In Attendees’ Words!

MONATions is an annual conference unlike any other. For some inexplicable reason, it touches people to the core. Whether it’s the networking and team building, motivation and inspiration, training and company updates, or surprises, theme party and more, it reaches into the soul of everyone who attends.
So say the Market Partners who achieved Director in 2016 when we asked about their MONATions experiences (read Part 1 here).
“Something deep within happens when we attend events like MONATions,”
“After last year’s event, I planted my roots and that foundation was strong! This is vitally important. Having such a stalwart foundation creates waves and momentum to help you achieve your goals and dreams and give you a platform to build on! I have 21 team members in my downline attending with me this year and I am so excited! Also, an MP and I held a drawing this month for a MONATions ticket. I set goals on how to get entered into the drawing and it's not only getting my team entered but helping to grow their business. What can I say? MONATions really is the best!’

Jessica Schone,
Associate Director.

Other Directors have similar great things to say about MONATions and how it really helps their business grow more than they thought possible.
“By attending MONATions and making sure those who wanted to build their business alongside me attended Monations made a huge impact on all of us,”
“When you are a part of MONATions you get to meet and align yourself with motivated people to learn from, which is a huge inspiration. I find attending MONATions helps me set my focus, dreams and intentions to even higher levels than before. It has helped me and my team move forward and lead an amazing group that is attracting focused, driven leaders and a many, many happy customers. I can’t wait to see how MONATions 2017 will ‘Drive’ us throughout the 2017!”

Amy Lazare,
Associate Executive Director.

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