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Qualify for
Spring's Biggest


1st August 2020 - 31st January 2021

JUNE 2021

Champagne Region France

You're invited to Reunion Europe 2021 as we take you on an experience of a lifetime to one of the great historic and uber glamorous provinces of France, Champagne!

You'll be staying two nights in a luxurious boutique hotel in the very heart of Reims as we explore the lush vineyards of Champagne, learn about Champagne (oh and with several tastings!) culminating in our exclusive Gala Dinner with a gastronomic experience at one of the finest champagne houses. (wink wink!)

Is there more than Champagne, yes there is! Explore majestic cathedrals and historic chateaux, or simply chill with your teams. We are reunited, and in style!

Qualification begins NOW for our annual get-together, and we can't wait to celebrate with YOU!

Meet the PV requirement in five out of six months during the qualification period to earn one of three tiers:

1st August 2020 - 31st January 2021

PV Requirement:
Meet in 5 of 6 Months

Career Rank:

MP, MMP, AMB and MB enrolled as of 1st August 2020

Career Rank:

MMB and above enrolled as of 1st August 2020


Tier 1


1,200* PV

2,000** PV

Trip for 1 with shared room

Tier 2


2,400* PV

3,500** PV

Trip for 1 with single occupancy room

Tier 3


3,600* PV

5,000 PV**

Trip for 2 with double occupancy room
+ £250 toward meals/drinks/spa treatments
+ Second roundtrip flight for spouse/non-MP adult guest (must be same itinerary).

*Minimum 600 PV must be from customer purchases each month (VIP or retail).

**Minimum 1,500 PV must be from customer purchases each month (VIP or retail).

Trip includes roundtrip transport, 2-night luxury accommodation with breakfast, a Champagne tasting tour and an exclusive gala dinner.

All Market Partners must be Paid-As MMP or above in January 2021 to qualify.


Who Can


All Market Partners in the UK, Ireland and Poland can participate.

What Does It Include?

Trip includes roundtrip transport

2-night luxury accommodation

Champagne tasting tour

Exclusive gala dinner