beneficial ceramides and is rich in nourishing lipids to repair old damage and prevent future “bad hair days” before they even begin. Inner Force Restructuring Serum is a state-of-the-art, dual treatment formula that reverses the visible damage left behind by hot tools, harsh chemicals and that color change you just had to make twice this season. It contains MONAT’s highest concentration of ultra-potent transformational ingredients and includes a “fixer” lotion serum to work deep within the hair cortex repairing existing damage and a “protective” gel serum designed to sooth and safeguard against future harm.


The 3-Step Restructuring Regimen
MONATs Restructuring Pre-Wash Conditioner and Restructuring Shampoo set the stage for smoother, shinier, and stronger hair. Both contain FIBER RESCUETM and REJUVENIQE STM activated oil – MONAT’s newest innovative and reparative ingredients. Looking to give lackluster locks a little more “love?” This Regimen does just that with the addition of the Hair Transformation Masque, the ultra-rich and creamy rinse-out treatment that rebuilds hair’s architecture, while sealing and smoothing each and every strand.


The Restructuring Collection
The Restructuring Collection is the 360-degree approach to build inner hair strength and includes all four products… Restructuring Pre-Wash Conditioner, Restructuring Shampoo, Hair Transformation Masque and Inner Force Restructuring Serum…to give you top of the line care. Now your hair will have come full circle, with a science-backed hair care line designed to take a 360-degree approach, addressing (and reversing) the ten major signs of hair damage. Whether it’s damage caused by chemicals (bleach, hair dye, perms and straighteners), extremely harsh styling methods (daily flat irons, for example), pollution, weather and extreme amounts of direct sun exposure this comprehensive collection can reverse it. Other reparative treatments merely mask damage – like a veneer would on a tooth; however, this regimen targets the cause at its core, regenerating each strand.
Switch up your routine starting with the Restructuring Pre-Wash Conditioner that preps hair, protecting it from the rigors of washing and scrubbing. Follow with the multi-tasking and deeply reparative Restructuring Shampoo, which not only cleans, but also corrects. Once or twice a week, add the finishing touch, the Hair Transformation Masque to mitigate breakage in mere moments. Polish off your routine once a week with Inner Force Restructuring Serum, a dual treatment to turn back the hands of time to hair’s pre-damaged state.
All formulas contain MONAT’s newest and most innovative healing ingredients, FIBER RESCUETM and REJUVENIQE STM. Used all together, hair is noticeably revitalized. (You can thank us later.)
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