Curls That Make the World Go ‘Round!

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January 23, 2020


The Best Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Whether you have naturally curly hair or use styling products and tools to achieve those beautiful curls, finding the best hairstyle to suit your curly hair is essential to completing your look. Here are three envy-worthy looks to add to your catalogue of styles if you’re ever looking to mix things up and ensure your curls are living their best (hair) life!

Short Air-Dried Curls

Air-dried curls are perfect for styling on the run! These curls are cute but casual so you can look your best without much effort in the morning. Applying Super Moisture Masque can add nourishing moisture replenishment to your hair so that when it dries naturally, it’s feels super soft and shiny.

Top Knots

Top knots are a great look for curly girls with longer hair. Strong, moisturised curls and coils are essential to creating this look, and MONAT Super Nourish™ is just what you need to achieve that! Super Nourish™ reduces frizz and provides long-lasting shine by delivering moisture to even the curliest strands of hair!

Medium Loose Curls

Medium length curls are pretty and easy to maintain. Obtain and keep that coveted “just came from the salon” look—even if you just woke up like this! Refinish Control Hairspray will help you maintain the extra body and bounce you need to make this look pop. Will you be trying one of these curl-a-licious styles? Share a pic with us on social media with #MONATstyle!Enjoy reading this blog? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more!