Market Partner Builds MONAT’S First MONATborhood in 16 Days!

Elizabeth (Beth) Meyer, of Breckenridge, Minn., has been doing hair for 33 years, 20 of those in a salon attached to her house. Married for 33 years with a son and daughter and two dogs, Beth and her husband used to worry about saving for retirement.

Then she discovered MONAT—by accident—only four months ago (October 2016) and, using SMART Start, has created MONAT’s first MONATborhood in only 16 days!! Her real passion for MONAT is infectious and her story is a powerful testimony to what these products can do. Let’s hear it in her own words:


After learning about SMART Start at MONATions (awesome event!!), I built my MONATborhood in only 16 days because I talk—a lot. I have a small salon and have spent all my years teaching my clients to use the best products available. MONAT came into my life four months ago and I was ecstatic to share their products’ benefits!

When SMART Start was introduced at MONATions, I followed it. I posted pictures of myself on my Facebook page, describing what I was doing and showing my own results. I taught my clients about why they need MONAT and what I want them to order for all three of their next orders (I get them on VIP as soon as I can). We plan the order process together and I educate them about why Flexship is the best option. They trust me because they’ve seen the MONAT results with my own long curly hair.

I share the business information with others because I love the product! I want others to experience what I do! I call the products magic! I think THAT'S the magic—believing in the products you are talking about. I don’t try to ‘sell’ them. I have a real passion for them. It’s exciting to see how these products change people’s hair and their lives.

These are the best products I have ever used. Ever!

Beth Almost Never Discovered MONAT!

Beth says she started using by MONAT almost by accident..and it’s true. This is one we’re glad to hear about though.


I’d been looking for something for my curly-haired clients (and me) for YEARS. I always taught my clients, "You’re going to feel product in your hair. That's just the way it is for us curly-haired people." I didn’t know any other way.

Then one day my older daughter, Samantha, said to me, "Mom, I think I found something for your curly hair and I want to talk to you about it." I rather ignored her. What could my daughter know?

But about 10 days later Samantha brought the subject up again and said we could talk to a girl named Kendall on the computer about products for curly hair. She said Kendall would be able to answer all my questions because Kendall is a stylist. So I reluctantly agreed and then thought the issue would go away.

Together, my daughter and I video-called Kendall. I asked lots of questions about the products and was pleasantly surprised by the answers, intrigued actually. I thought, ‘Well, if they do what she says they will--this could be great!’ After an about an hour I decided to sign up with the biggest Product Pack because I needed to test the products on myself. Plus, there was a money-back guarantee so why not?

However, I made it very clear to my daughter that I was NOT interested in the business part of it. I just wanted the products. I said to her, ‘Don’t expect me to run this as a business because I already have a job.’

Once I received the shipment, I planned to test the products on my own curly hair so I could prove they wouldn’t work, like so many others don’t. I washed my hair, did an overnight masque, rinsed my hair in the morning and then blew dry my hair. WITHOUT any products in it! I was prepared for the perfect disaster. No products equals my hair looking like a dandelion in full bloom. So I blew dry my hair and it looked...PERFECT!! I was shocked. I took a few pictures of my hair and sent them to my daughter with the caption, "Will you look at my hair??!!"

I was sold. I learned you DONT have to feel products in your hair. It doesn’t have to be weighed down with products to look good! I thought, now I need to reteach my clients. My hair feels lighter and is in the best condition it has ever been.

However, the business I never wanted to run has now become a business for me. It pretty much sells itself. Now, my husband and I don’t have to worry about retirement. Without MONAT, we’d still be fretting. Now I can plan for my family’s future because of the MONAT blessing! I’m so fortunate!

“There are no excuses for not reaching your goals”

The idea of being your own boss is fantastic... but then you have to actually be your own boss! You have to hold yourself accountable. You can do MONAT part-time or full-time, but once you decide, you have to actually give it your time. If you can only give MONAT 10 or 15 hours a week, give 100% of yourself to those hours. No excuses!

We all have a lot of demands on our time. Balancing career, family, life, and MONAT are indispensable to success. Besides MONAT, I have a newborn and two boys, I do a good deal of acting and modeling (and traveling), and life puts a lot on my plate. I joined in September and made it to MMM last month. I’m proud of that, but also humbled by all the support I’ve received from my upline as well as my own team.

So how do you fit MONAT unto a busy life? This is what I’ve found works for me:

  • I start my morning before the kids get up. I open my messages, emails, and chats and start addressing what needs to be addressed in order of importance. I make a few posts and by that time my kids need to get up, dressed, fed and off to school and preschool.
  • While they are gone, I work my business. I look for new people to add into my network, I follow up with current people in my network, I go to my back office and look at where my team leaders are and what they need to rank. I send them screenshots on where they are at and then we communicate on game plans for them and what they plan on doing, if they have leads and how they are following up with them.
  • I am in constant communication with my leaders, helping them and their teams to achieve their goals. With such a strong support system, there are no excuses for not reaching your goals.
  • I host monthly meetings at my home to ensure everyone is on the same page. With new people constantly joining, I feel it important to make sure they are up to speed with the team.
And yes, I do all this with a newborn who I am nursing and two other children. My baby is at all my meetings; I don't let that be an excuse to let the momentum slide for my business. I don't want the wheel to stop spinning and I just make things work! I have to thank my parents, husband, and in-laws for the support with the children. There was no maternity leave for me. I retired my in-home nail salon and went right into Monat 5-6 months pregnant. I was even helping one of my leaders during delivery.
Haha, I truly am a no-excuse leader! I give everything I have in me to help grow strong leaders. In a year, my team will be filled with Market Mentors! We are on fire and we are all going for it. I am so proud of my team!! They are amazing!

Failures are the stories that need to be talked about

When you embark on this new journey of MONAT you will be faced with many different challenges. Survival as an entrepreneur requires preparation and perseverance. I have learned so many different things that have helped me become the leader I am today.

Just think of this quote from Thomas Edison: “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” Success is a wonderful thing, but failures are great teachers. I have had my fair share of both. Whereas success is experienced in the spotlight for all to see, failures are often obscured. And yet failures are the stories that need to be talked about more often because big growth happens in these times.

As an entrepreneur, I have grown the most from my failures. So listen up, buttercup: You are not alone! It happens. When you don’t hit the rank you aimed at or don’t hit that goal, just know that you will make it though. You will want to blame other people for it. But true leaders take the blame and become better. With each new rank comes a new hurdle that you have to climb over. Dig deep and persist. It’s just a question of how deep are you willing to dig.

It’s during the months when I didn’t hit my rank—not just one month but four—when I could have easily quit. But when I looked at myself in prayer and reflection I asked God, “Can I do this? Am I supposed to do this? Is it worth the growth?” The answer was always yes! Be ready to fight when these hurdles come. If you quit today then tomorrow could be the exact day you have your breakthrough. Keep walking forward with daily activity even if that moving forward is crawling. I love this quote from Martin Luther King: “If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run walk. If you can’t walk, crawl. But whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.”

During these moments of growth, your why is what will catapult you over those obstacles. When faced with challenges, I realized I was holding myself back—self-sabotage! I didn’t believe that I was worthy of success or extravagance. When I decided to dig deep and become who I was called to be, this shift happened. I was no longer held back. I am called to break cycles of poverty and show this opportunity to more people. This journey is so not about me!

Who will be set free because of my journey? Just know that you are worth it! Even if you are in a valley, remember to be simple but significant. Are you ready to run towards your goals? Do you have what it takes? Will you be significant? It’s all up to you!

Jessica Snowden

Believe in the empowerment

Instructive insights can be found almost anywhere, if your mind is open to them. For example, the recurrent theme of the Pixar film Ratatouille is “anyone can cook.” I have also seen how “anyone can be an entrepreneur”—especially when a company like MONAT makes it so easy to start something.

Take another animated classic (loosely defined): Kung Fu Panda—the original, from 2008.

Jack Black is the voice of Po, a good-sized, kung fu-obsessed panda who, through fate, is designated the Dragon Warrior. He has been chosen to protect the Valley of Peace from Tai Lung. As the Dragon Warrior, he is entitled to read the Dragon Scroll, which is supposed to reveal the secrets of the universe to aid the warrior in his fight.

Eventually, when he has proven himself worthy, Po is given the Dragon Scroll, which turns out to be blank. It does not share any secrets of the universe! Fearing the worst—that Po and others will be unable to defeat Tai Lung—Po’s master orders the valley evacuated. Po returns to his father, who runs a noodle restaurant. At this point, Po’s father tells him the secret ingredient to his famous “secret ingredient soup” is...nothing. He explains that something becomes special if people truly believe that it is. With sudden realization, Po looks at the scroll again and sees his reflection. He realizes what the “secret” is, and changes course to confront Tai Lung.

There is a connection! The only secret ingredient to success at MONAT is believing—believing that you, this opportunity, our products, and what we are doing are special. We don’t do ordinary at MONAT. Only the extraordinary for us!

In the abstract, shampoo and conditioner can be really boring, right? You can find them everywhere. When you can offer exclusive products that have real benefits and help people feel better about themselves, that’s a special thing to be a part of!

When you believe in the empowerment and life-changing income that is possible at MONAT, you’ll embrace this special opportunity and do more to share it with others.

Jason Russell
Director of Communications

Are you a MONAT Genius?

What does it mean when we call someone a “genius”?

I believe one way to define genius is someone who sees things differently than the rest of us “normal” humans. Genius need not be confined to “the hard sciences,” either.

For example, Da Vinci, Newton, Einstein, Curie, Hawking, and many more “intellectual giants” come to mind when we use the term. But others in their sphere are no less geniuses: Tolstoy, Edison, Disney, Hitchcock, Hendrix, Pelé, Jobs, Gretzky, Gates.

What is the genius of MONAT? It’s the same—seeing things differently. Where many might be tempted to look at us as a haircare company, that’s just what we do (and that’s still only part of the story). What matters is why we do what we do: we help people live beautiful, fulfilling lives.

Where some see only frustration, fickle employers, and an economy rigged against them, we see a path toward personal growth, meaningful success and financial well-being. We see a way for people to work together and be part of something bigger than themselves. We see a way for real people to make the most of real possibilities.

What do you see?

I can self motivation - removing the letter t of the word I can't so it says I can

Do you see MONAT as the way you can get more of what you want and need out of life—whether that’s something as simple as new curtains or a new couch, or as profound as the lifestyle you’ve always wanted? Even if you’re “satisfied” with what MONAT has delivered so far, can you see that it will be many times bigger than it is now, making ever bigger dreams achievable? Whatever it may be, MONAT can make it possible.

Do you see yourself as a successful, empowered, thriving Market Partner who leads the way, overcomes challenges, and doesn’t settle for second-best? Are you relentless in pursuit of your goals? The celebrated geniuses of science, art, medicine, business, and more were driven to pursue their vision—obsessed, some would say. To have that vision, you have to see things differently. You have to see and embrace the possibilities.

Don’t limit your vision of what you can achieve with MONAT. Don’t limit yourself. See the genius in this opportunity and its real possibilities, and maximize the genius in yourself!

Jason Russell
Director of Communications

There’s nothing that excites me more than seeing others succeed!

Wow! What an experience the Spring Forward! Regional events were this past April! It was so much fun to be present at those events, meet team members from all over the U.S. and Canada, watch our President, Stuart MacMillan, learn how to Hula, and most importantly, learn from some of the top leaders in the field!

If you weren’t able to make it to one of the events, be sure to make it a priority to get to them in the future because they will change your business and those who show up, go up!I had the privilege of being on stage at the Chicago and Calgary Regional events to share my knowledge with everyone who was there. This was something that was way out of my comfort zone. However, I always tell my team to stop letting fear hold them back so I knew that I had to lead by example and do the same. When I did, I found a new passion within myself. I actually loved being on stage and sharing with others because I knew it was going to help them grow. There’s nothing that excites me more than seeing others succeed!

The best thing about this business is that everyone can be very, very successful. To do that, however, we have to continue teaching each other what we learn along the way and that’s exactly what all these amazing leaders did who shared at these events. I’ve heard so much great feedback from Market Partners who attended. Their confidence is up, they learned how to lead, they began to dream BIGGER and realize what is possible for their future—thanks to Sr. Luis Urdaneta—and ultimately left with so much excitement that they were ready to conquer the world, one bottle of shampoo at a time!

Some of the top tips that I shared at the Regional Events that I think you’ll find valuable are:

  • Your time is valuable. Learn to meet people halfway and match their efforts. If someone is coachable, is engaging with you, and doing the steps necessary to grow their business, work very closely with them. These are the people with whom you should invest your time. If someone isn’t returning your calls or isn’t doing the necessary steps to grow their business, don’t continue to invest your time with them; you will burn yourself out. They know that they can come to you if they need help, so let them go for now. Focus on those who are willing to work and on finding new Market Partners to work with instead.
  • On-boarding and duplication is key to your business. When you bring on a new Market Partner, it’s so important to get them started right away and walk alongside them. The new Jump Start workbook that will be available soon is a key element to this process. Walk through that guide with new Market Partners so you can help them set goals, create their contact list, reach out to those contacts and begin earning their fast start bonuses and rank advancing right away. When you walk through this with them, you’re also teaching by doing. They’ll then know what to do when they bring on a new Market Partner and that is where duplication occurs.
  • Always remember to lead by example. You can’t expect your team to do things if you’re not willing to do the same. It’s so important to do the do and your team will follow.
  • Lastly, don’t compare yourself to others. This is your journey, and everyone’s journey is going to look different. Live it, embrace it, enjoy it and keep on going because the only way to fail is if you give up. You cannot fail if you keep going and make the decision to succeed.

I hope you all have an amazing month and achieve big things! Happy May!

Those Little Moments That Made Things Change For Me

The Spring Forward! Regional Events are almost here! Senior Executive Director Jewely Stephens is a huge believer in events, and the power they have to transform your business. Follow her lead. Be at regionals this month!

I remember a time when I hit a wall in my business. I needed that take-off, I needed that extra bit to make ends meet. Going to events just like the Spring Forward! Regionals is exactly what helped me to make that change.

I remember sitting in the back of the room thinking how BAD I wanted it.... how BAD I needed it! So many times someone would be standing up front on stage, saying something that blew my mind, broke down my wall, and turned on a lightbulb.

When you go to these events, you pick up one or two things that completely transform your business. Every time I sit in that room to hear inspiring testimonies, or simple activities shared by others who were in MY shoes, it makes me that much better.

I can say I have not missed any of the events that MONAT has put on for us in the U.S., and because of that, and because of those little moments that made things change for me, I was able to accomplish my goals and break down those barriers! It gave me direction!! It gave me hope! It gave me the mindset of "Why NOT ME!?"

To construct a house you need material and tools. You can get that at regionals! The labor is sold separate, but the floor plan is there. Do NOT miss this event. It's worth the dollar you have to spend to be there. It will be paid back to you plentiful—if you apply those nuggets you will ONLY GET at the MONAT Spring Forward! Regional Events.

See the Vision

Why attend a Spring Forward! Regional Event? Kat Geertsen can tell you. As the only Managing Market Mentor in Canada, she knows how to build for success and understands the role events play in that. Read why she can’t wait to be in Calgary.

I am seriously so excited to get my butt to Calgary to attend Spring Forward! Regionals!

Every time I am at a MONAT event, big or small, I leave feeling as though I can take on the world! For example, on the way home from Orlando, I spent my entire five-hour flight reaching out and talking to people about the opportunity. This led to huge momentum for me and my team in the month of February.

I can honestly say that going to MONAT events and being surrounded by so many like-minded people really helps me see my own vision even more clearly. These events help me truly understand what I want and what it takes to get there! If you need a boost of energy, if you need a recharge, if you need a reminder of why you got involved with MONAT, attend a regional event! I promise it can make a big difference for you.

At the Regional Events, you are going to meet people who have achieved the kind of success at MONAT you want for yourself. You will be able to pick their brains and learn their tips, and that’s really priceless! Now what are you waiting for? Register!!!

I wish I could be at all three Regionals!

There are many great reasons why MONAT Market Partners should be at a Spring Forward! Regional Event. This much is clear: If top Field Leaders like Senior Executive Director Anne Fisher make attending a priority, Market Partners at all levels should as well.

I was blessed enough to go to the MONAT Launch, at the very beginning. I was blown away at the time, effort and financial investment that MONAT dedicated to that! These events are for us, the Market Partners. Since the beginning, I have always committed to myself that it was necessary to be at any and ALL events that I could make it to. From Convention, to Regionals and leadership summit and everything in between, it is paramount to growing not only my business, but ME.

I have been in this industry a long time and I am always amazed at how much effort this company puts into helping us be as successful as possible. There are so many reasons why these events are critical to our growth. First, where else can you go to tap into more than 100 years of expertise in the industry that MONAT has in their corporate and executive team? From Sr. Luis, Rayner, and Stuart to the talented Regional Sales Managers, and others on the Corporate team.

When I return home after an event like this, I can barely sleep! I get so excited to implement what I have learned into my daily business. And I will say this: My business ALWAYS has increased and I have seen it with my team as well. In fact, statistics show that the average business grows by 20% after attending these type of events. Why wouldn't you want that for you, and for your team?

I have also found that there is SO much to learn from my fellow leaders and Market Partners in the field. We share ideas, compare notes on what is working, and just have fun sharing a common goal. I have formed life-long friendships with people who would never have been in my life if not for MONAT and the events that brought us together. I love being a part of the MONAT family, and LOVE when these events come around so I can be with them again.

I plan to attend two of the three Spring Forward! Regionals. I wish I could be at all three! We will hear from top leaders in the field who are out there doing the do...SO excited about this. Each person brings something unique to the table and I get to learn from them! How cool is that? If I could offer any advice to all of you: GET to at least one of these events. You will not regret it. It's only $40, guests are FREE and you will grow yourself and your business by attending.

I hope to see you all there!

Why Regional Events Matter

There are many great reasons why MONAT Market Partners should be at a Spring Forward! Regional Event. This much is clear: If top Field Leaders like Senior Executive Director Toni Vanschoyck make attending a priority, Market Partners at all levels should as well.

I am really looking forward to our Spring Forward! Regionals. Events like these are a big deal. It is so important to stay connected with other Market Partners and Home Office. The best investment you can make is in yourself, and Regionals are a great place to learn new skills and expand your knowledge.


You will hear and learn from your top leaders, the amazing Home Office staff, and of course Ray, Sr. Luis, and Stuart, who are wonderful speakers and teachers. I have learned so much from our past events and these Regional Events will prove invaluable!


You will also learn key points to fuel your business, your personal development, and how to grow, teach and coach your teams. Also, the people you meet and the relationships you develop will be lifelong! Statistically speaking, “those that show up, go up.” There is proof in that saying! I really believe attending a regional will grow your paycheck*. Mentor with other leaders, meet and plug into your teams, and learn, learn, learn! That’s what regionals are all about!

*MONAT makes no guarantees that attending a regional event will result in increased compensation. All earnings are based on product sales.