100% Plant-Based Performance Blend

A tasty, plant-based protein boost is one scoop away, any time of day.

Net Wt. 29.6 oz. (840 g)

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$111.00 (CAD)

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This dynamic formula strategically combines four different proteins including pea, sunflower, chia, and rice, creating a source of amino acids that are involved in muscle protein synthesis in a totally plant-based formula.

Antioxidants derived from superfruits protect from environmental aggressors while watermelon extract & coconut water help balance skin & deliver the ultimate healthy glow.

The Smooth Superfood Fuel.

/ Twenty grams of plant protein and a unique blend of mushrooms at 100 calories, and with no sugar, no synthetic flavours, synthetic colours, or synthetic sweeteners.

/ Silky-smooth, grit-free texture with a delicious vanilla flavour.

/ Mixes easily with water, plant milk or as the base of your favourite smoothie recipe.

Texture / Velvety-smooth, grit-free

A silky-smooth blend of plant proteins and superfoods that help support the daily protein requirements of an active lifestyle.

This creamy, deliciously vanilla plant-based protein will be an indespensable part of your day. Pea and Rice protein assist in the building of lean muscle mass when combined with regular resistance training and a healthy, balanced diet. Sunflower and Chia Seed protein provide a source of antioxidants that help protect cells against the oxidative damage caused by free radicals.


/ Take one scoop (28 g) daily.

/ Ensure to drink enough fluid before, during, and after exercise.

/ Mix product well in 8–10 oz. of liquid (water, juice, plant milk, etc.) for 30 seconds.

/ For best results, use a shaker bottle. Store in a cool, dry place.

Hydration Booster™

Plant-Based Protein


Plant-based superfood protein blend

Mushroom blend

Amino acid profile

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Not a low calorie food