MONAT donates to Susan G. Komen

Miami, FL – November 11th, 2014 – In support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, MONAT® Global presented a challenge through its Facebook page the last week of October -the company’s official launching month- inviting its community of Market Partners to share a post on their social media, which announced that MONAT would make a donation of $5 to a breast cancer research organization for each “Share”. In just four days –from October 27th to 31st– MONAT counted 441 Shares, which translated into $2,205; the company rounded up the amount to $2,500 and donated the money to the Susan G. Komen® Breast Cancer Foundation.

“Supporting Susan G. Komen as our company’s first charitable effort is very special to us”, expressed Rayner Urdaneta, CEO of MONAT, “as this organization’s outstanding research, educational, and community health initiatives have had an immense impact in the lives of millions of individuals in the U.S. and abroad.” Mr. Urdaneta pointed out that this is a cause dear to their hearts, as they have close loved ones who struggled and survived the disease, including two of their executive team members.

According to Susan G. Komen®, it is estimated that in 2014 there will be 232,670 new cases of invasive breast cancer among U.S. women and 2,360 among U.S. men. Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among Hispanic women in the U.S.

Jillian Corley, Vice President of Marketing for MONAT, explained that it was only natural for the company to partner with an entity that not only works towards finding a cure for breast cancer, but also understands the side effects the disease has on their overall health, including their hair. “MONAT proudly offers safe, naturally-based hair care products that are actually focused on hair strengthening and re-growth”, she said. “Although many might believe that hair is a superficial aspect of beauty, it can actually play an important role in our self-esteem and confidence.”

MONAT addresses external stressors from the environment, weather and exposure to pollutants, as well as the body chemistry that affects hair health and growth. Every MONAT product contains Rejuveniqe™ Oil Intensive, its signature formula that blends key ingredient Abyssinian Oil with 10+ additional all-natural oils that work in harmony to promote hair growth, improve follicle strength, and add luster and vitality. MONAT also incorporates three potent ingredients that promote hair thickening and prevent aging effects on the hair: Capixyl™ (with Red Clover Extract), Procataline™ (with Pea Extract), and Crodasorb™ (UV Absorber).

“We feel honored to be able to partner with Susan G. Komen and look forward to participating with the organization in the future as our MONAT community continues to grow”, concluded MONAT’s President, Stuart MacMillan.


About MONAT® Global

MONAT Global is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alcora Corp., whose holdings include L’EUDINE Global, an established Direct Selling company specializing in premium beauty and wellness products throughout the US and Latin America and B&R Products, their research, development and manufacturing Laboratory subsidiary. All three companies are headquartered in and around Miami, Florida. MONAT was founded in 2014 to enter the multi-billion dollar hair care market and provides ground-breaking opportunities through a novel Social Marketing approach to Direct Sales. The company offers a unique and exciting business model and one of the most generous compensation plans in the U.S. market. MONAT holds its own signature formula, Rejuveniqe™ Oil Intensive. This revolutionary product combines the perfect blend of rare, distinctive oils from different countries around the world, conceived and produced using the latest scientific technologies and clinically proven proprietary ingredients. This carefully crafted collaboration of science and nature allows MONAT to provide an unparalleled and unique age prevention hair and skin care experience. In-depth information about MONAT and its product lines will be available at on October 1st 2014.

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