January is Self-Love Month: Why It’s Important

Did you know January was self-love month? What a wonderful way to start off the year! Why? Because self-love is the key to having solid self-esteem and real happiness. It’s hard to have either of those without it.

It’s easy to encourage people to “love yourself” more because it sounds nice, but it’s hard to just magically wake up one morning and decide to love YOURself.

Self-love doesn’t just happen! Self-love is about developing your capacity to be more aware, authentic and intentional in every aspect of your life. By doing so, you’ll build greater self-compassion and also enhance your ability to be more compassionate with others, which in turn brings peace and harmony to your own life.

When you practice self-love, you are continually naming and claiming all of who you are — even the scariest parts. Self-love is vastly important for any person in any walk of life. If you want to evolve as a person, you have to start with self-love first. It is the foundation for everything beautiful in life, including meaningful and healthy relationships, having a positive attitude and body image, and achieving your dreams.

Every self-help book pushes building self-love but, unfortunately, many people still don’t know how it is done. Well, here’s a start:

Build the Foundation. Lay brick by brick, small loving act by small loving act, towards yourself and towards others. This will bring more smiles to your face, help mend your heart, and generate more things to be grateful for!

Start Right Now. Call a friend who makes you feel good. Buy that lotion you always wanted. Get up and take a short walk. Eat a little healthier at your next meal. Do some relaxation breathing. Give yourself a hug. Say “I love you” in the mirror, even if you don’t mean it–yet!

Take Note… From Yourself. Better yet, for the next 30 days, take a few minutes each day to write down one reason why you love yourself. This forces you to bring clarity to your thoughts and feelings and also captures them for you to revisit later.

Give the gift of SELF-love. You’ll find it will draw profoundly wonderful, joyous and miraculous blessings!

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