Believe in the empowerment

Instructive insights can be found almost anywhere, if your mind is open to them. For example, the recurrent theme of the Pixar film Ratatouille is “anyone can cook.” I have also seen how “anyone can be an entrepreneur”—especially when a company like MONAT makes it so easy to start something.

Take another animated classic (loosely defined): Kung Fu Panda—the original, from 2008.

Jack Black is the voice of Po, a good-sized, kung fu-obsessed panda who, through fate, is designated the Dragon Warrior. He has been chosen to protect the Valley of Peace from Tai Lung. As the Dragon Warrior, he is entitled to read the Dragon Scroll, which is supposed to reveal the secrets of the universe to aid the warrior in his fight.

Eventually, when he has proven himself worthy, Po is given the Dragon Scroll, which turns out to be blank. It does not share any secrets of the universe! Fearing the worst—that Po and others will be unable to defeat Tai Lung—Po’s master orders the valley evacuated. Po returns to his father, who runs a noodle restaurant. At this point, Po’s father tells him the secret ingredient to his famous “secret ingredient soup” is...nothing. He explains that something becomes special if people truly believe that it is. With sudden realization, Po looks at the scroll again and sees his reflection. He realizes what the “secret” is, and changes course to confront Tai Lung.

There is a connection! The only secret ingredient to success at MONAT is believing—believing that you, this opportunity, our products, and what we are doing are special. We don’t do ordinary at MONAT. Only the extraordinary for us!

In the abstract, shampoo and conditioner can be really boring, right? You can find them everywhere. When you can offer exclusive products that have real benefits and help people feel better about themselves, that’s a special thing to be a part of!

When you believe in the empowerment and life-changing income that is possible at MONAT, you’ll embrace this special opportunity and do more to share it with others.

Jason Russell
Director of Communications
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