September 23, 2020

MONAT Launches into Wellness

Skin and Nutrition Boosters to Feel, Look and Live Your Best
MIAMI, Sept. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Global healthy aging innovator MONAT Global Corp (MONAT) unveiled its new Wellness Collection, a four-product lineup developed in partnership with holistic expert Dr. Brent Agin. Ranging from a vegan collagen-boosting powder to a pre- and pro-biotic capsule to a natural energy drink. The collection is designed to offer highly effective, low maintenance products that easily and naturally support inner health and outer skin and hair appearance.
“The keys to looking and feeling our best all boil down to three core pillars: proper nutrition, rest and exercise,” said Dr. Brent Agin. “We designed MONAT Wellness to encourage a positive, uncomplicated approach to optimizing these areas of our lives, supporting wellbeing as part of our daily routine.
The launch marks MONAT’s third category expansion, preceded by successful hair and skincare franchises that catapulted the brand from a social selling startup to one of Inc.’s Fastest Growing Companies in America, with more than 2 million VIP clients globally.
“MONAT is known for its commitment to healthy aging and the power of beauty, and that’s more than skin deep, said Ray Urdaneta, MONAT Co-Founder and CEO. “We found our consumers were actively seeking better lifestyle products to complement their routines, and that powered us to introduce a more 360-degree approach to inner health and outer beauty. We labored over the research and development to ensure unbeatable quality, unique ingredients, and strong benefits that live beyond their hype.”
Formulated as a daily routine or used individually, the range balances instant-effect products (MONAT Energy) with long-term solutions (MONAT Balance, Collagen Key™ and Total Greens). The new launches include:
  • MONAT Balance: A pre- and pro-biotic capsule-in-capsule with unique, delayed-release technology and a custom herbal blend including turmeric, ginger and rice bran.
  • MONAT Energy: A grab and go drink mix with 50 mg caffeine from green coffee, with adaptogens and bio-available B12 to promote more natural energy than espresso, without jitters or a crash.
  • Collagen Key™: A vegan support for your body’s natural production of collagen. Adds strength and resilience to your hair, skin, and nails.
  • Total Greens: An all in one powder infused with 37 antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, dietary fiber to support energy, and immune health.
MONAT plans to expand the line later this year with MONAT Sleep Drops, a soothing elixir to quiet your mind and relax your body for a restorative sleep without morning grogginess. Preserving MONAT’s signature balance between modern and nature, the collection’s ingredients are backed by science yet naturally derived. Consumers can purchase the products through their MONAT Market Partner, or on
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