Show Me How To Do That

Some years ago, my now 12-year-old daughter asked me to show her how to tie shoes. So we sat on the stairs and I demonstrated the looping process a few times. It wasn’t long before she got the hang of it.

Afterwards, as one who does a lot of writing, I thought how much harder it would be to tell a child how to do that instead of showing it:

Take one end of the lace in your right hand and the other end in your left. Cross one around the other and pull tight. Now, with the end in your right hand, make a loop close to the shoe; the end of the lace should be at the bottom of the loop. Pinch it together with your fingers. Then, take the other end around the loop. Wait, is the shoe on your foot?
Showing someone how to do something is so much easier than telling! As a Market Partner, it’s much more effective for you to show a new Market Partner how to do something than just telling. Don’t forget, even before a Market Partner joins your team, you are demonstrating best practices in how you sample, host meetings, follow up, invite, and more.

True, the new Market Partner probably doesn’t realize you are “modeling” the right behaviors (and you might not either!). But once they’ve joined your team, they will pay you a big compliment by asking for your help. When they ask, “how do I host a MONAT meeting,” or “how do I share samples,” you have a ready response: “Remember how I did it? It’s easy—I’ll show you.”

In that sense, you are always “on stage”—you are always showing someone how it’s done. This shouldn’t worry you. It’s not about perfection; it’s about doing the best you can. On an even higher level, showing (and sharing) your passion for MONAT is the most fundamental aspect of attracting others to you. When you demonstrate a genuine love for our products and opportunity, you’re showing what is good and great about MONAT. Show it!

Jason Russell
Director of Communications

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