July 11, 2017



Solutions That Solve

Yes, most of us know that losing 100 strands of hair a day is normal and no cause for alarm. But there are other things we do to our hair regularly that are bound to break our precious strands.


You Go Crazy with the Towel

Towels are too rough for fragile strands and only should be rubbed on your body! After washing your hair, use a microfiber towel or old t-shirt instead to gently squeeze and blot your hair. You’ll soak up the wetness without breaking your locks.

You Think Heat Is Your Best Friend

Hairdryers and flat irons that are too hot are your hair’s enemies. Let your hair air dry about 70 to 80 percent of the way. Then use your blow dryer on the coolest setting to finish drying your hair completely. If you must use a flat or curling iron, always apply a heat protectant first and use the tools at a low temperature.

You Brush and Style Your Hair When It’s Wet

Hair is weakest when it’s wet so be gentle when styling it if it’s not completely dry. Brushing wet hair tugs and pulls, causing damage. Only brush dry hair, starting at your ends. And if your hair breaks even when it’s dry, use your fingers or go for a wide-toothed comb instead.

You LOVE a Tight Ponytail

High ponytails are a trendy look, but wearing your hair up and tight day after day is a no-no. Super-tight rubber bands wear away at the hair’s cuticle and cause strands to break. Switch to gentler hair ties that won’t tug or pinch. And switch up your hair style too!

You’re a Rowdy Sleeper

Did you know your head is about nine pounds of dead weight on your pillow? If you toss and turn while you sleep, you create friction between your hair and the pillowcase. Use a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce friction and to avoid losing your hair’s precious natural oils (which are absorbed by cotton pillowcases).

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