It’s Nearing The End Of Summer And Your Hair Is Already A Mess. What To Do?

It’s the beginning of August and already your hair is burnt out from summer fun. Too much hot sun, chlorine, salt water, humidity and air conditioning have dried your hair out and turned it into a giant frizz ball. You’ve been pulling hair treatment products off the shelf based on their pictures but none are really working. Honestly, you need some help.
Not to worry! We’ve got the help you need. First, you have to figure out exactly what is wrong with your hair. Then pick the right product to match it. Does your hair need moisture? Or does it need hydration? While there is a difference between the two, you need both!


What’s the Difference Between Moisture and Hydration?
The scalp produces its own natural oil that protects your hair from damage and water loss. If you are prone to having dry hair, that’s a tell-tale sign that your hair isn’t getting enough natural oil to form a protective barrier, making it impossible to lock in water. As a result, hair looks and feels dry, coarse and brittle. Dry hair lacks oil and needs to be moisturized or “lubricated.”
Hydration, on the other hand, refers to the amount of water within the skin and hair. When hair becomes dehydrated, it becomes thirsty and looks parched, lifeless and dull. Dehydrated hair lacks water. So it needs to be treated with products that are formulated with ingredients that literally quench the hair’s thirst by increasing its water content.


Your Guide to Hair Treatments
So here’s a guide, detailed by what shape your hair is in, to getting just the right treatment!


Is your hair dull, lifeless, thirsty and/or parched?
The Heavenly Hydrating Masque is specially formulated for this type of hair, which needs intense hydration from roots to tips, inside and out, to look and feel its healthy best. The cool thing about the Heavenly Hydrating Masque is that it’s clinically proven to deliver intensive hydration that lasts 72 hours due to the innovative technologies used in its formulary – REJUVENIQE S™, PatcH20™, ceramides and a blend of active ingredients. REJUVENIQE S is MONAT’s newest exclusive, proprietary ingredient, clinically proven to deliver a real power boost of hydration by improving hyaluronic acid expression to hydrate the hair, as well as PatcH20 to maintain long-lasting hydration results throughout the day. It’s for all hair types, including oily.


Is your hair slightly damaged and dry?
Then you want Replenish Masque. It’s formulated with REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive. This masque helps strengthen weak, damaged hair strands as well as conditioning the hair by delivering light hydration and moisturization to the hair and scalp. It helps minimize frizz and split ends.


Is your hair simply slightly dry?
Go for the Super Moisture Masque which provides a light nourishing moisture treatment. It is formulated with REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive and an Amino Acid Complex that infuses hair with natural lubricating oils, minerals, and vitamins. This masque conditions with the proper moisture balance to combat dry, brittle strands.
So, with this guide, you’re on your way to restored, happy, healthy hair! Enjoy August looking beautiful!


Changing your hair colour to a “non-normal” colour can be really fun and get you out of a rut. If your job permits, we say go for it! Hair has been turning different colours for years now and trends come and go. The hot colour now is blackberry! It’s blowing up Pinterest! Blackberry (nee purple) is fun because there are myriad colour schemes to it. but there are so many ways to make it more wearable and even natural-looking. Just take a look at what’s going on!
Image Source:
Go Low On the Light Side
Hit the lighter side of the spectrum and you’ve got a wowsy colour! Not quite purple, not quite berry but something more magical. Be sure to take excellent care of your dyed hair and finish it off with Restore Leave-In Conditioner to keep it silky, youthful and supple.
Image Source:
Mix and Match
If you’re a dark brunette, go multi-tone and weave in various shades of blackberry with your darker shade to give a truly dramatic effect! Don’t forget to nourish it with Smoothing Deep Conditioner.
Image Source:
Go For It!
If you really want to max it out, go for bright! You’ll definitely stand out anywhere! And who doesn’t want to be looked at? Keep your hair in perfect shape with REJUVABEADS™, a revolutionary formula that heals split ends and other damaged areas along the hair shaft.

*Independent testing has demonstrated that application of the product resulted in 100% repairs of split ends 3mm long and under.

Image Source:
Rock It with True Blackberry!
Soak up the richness of true blackberry and see how rich your hair will look. When it mixes with the variations in your own hair colour, you’ll get hues deep and colourful. Make sure to use a masque like Heavenly Hydrating Masque once a week to keep your hair in brilliant shape and full of shine!

It’s HOTT! Ponytails That Are Far From Basic!

It’s July and it’s hot. You want your hair off your face but you’re just sick and tired of the plain old ponytails. Well, hold on horsey! There are scads of different types of ponytails that are fun, wild or sexy. Here are a few of our favourites. Get ready for your eyes to pop out!
Image Source:
The Double Ring
This requires a ring and a hair piece but so what? You can get both of them cheap. To make this statement ponytail extra fun, make the bottom part of it be a different colour! Be sure to use some Restyle Instant Sculpting Taffy Restyle Instant Sculpting Taffy to keep all your strands in place.
Image Source:
Bubble Ponytail
Here’s a funky throwback look from the 80s. Simply segment the tail with hair elastics throughout the length. It’s easy, unique and honestly, quite ingenious. And will definitely keep your face clear of wispy hairs. Keep it shiny with Smoothing Deep Conditioner!
Image Source:
Sleek and Sexy
Nothing says dramatic like this one. You can wear it in the day with a sundress to night with a slinky slipdress! All it requires is a wrap of your own hair around the first tie and then a tiny elastic a few inches down, pulling out the hair in-between with a rat tail comb. Using a product like MONAT BLACK Groom Styling clay will keep the top part in immaculate place.
Image Source:
Casual to the Max
This couldn’t be easier. Loosely pull your hair into the grip high up on your scalp and then pull out strands so they hand loosely around your head. And to keep it up high, a little Reshape Root Lifter will keep it that way. Top it off with Refinish Control Hairspray to make sure the look stays carefully casual.
Image Source:
Totally Outrageous
We would never suggest you wear your hair this way unless you were walking down the runway in Milan. But it’s just too much fun not to show. And also way too complicated to put together on a hot sunny July day. But isn’t it the bomb?

Saving Your Dehydrated Hair!

Summer includes overexposure to the sun and swimming in salt water or chlorinated pools, all of which can dehydrate your hair. Plus the humidity can really do a number on your frizz factor. But you don’t want to walk around in a cute sundress with a bowl of dried out fizzy curls on the top of your head. So focus on your hair as much as you focus on sunscreen!
We hear so much about hydrating our hair. But what is the difference between hydrating the hair and moisturizing hair? Because there is a difference! You can tell when hair is dehydrated because then it’s porous: it puffs up in humid weather, gets frizzy and looks dull.
Hydrating the hair is the process of using humectants, proteins, amino acids and critical vitamins that penetrate the hair fiber, infusing and improving the absorption of water and nutrients so that the hair holds and retains moisture.
On the other hand, moisturizing the hair is the process of using butters and oils to coat the outer surface of the hair fiber, sealing and locking down the hair shaft so moisture cannot get in or out of the fiber.
So what does this mean for your current hair regimen?
If your hair always feels dry, brittle or rough, and your products aren’t working, the problem may be hydration levels in your hair. Here’s are you can tell if hydration is your problem and some tips to get your hair back to feeling soft and shiny.


Does your hair feel dry even after you shampoo and condition?
This is one of the easiest signs that your hair may be lacking hydration. When hair is extremely dry and dehydrated, it will have a difficult time absorbing water during a normal shampoo and condition process. This is the time to use a product like Double Action Hydrating Serum to restore hair to its soft, buttery state. Double Action Hydrating Serum combines long-lasting hydration with body-building ingredients to restore hair vibrancy, bounce and shine. Fueled by hyaluronic acid-based technology and body-building Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5), this high performance, intensive leave-in treatment is supercharged with the most powerful and highest concentrated assortment of active ingredients effective for restoring smoothness, elasticity and manageability while protecting the hair from further moisture loss.


Is your hair able to retain moisture with products?
When it comes to hydrating and moisturizing natural hair, aside from water, we look towards moisturizers to help us reach maximum hydration levels. Really great moisturizers that are full of nourishing ingredients like Heavenly Hydrating Masque quench moisture-starved hair in a heavenly hydrating cloud for improved vibrancy, shine and manageability. Supplying an immediate moisture surge from roots to tips, this ultra-hydrating powerhouse promotes lustrous, healthy-looking hair–full of bounce, body and shine.


Do your ends need some TLC?
Take some time to focus on the mid-shaft and ends of your hair. Apply a product like REJUVABEADS™. This product temporarily mends broken ends by sealing them together like glue. It also targets damaged areas along the hair shaft. Your hair will never look so healthy. REJUVABEADS™ does this through proprietary nano-encapsulation of MONAT’s exclusive REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive in microscopic particles (1/100th the width of a human hair) that penetrate the hair’s damaged shaft and ends and provide healing for stronger, healthier and more resilient hair.

*Independent testing has demonstrated that application of the product resulted in a 100% repair of split ends 3mm long and under.


IT Girl Hairstyles For The Summer!

Check out these trés cool hairstyles, perfect for the summer months. We love them all!
Image Source: @justinemarjan
Half up, Half down On Medium Hair
Half up, half down styles are so the rage right now. It gets a whole new look when done on medium length hair. Toss your head and let it flip!
Image Source: @maneaddicts
The Wet Look
The wet look is being seen everywhere. Don’t miss out wearing this oh so fab style! It’s summery and exotic at the same time!
Image Source: @justinemarjan
Accessorize with Bobby Pins
Using rhinestone studded bobby pins in a criss cross fashion is the perfect accessory. Add a cute little doggie on your shoulder and you’ve got the perfect look!
Stay up to date on the latest trends! Follow us @MONATofficial.

Keep Your Skin And Hair Nourished During The Dry Summer Months!

Our favorite parts of summer might be the warm weather and sunshine but too much sun and heat can zap skin and hair of their natural moisture. To keep your skin glowing and vibrant when the temperatures soar, you’ll need to take extra precautions to protect your skin from dehydration. The combination of the sun, heat, extra sweating, exposure to sand and surf and chlorine from the pool can take a real toll on your skin and hair.
To prepare for summer and keep hair and skin radiant and healthy, here are seven tips for the summer months to keep your skin radiant and your hair glossy.
TIP #1: Shower or bathe in warm water
Hot water zaps moisture from your skin, so always shower or bathe in warm water. And only bathe once a day because too much time spent in the shower or tub can rob your skin of moisture. You should also avoid the hot tub because the hot water and chemicals are torture on your skin.


TIP #2: Use an oil after the sun for hydration
Oil? Yes, oil! A non-greasy, lightweight hydrating oil will act as a barrier to pollutants, bacteria and soothe sunburn. In fact, REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive provides healthy, enriching benefits for the skin and hair. It comes with a high concentration of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that help lubricate, protect and hold in moisture. REJUVENIQE is super-nourishing so on the skin it combats flakes, dehydration and the dried-out sebum that clogs pores. When applied to the hair, REJUVENIQE reduces hair thinning and adds incredible volume with long-lasting shine, all without the damaging effects of silicone.
REJUVENIQE blends 13 significantly potent botanical oils from around the world that serve to enhance the effectiveness of its Abyssinian oil. These botanicals also provide additional vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, beta-carotene, omega 3 fatty acids, nutrients and amino acids. When specially blended together, their effectiveness is maximized and they produce unprecedented immediate as well as long-term results.
REJUVENIQE mimics the body’s own natural oils, allowing for faster, deeper, and more complete absorption without leaving any greasiness, only smooth and supple skin. It moisturizes and provides significant improvement to the skin’s tone and texture.


Also take advantage of nighttime, which is repair time. While you’re sleeping, your skin, hair and body work to right the wrongs of the day. So why not treat dry summer skin and hair before turning in? Apply some REJUVENIQE to the mid lengths and ends of your hair on the nights before you shampoo. This is a very effective and hydrating overnight hair treatment! And make sure to put a coal of oil on your face and décolleté too!


TIP #3: Always apply moisturizing lotion and oil after bathing, every time after you wash your hands and throughout the day as needed
The goal is not only to add moisture to your skin but to lock moisture in to keep your skin from drying out. When your skin is red, scaly or feels tight or itchy, you should apply moisturizer. Extra attention should be given to your face, hands, elbows and knees, and don’t forget to moisturize your feet as well.


TIP #4: Be wary of excessive time spent in air conditioning
Think heaters are the only artificial air source that can visibly dry out your skin? Think again. Air conditioners can suck the moisture and humidity out of the air, which may lead to dry-looking skin in the summer. If you can’t avoid them, like at the office for instance, don’t quit your day job! Just make sure to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day to help keep skin hydrated.
TIP #5: Exfoliate weekly
Slough away dead skin cells from skin’s surface once a week with a gentle exfoliator to help smooth the appearance of skin. This will help give the appearance of a refreshed complexion. But be careful not to over-exfoliate. You don’t want to dry your skin out even more. Start by exfoliating as instructed on the product label and go from there.
TIP #6: Lather on SPF
By now, you should already know how important it is to wear water-resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher each and every day. When temperatures begin to rise in the summer and you’re spending more time outdoors, lather on SPF religiously and take other sun protection measures, like seeking shade when possible indoors or under a covered awning or umbrella, as well as wearing protective clothing and avoiding peak sun hours (between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.) when the rays are most powerful, to help protect your surface skin and hair.
But it’s not enough to just apply sunscreen once. You have to continue to reapply it as the day goes on—at least every two hours—to help keep skin protected against damage on the surface of your skin that may be caused by UV rays.


TIP #7: Drink plenty of water to stay well hydrated
There are many summer activities that have us outside for extended periods. With warmer temperatures, you need to consider the additional water your body loses. If you don’t replace the water you lose, you will become dehydrated. Children and older adults are especially at risk for becoming dehydrated due to the way their body responds to hot temperatures.
Make it a habit to carry a bottle of water with you at all times. Find a way, such as setting an alarm on your phone, to remind you to drink your water regularly. Eating fruits, vegetables and drinking milk are also healthy ways to get more water!
Relief for dry skin and hair really isn’t difficult at all as long as you are prepared and take steps to protect yourself ahead of time. With a little extra care, you’ll be able to enjoy healthy, sun-kissed skin and hair all summer long.

Shoulder Length Hair Is Anything But Dull!

Medium hair may be considered “safe” by some and of course it’ll never stand out like a buzz cut or as amazing as waist-length hair, but you can still have a lot of fun at the mid-length level. Medium hairstyles are definitely the most versatile ones and timelessly chic. To take advantage of all the potential of this length, a willingness to experiment is a must. Maybe it’s time to snag some style inspo and transform those medium-length locks into a fresh new signature ‘do. Look at some of these styles and you will be absolutely ready to make a splash at any party or in any other setting you choose!
Image Source:
V-cut Layers Give a Sophisticated Yet Easy Edge
Go for a smooth look. Angled, v-cut layers look great when styled straight. This will also make your cut incredibly low-maintenance. Keep this do in place with Refinish Control Hairspray to help define layers.
Image Source:
Rounded A-Line Lob Is Always In Style
This is a super polished hair cut for medium length hair. Keep the sections of your hair that are closest to your face longer than the rest of a nice angled but softened shape. You also can cut long side bangs to frame your face if you want. Make blow drying a breeze with Blow Out Cream, designed to give you a blow out that lasts without weighing your hair down. Plus it’s silicone-free!
Image Source:
Medium Shag Hairstyle Is Fun, Fun, Fun
Shag cuts work well for medium length hair, with the layers in just the right places. This do also suits women who want their hair to look somewhat professional and don’t like too short cuts. To keep the piece-y look, use Restyle Instant Sculpting Taffy. It’ll keep your hair exactly where you want it.
Image Source:
The Layered Do Is Both Cute and Sexy
Layers can be a lot of fun and give you tons of options. One is to cut at least three different levels of layers and use a curling iron to get the perfect windswept style. Add bangs for a youthful boost! Tousled Texturizing Mist will help define these layers and add some volume.

Trendy Braided Hairstyles To Try This Summer!

Braided hairstyles have been around since the dawn of time…and it’s clear they’re not going anywhere, like, ever. Braids are chic, sometimes simple, and a commitment-free way to change up your style — or even just look put together when you don’t have time to wash your hair.
Check out our round-up of our favourite plaited hairstyle, which can work from festival season to a glamourous dinner date. We’ve even got a braided look for short hair!
Image Source:
Why have two braids running along the side when you can combine them as one giant basket braid in the back? Cheat by leaving a length of hair down the centre, then just braid the two side braids together for spectacular style that works day to night! To give your hair some volume as you plait, spray on THE CHAMP™ Conditioning Dry Shampoo.
Image Source:
An angled waterfall braid is a super braid for any occasion. Make sure you bring a clear hair elastic on your finger to secure the braid on the go. Top it off with a light spray of Tousled Texturizing Mist to keep it casually in place.
Image Source:
Want some extra flair? Go for a side braid with ribbon! Apply a quarter-size dollop of Moxie Magnifying Mousse to dry hair for a thicker braid, then gather it into a side pony. Add ribbons to the base and loosely braid together! Bye-bye basic braid!
Image Source:
Make that Tim Horton’s run a bit more chic with this hip side style. Start right above your ear and create a Dutch braid. (All you have to do is thread the sections under instead of over, like you do on a French braid.) When you’ve reached the end of your hair, pin the braid behind your loose hair and finish with a spritz of Refinish Control Hairspray!
Image Source:
Who doesn’t love a French braid, especially one with some extra flair? Braid your hair as normal, secure it with a hair band and then wrap it around into a bun, pinning it up with clear bobby pins. Add fullness and height as you braid with Reshape Root Lifter!
Image Source:
Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you can’t have a braid! Start your braid from a center part and stop right behind your ears. Tuck it in with a clear pin and make sure it stays by using some Restyle Instant Sculpting Taffy as you make your braid.

The #1 Thing Your Hairstylist Wished You’d Stop Doing!

It might seem to you that everyone is staring at your split ends but take a breath and chill. No one is oogling those wisps of your split hair. They’re natural and everyone has them at some point. Just don’t pick at them! It’s the worst thing you could do to your hair.
Why? When you pull a strand of hair in two, you cause irreversible damage to the length of the hair shaft by damaging the cuticle and the core, which is what makes your hair strong. In most cases, this will lead to your hair eventually breaking off, resulting in uneven, thin ends. Once this damage has been done, your hair strand becomes weak and eventually breaks off.
If you’re trying to grow your hair or keep it long, you’re really doing double-duty damage. Pulling strands makes you end up with long lengths of locks that have been thinned out due to pulling the split end apart. This thinned out hair shaft is way more prone to tangle. Then what happens? It breaks off, leaving you with shorter tresses.
In severe cases, a split end that is picked and splits all the way to your scalp can even damage your hair follicle. And no one wants that!
Think of having a loose thread in your sweater. Once you pull at the thread, it keeps unravelling and ultimately ruins the sweater. Same thing with your hair so keep your fingers off your ends!
What to do?


First, when you’re done rinsing your hair in the shower, finish by running cold water over your hair. This will seal the hair and hold in moisture, keeping your strands healthier.
Try a split end repair cream. The popular REJUVABEADS® has been shown by independent testing to result in a 100% repair of split ends 3mm long and under within one minute following application. This ultra-unique product selectively targets and heals split ends and other damaged or stressed areas along the hair shaft, eliminating breakage and frizz, decreasing friction, increasing shine and helping improve colour.* Wow! You can’t beat that!


Image Source:
Watch your hair ties. The wrong ones with too much rubber can lead to split ends. If wearing your hair down isn’t an option, try using softer hair ties that won’t be so rough on your strands.


Also, when styling your hair, be sure to avoid any product with a high alcohol content as this will work to dry out your split ends rather than hydrate them. Try Tousled Texturizing Mist, Restyle Instant Sculpting Taffy or Refinish Control Hairspray, all made without harmful ingredients, and you’ll be on your way to a perfectly shiny, glossy do!

*Independent testing has demonstrated that REJUVABEADS resulted in a 100% repair of split ends 3mm long and under within one minute following application.

From Parched Hair To Perfect Hair!

If only good hair days actually happened more often! They can, with the right regimen. But if your hair is parched, it can take the life out of the coolest styles. Fear not. We have an action plan that can bring even the thirstiest, most brittle strands back to life.
Start with the basics. Swap out your go-to shampoo for one with added moisturizing and nourishing benefits, keeping an eye out for naturally based ingredients and one that is free of sulfates and other toxic ingredients. Try Renew Shampoo, a gentle, hydrating cleanser that penetrates and moisturizes the scalp.
Wash your hair less. Washing your hair too frequently can strip it of its essential oils. Oils are your friends. They prevent further dryness and can help to make your strands happy again. If you are worried about your hair becoming greasy in between shampoo sessions, a dry shampoo like THE CHAMP™ Conditioning Dry Shampoo is a great way to remedy the problem without washing your hair.


Use a good conditioner each time you shampoo. Look for one made with nourishing natural oils and free of silicones. If your hair is extremely dry, you might want to consider a leave-in conditioner like Restore Leave-In Conditioner. This will protect your hair from drying out during the day, helping it stay shiny and manageable. Leave-in conditioners should be applied to shampooed, towel-dried hair. Using a towel, squeeze excess water out of your hair and apply your leave-in conditioner from scalp to ends. You may want to apply a little extra if your hair seems to feel drier mid-shaft to ends.
Handle your hair gently when you wash and dry it. If you have dry hair, that means you have fragile hair. Handling it roughly will cause your ends to split and could even lead to breakage. When hair is in a fragile wet condition, its tensile strength is enhanced and therefore it is more delicate. Pulling and tugging it in this state only encourages breakage. When you shampoo your hair, use the tips of your fingers to gently pull the shampoo through your hair instead of roughly scrubbing it in. Rinse your hair using cool or lukewarm water; hot water is extra damaging to dry hair. When you’re done, gently squeeze excess water from your hair instead of twisting and wringing it out. Pat it dry with a towel or better yet, a soft t-shirt that won’t rough up the cuticle.
Invest in an intensive hydrating treatment to put the moisture back into your hair. Replenish Masque is a repairing and hydrating masque ideal for damaged or parched strands. This formula infuses essential moisture and delivers vital nutrients to eliminate frizz and stop split ends in their tracks.
It’s best to use hair treatments in between shampooing and conditioning. That’s because the shampoo initially roughs up the cuticles of the hair, releasing the dirt from the hair shaft. This then leaves the hair shaft open, ready to absorb masque and allow the nourishing ingredients to penetrate deeper into the hair. Your conditioner then slicks the cuticles of your hair back down.


Let your hair air dry. Are you addicted to your hair dryer? Beat the heat, put it down and let your hair dry on its own. A blowout might make your hair look shiny but the heat is damaging and over time will cause breakage and split ends. Air Dry Cream, a light, airy cream for heatless, effortless styling will give you the texture you want and frizz-free results naturally.
If you just have to blow dry…air dry your hair 70 percent and then finish with a blowdryer. This is the secret to silky, soft volume, not flat-o-lah or frizzed-out locks. A common goof is blowdrying hair halfway and then letting it air dry. But that’s how you get frizz. Another mistake is blowdrying sopping wet hair till it’s parched, which zaps all its body and leaves it flat. When you just have to style your hair with a dryer (which should be done only on special occasions), use the warm or cool setting on your dryer, and keep it at least six inches from your head. To protect your hair, use silicone free Blow Out Cream, which contains Dermofeel Sonsolv®, a natural silicone alternative that is 100% natural in origin. Blow Out Cream reduces styling time (less time under the dryer!) while restoring softness and shine.


Look at oil as your multi-tasking elixir. Take care of your hair every day with REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive. An invigorating blend of 13+ natural plant and essential oils rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants and nutrients highly compatible with the skin and hair. This unique, proprietary formula helps repair and protect against oxidative stress and adds body. As a result, the hair looks instantly healthier with long-lasting shine. It’s the perfect foundation for all hair care and styling.
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