Product shot of Violet Lights™ Anti-Brass Shampoo.


Violet Lights™

Cleanses and neutralises brassy tones to brighten blonde, coloured, gray, or silver hair.

237 ml ℮ 8 fl. oz.

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Blonde female smiling while holding Violet Lights™ Anti-Brass Shampoo in front of her face.


Cleanses and lathers away unwanted warm, brassy tones for brighter, more luminous hair.

This multi-purpose shampoo is formulated with a blend of high-performing violet pigments and flower extracts to help clarify, brighten, and tone in one step.

Violet Lights™ Anti-Brass Shampoo on a purple background with white orchids.

Brighter Hair in One Wash

/ Patent pending IlluMONAT™ Technology includes a blend of colouring ingredients and lavender, rosemary, and viola extracts to counteract brassy tones and visibly brighten hair

/ REJUVENIQE® enhances delivery of violet tones deep within the hair strand to uniquely reactivate colour from within

/ 94% agreed hair looks less brassy after one use*

/ 97% brighter, more illuminated blonde**

/ Cleanses and leaves hair feeling stronger**

/ Ideal for all types of lightened hair, from dark to light blonde, gray, and silver

Fragrance / Light and airy floral notes of rose and Egyptian violet blended with crisp, contrasting notes of juniper and coriander with a subtle hint of vanilla.

Texture / Moisturising, rich lather.

*Study consisted of 35 women between the ages of 18 and 60 and was administered by a dermatologist.
**Based on a 14-day perception test with 35 panelists performed by an independent laboratory.

A hand holding Violet Lights™ Anti-Brass Shampoo in the shower.

Brass-kicking technology with a blend of high-performing violet pigments.

Patent pending IlluMONAT™ Technology works with REJUVENIQE®, our exclusive nourishing oil blend, to deliver violet tones deep into the hair strand to uniquely reactivate colour from within. The result? Brighter hair in one wash!

Brunette female washing her hair in the shower with Violet Lights™ Anti-Brass Shampoo, while overlaying a texture shot of Violet Lights™ Anti-Brass Shampoo.
Closeup of a woman’s brunette hair being combed. Depicts smooth results. Subject poses in front of a solid, 
			lavender color background.


/ Apply to wet hair.

/ Lather for 1–3 minutes.

/ Rinse and repeat as desired.

/ Follow with Violet Lights™ Anti-Brass Toning Masque.

/ Use twice weekly or more frequently for cooler results. Toning results may vary.

Violet Lights™
Anti-Brass Shampoo




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