MONAT has so many ways to help people, from financial fulfillment to personal growth to empowerment. Here’s one way #MONATHelps.


Director Amy Marino loves how MONAT has given her a way to impact customers, her team and the world around her. Through MONAT, Amy has been able to help organizations that make a difference and aid those who need it most.


Allison Damm, a mother 2, partnered up with MONAT and was able to replace having to work multiple jobs. She is forever grateful for having more time to spend with raising her children.


Angela Sharum started using MONAT products to improve her hair. In the wake of major life changes involving her family, she found an extremely supportive team that empowers her and provides encouragement. She is thankful for the opportunity as it has provided her with not just a Cadillac, but a new lease on life.


Married for 15 years, Inza and Kenneth Duchi have always planned for the future and achieving their long term goals. With MONAT they were able to accelerate their vision towards completion, alleviate financial burdens, and set a stronger foundation for more time with family, friendships, and their faith.


Marie-Pier Gagnon was looking for a great challenge and entrepreneurship opportunity to do outside of her career doing social work. With her first kit, she was able to transform her life and find more freedom. She is happy with the work she does, no longer feeling dependent while also traveling very often.


Despite a strong passion for helping others, Pille Kapetanakis found herself stressed with the feeling of having to do it on other people’s terms. MONAT allowed for her to find more freedom with her time and finances, allowing for her to spend more time with her family while still being able to help others achieve their goals and dreams.


Rachel Moody in 6 months was able to buy a house, now visiting and vacationing in places she didn’t imagine. Changed more than just hair and confidence around the people around her. It’s given her a goal to work for and a future to strive for.


Brittney Wilson found herself in a difficult situation when her husband was in a serious car accident leaving him hospitalized for 3 months. MONAT helped Brittney find a way to replace her full-time job and provide support for him. Thanks to the MONAT family, she’s able to pay bills, care for her family, and find a great support system.


Buddy and Karen Sharp are Wife and Husband Directors of the MONAT Family. MONAT helped them find a different direction, resulting in opening new opportunities, selling their salon, and significantly cutting their work schedule. They have created a new reality and provide more for their family through an easier, more prosperous lifestyle.


Candace Belair was able to do more than just quit her 9 to 5, she found a way to become the best version of herself. Belair found herself spending more time with children while contributing to her family income as well as reconnecting with old friends while still creating a new circle. Having struggled with shyness and finding ways to step out of the comfort zone, the MONAT opportunity has helped Candace find the things “money can’t buy.”


Becky Kenyon struggled with self confidence and believing in herself. This was difficult especially when she always had dreams but lacked the self-empowerment to bring them to fruition. MONAT has helped her find the strength to believe she can do more. She is a completely different person than who she was 1 year prior to joining MONAT.


While Krystal and Jamie Welch have experience doing social marketing, MONAT was a unique opportunity that was different from what they were accustomed to. Hesitant about the opportunity and whether the product would be good for their own hair types, they were pleasantly surprised at how it helps moisturize and add shine to dry and coarse hair. Since starting MONAT, their hair has grown fully in ways they originally could not with other products.


Marisa Moakley lost 90% of her due to severe complications from her weight loss surgery. During her recovery, her mother brought her the volume system from MONAT. Marisa experienced drastic changes. So much so that she began selling MONAT as a passion for finding success with others. She feels empowered as a businesswoman and is thankful to MONAT’s products.


Vicki Wilkins cares for her son who is dealing with a disease that has unclear symptoms. These symptoms often require intensive therapies and medications, which requires a strong commitment as well as personal sacrifices to make. By becoming a Market Partner, Vicki found more time to provide for her son as well as give back to community of those who suffer from Fragile X and other similar diseases.


Jessica May found personal growth and a way to dream bigger than she could have imagined. With a husband who works overseas 75% of the year, Jessica benefits from MONAT with a monthly income and a way towards financial freedom with the aim of having her husband back from a grueling overseas schedule.


In 18 months since joining MONAT, Greg Mackinnon found a true transformation in his family. MONAT has helped his family see the world differently, calling the opportunity a “true vehicle to growth.” Believing that growth isn’t just limited to financial freedom he is happy to see his wife Lynn transform into a more confident and savvy businesswoman.


As a social worker, Barb Goy loved her work but found herself with a small circle and bank account. Passionate about helping others with teaching and mentoring, her decision to join MONAT wasn’t all for the money. MONAT provided Barb with an expanded circle, new friends, and a new way to help others provide for themselves. She was also able to pay off her student loans and plan for retirement, which she never would’ve imagined doing so soon. . “What I didn’t know…was how fulfilling this life, these people, this family would be. MONAT can help you create a life that you may not want to retire from.”


Brandy Amor found herself in a deep rut from the anxiety, stress, and depression that came from working a full time job that severely limited the time she was able to spend with her children. MONAT gave her the chance to be a full time mother where she no longer misses field trips or special days. Best of all, she’s benefiting from a significant lifestyle change with less stress and anxiety.


Liz Anderson keep to MONAT seeking an opportunity to build for a stronger financial retirement. What Liz also found was a platform through which she could empower others. Opportunity for a stronger financial retirement. Platform to empower others. Stage 3 cancer survivor. 2 years of treatment. Learned compassion and empathy for those with hair loss issues. Found a new life to help others and encourage creating a residual income for many. A new purpose on life.


Norma Chapman came to MONAT for the chance to make extra money and have healthier hair. What she didn’t realize, however, was how much it would help with the other parts of her life. Through the opportunity she was able to replace her job, pay off her house, and renovate her home. As a mother of two, she never realized the benefit of having a healthier balance in her life as a business woman.


MONAT provided Nicole Nuss with more than a chance to stay with the kids and pay off bills and debts. MONAT helped her deal with the symptoms of post-partum depression by joining a community of women who continuously help her find positivity, empowerment, and a better life. Nicole believes MONAT is more than a company, “it’s my happy place, it brought this family into my life and for that I’m forever grateful.”


Kendall Welden loves how MONAT changed her life, helped her build stronger relationships, and gave her a team she truly loves. She now spends more time with her husband and does what she loves. She drives a white Cadillac and looks forward to taking more vacations, both paid by MONAT.


Kat Geertsen believes that life is full of breakthroughs that bring about better things. With MONAT, she loves embracing a team mentality and always having a goal to strive for: “I stepped into this amazing family and amazing culture that we have created…” Best of all, Kat believes there are greater breakthroughs ahead.


Amanda Barrett become a stronger and more successful businesswoman through MONAT. It has helped maintain the lifestyle which her family had from her husband having a high paying job in the oil field. The family is much less stressed and Amanda loves being able to work when she wants to work. She feels she’s part of something special and loves being part of a company that recognizes your achievements and milestones. What she loves most is the frequent traveling.

 Keep inspiring others, keep making a difference…

 Keep Shining!