Here’s to 2017

There is no denying it’s the holiday season. Stores are filled with mounds of decorations and gifts, houses are draped in holiday lights and the smell of pine is in the air. We at MONAT call it the holiday season on purpose because it does not matter to us what holiday you celebrate… or if you celebrate a different holiday at another time of year.

For us, this is a season of celebration. It’s time to celebrate the year that just passed. To celebrate our blessings. To celebrate new friends we made and old ones whose company we’ve enjoyed.

And of course, it’s a time to celebrate family! We believe in celebrating the happiness that comes from the love of devoted and beloved family members, especially those who are not nearby.

Those distant family members include all of YOU, our MONAT market partners and VIP customers across the United States and Canada. We view all of you as part of our extended family. Your happiness and success are our happiness and success. Without you, we would not be rich with love, community, caring and blessings.


We wish all of you happy holidays,

continued success and great achievements in the New Year!

Blessings to all!


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