November 15, 2019

Essential Holiday Self-Care Tips

Four Ways to Treat Yourself During the Holidays
The holidays are here! Which means a few of our favourite things are in season: cooler weather, cozy sweaters, shimmering lights, freshly baked treats, and neatly wrapped gifts. Unfortunately, the blissful spirit of the season can be dampened by things like travel obligations, long lines and other stressors. We don’t want anything getting in the way of you soaking up the full holiday experience—that’s why we’re listing four ways for you to mix a little self-care into your holiday season hustle and bustle!


Spa Days
While the holidays are an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones, a little “me” time is still much-deserved. Spa days are relaxing, full-body experiences that are refreshing for your mind, body and soul. Good massages not only ease physical pain, they’re also a time to reflect on life and detach from the daily holiday frenzy.


Eat Well
You are what you eat! That old saying stands the test of time for a reason, and the holidays are an ideal time to be conscious of what you’re putting into your body. The holidays are filled with big feasts, drinks and late nights, so we all expect to splurge a little (or a lot) more than usual this time of year. Try to work more fruits and veggies into your meals, and also don’t feel obligated to stuff yourself during those extravagant holiday dinners.


Winter Hair Treatments
Most of us enjoy the changing seasons. We love watching the leaves turn red and brown in the fall and winter’s first snow flurries. However, the cooling weather can dry out your hair, so you’ll probably need to adjust your routine. If you have a stylist, be sure to let them know your concerns about the effects the cooler weather has on your hair. If you prefer to do it yourself, we recommend the Advanced Hydrating Hair Care Collection to keep treat parched strands. For you curly girls, MONAT Super Nourish™ is just the thing for dry to ultra-dry hair.


Take a Walk
Fall and winter are among the most beautiful times of year. From decorations to music and the smell of fresh baked goods, the holiday season is a beautiful experience for all your senses. Make the most of it! We spend so much time preparing that sometimes we don’t soak in the beauty around us. Take a few walks a week around your neighbourhood with family and friends and truly soak in the beauty that makes the holidays so special.
Will you be adding a little extra self-care into your routine this holiday season? We’d love to hear about it! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share your self-care practices with us!
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