Melinda Ritter

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The story I share is not an easy one for me, but finish reading for my happy beginning to my new ending. What I am about to tell you is painful but leads to beauty in the making.

I was in a dark place in my life five years ago after losing my husband and the father to my only child and son, Tripp, who was just two at the time. To fully recover from this tragedy I had to completely rebuild my life from losing almost everything and starting over from scratch.
I had a professional career in nursing, but knew God wanted me to do more and be more, but at the same time I knew God wanted me home with my Tripp. So after two years of rebuilding my life I met my fiancé, Nathan Rother. We quickly began building and growing our family and God delivered us Kyson, who is now three. So God delivered me from the darkness as promised and gave Tripp and me Nathan and Kyson, and we were happy but struggling. After being a stay-at-home mom for two years, I was feeling a lot of pressure and stress to make ends meet. While I was grateful to be home with our boys, I trusted God in his promise and in my heart’s desire to do more and be more. I still had this yearning for something MORE. That’s when MONAT found me.
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MONAT at first was a simple shampoo business, but after seeing the full potential in myself and in this wonderful generous company, I knew God gave me something special, a gift of an “At-home Profession, with MONAT!” I could once again contribute to our family’s income while fulfilling my priority as a woman of God, fiancé, and mother of two first.
I loved myself even more for finding my place and purpose in a profession where I could grow, learn, and master, and that I loved from the start. MONAT has enabled me to feel confident in myself again and have a drive to LIVE life again. I have grown to be a better person in every aspect of my personal and professional life. I have discovered talents I never knew I had and sharpened skills I have already possessed and I can now talk to people in a language they relate to.
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Because of MONAT, we are finally paying off debt that, before, we never knew how we were going to pay. We have enjoyed vacations and the simple pleasures in life, living and enjoying each other. I not only gained an “At-home Profession,” I gained my life back, but even better than that I am building friendships and relationships, strong ones too. These relationships will last a lifetime. Together, we are helping others achieve great things and showing others it doesn’t matter where you come from, or what you have been through, or how many people you know, you too can achieve great things and make your hearts’ desire and dreams come true.
I truly believe that, with MONAT, I am able to help everyday families create more income, buy time back in their lives, and have a Plan B with a sense of security in their lives. To me, that is a purpose-driven profession that I thank God for every day.
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Facts about Happiness

Happiness happens. It does! But only if we want it. But who wouldn’t want it? Well, the reality is that we’re not happy 100% of the time, and that’s completely normal. Is there really a formula to being merry no matter what? It seems there is.

Researchers around the world have made many experiments in the past few decades to study this marvelous phenomenon called ‘happiness’ and the findings have been quite remarkable.Turns out, we can activate our hippocampus (you know, the area of our brain responsible for happiness and positive memories ) to achieve true joy mostly when we are the creators of it ourselves. When we are the cause of our happiness, instead of being the effect of an external happening, the satisfaction we get is greater and lasts longer.

Knowing our life’s purpose, being respected, having good relationships, feeling safe, and fulfilling our basic biological needs are common triggers to our happy feelings because we are the direct recipients of such pleasures. But what happens when we don’t get what we want? We feel sad, frustrated, disappointed… meaning that we are being completely dependent on these external factors.

But what if we learned to create our own reality? What if we knew how to feel bliss and peace despite difficult times?

August is Happiness Happens Month so we thought we’d list our favorite 10 findings from studies circulated worldwide by several respected publications* that provide a deeper understanding of why happiness happens and how we can actually generate more of it in our lives.


Scents, music, and the weather can affect our mood

These elements can alter the way our neurons are wired and can awaken emotions that make us feel cheerful, peaceful, or gloomy. The fragrance from essential oils and flowers can lift our spirits or relax us. Music can motivate and inspire us. Spending a day outside in sunny weather can broaden our thinking, improve our memory, and boost positive mood.



They are loyal, noble, non-judgmental, and unconditional. They amuse us and they’re always there when we need unbiased comfort. Impossible not to love them and cheer up around them!


Positive behaviors are as contagious as vicious conducts

Joy is as infectious as sadness. So choose your social circles wisely and connect more with people with an optimistic outlook on life.


People become happier with age

Despite an increase in responsibilities, many people shift their priorities as they mature, from the physical, material things to the intangible, more spiritual experiences. Older people tend to value and appreciate ordinary moments and are able to reach feelings of wellbeing and harmony with the simplest things in life.


Healthy people are 20% happier than average

The right nutrition, regular exercise, and good rest play important roles. To boost your serotonin and dopamine (neurotransmitters that help regulate learning, mood, sleep, sexuality, appetite, the brain’s reward and pleasure centers, movement and emotional responses), add more poultry, fish, milk and bananas to your diet. Just 20 minutes of exercise per day will also rise serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine, along with proteins and endorphins that make the brain feel happier. And don’t forget to have a good-night’s sleep. Studies showed that sleep-deprived individuals have a harder time remembering positive ideas and an easier time remembering negative


Being present

Worrying about the past or the future steals our peace of mind. If we insist that our happiness will depend on getting a brand new car, owning a house, winning the lottery, or finding our soulmate, we limit our capacity to experience happiness here and now.


Having an attitude of gratitude creates more reasons to be grateful

We frequently miss the blessings because they come in disguise. But when we practice gratitude, feeling appreciation for everything come what may, our mind gets unclogged, we receive more clarity, and we gain access to see the big picture beyond what our limited five senses might be perceiving.


It’s a choice

This is a tough one, but totally achievable nonetheless. Having the capacity to choose happiness, though, comes from having certainty and surrendering: trusting the natural course of things that sometimes may seem illogical or unfair and embracing these difficult experiences, events, and changes. These conscious actions are actually the pathway to our growth and evolution and open the doors to new useful wisdom in our lives.



Being generous for the right reasons and with the right intentions gives more pleasure than receiving. Random acts of kindness, altruism and volunteerism are 100% natural and side effect-free “medicines” that help rewire our brains. In many experiments, doctors have prescribed actions like these to treat depression and patients have had outstanding positive results, including complete recovery from their ailment.



Regardless of religious beliefs, a spiritual person is someone who applies universal principles, such as selflessness, compassion, and unconditional love towards their neighbours, not to be nice and polite, but to transform into a better version of themselves.

*Results revealed by the Journal of Positive Psychology, the British Medical Journal, the United Kingdom’s Open University, San Francisco State University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Cornell University, University of Illinois, and The US General Social Survey, among other sources.

Tara Neff

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B ecause of MONAT, I was able to travel to Europe to meet up with my husband during a port visit while he is deployed with the U.S. Navy. Without MONAT, there’s no way our trip could have happened!

As a Military Spouse, there are certain things you take as a given: you’ll go extended periods of time without seeing your spouse, you never go to the Commissary on a payday, and you have to learn to budget, since a job for you is never guaranteed.
Now that I’m in business with MONAT, the third item is no longer a given for me. I’ve built a business that I’ll be able to take with me no matter where we’re stationed, and one that will continue to grow and thrive, allowing me time to live my life and be both Mom and Dad to our children while my husband is deployed.
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During this current deployment, not only was I able to see my kids off on the bus in the morning and be there when they came home in the afternoon, I was also able to volunteer as Room Mom for my 3rd grader’s class for the year, and as a Center Helper for my kindergartner’s class once a week.
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It is not a stretch to say those things would not have been possible without MONAT, as I would have been working 40+ hours a week in my former career as a licensed Insurance Adjuster.

My husband’s job is about our freedom as a country. Mine is about freedom, too, just on a different scale—the freedom to live my life, be there for my kids when they need me, and having the means to meet up with my husband in Europe!

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Megan Laughlin


I joined MONAT four months ago and I have already made enough for four student loan payments. The company itself offers an amazing compensation plan and allows us to gain the most from working our own business.

MONAT Global launched in October, 2014, which means there’s still a LOT of people who haven’t heard of us yet. This company is young, fun and the opportunity for growth that market partners have going forward is extravagant. My team and I are working with MONAT because we have tried the amazing hair-care line and fell in love. And, let’s be honest, the income is a plus too!
I also had the chance to attend the MONAT Spring Forward event in Chicago, which was a huge eye-opener for me. Being able to see all the ladies who have succeeded, knowing if I follow in their footsteps, I could have the same success. Events like this are a must for those looking to gain extensive knowledge and grow their business. I have never been to an event that literally had such an uplifting atmosphere, great music, and amazing people.
All I can say is I look forward to what MONAT has to offer me. I am living proof MONAT works if we work it!

Amy Campos


Because of MONAT, I have been able to retire from a 25-year court reporting career. I am extremely happy with my life, and I am filled with gratitude. I have the most amazing people in my life. I have learned to dream again, and I am able to follow my passion of helping others.

I owned my own court reporting firm for 25 years and worked most nights and weekends in my home office…okay, my bedroom…while my family enjoyed movies, games, went out to dinner—all the fun stuff that we should have been doing together.
I figured it was okay because they were hanging out with Dad. Well, I missed a lot of family time with them. A LOT. People would ask me, “Have you seen this movie or that movie?” My husband and boys would always answer yes. My answer was always no. It broke my heart and didn’t exactly make me feel like Mom of the Year.
While I knew that I was working so hard for my family, it was also a very depressing way to live. I needed to find a better way to make a good income while also having time freedom.
In early 2014, network marketing found me. I quickly realized that this profession was going to be my future. I realized that it could provide a lucrative income, all by helping others. However, the company I had partnered with was not the right fit for me. I was looking for something more, something different.

One night in the fall of 2014, I prayed a very specific prayer. I prayed to God for “a new opportunity in network marketing.” The next morning, while still in bed, I saw a post on Facebook about MONAT. There was zero doubt in my mind that this was a sign for me from God and from my Grandma Robinson. (She raised six children on her own as a director with Avon, and I just know that she’s behind this journey ☺).

I emailed MONAT and received some information. I quickly learned about the company and products. I got my hands on some samples and—Oh Em Gee—there really are no words to describe that first shampoo. It was magical! Seriously.

Picture a woman with very unruly, coarse, kinky hair but who loves silky, smooth hair, and it took her two hours to do her hair. Well, that first magical wash…30 minutes to do her hair. 30 minutes. Sign her UP!

On to sharing MONAT. What really made this experience different was that it was so simple. People loved this “hair crack.” People wanted MONAT. People wanted to be a part of MONAT. We were helping people with ANY hair concern they had. We were helping people regain their confidence. We were helping people gain financial and time freedom.

Within two months of joining MONAT, and with the help of my awesome upline mentor/friend, Toni Vanschoyck, I had earned the first of many trips. Every day I was making new lifelong friends. Even the Urdanetas, the family behind MONAT, became friends. They are the most loving, genuine people you can imagine, and they truly want what is best for us working in the field.


On New Year’s Eve 2014, I hit the rank of Market Mentor. I was in the family room with my family working MONAT, watching the New Year’s Eve ball drop, when, with the help of one amazing team, I became the ninth founder of MONAT. I will never, ever forget that moment!

And at this point, three months in, I had exceeded my court reporting income and was starting to let that go. I was one happy girl, let me tell you.

So what does my life look like now? I am still one happy girl. Happier. I have paid off all of my credit cards. This summer will be the first summer where I can truly enjoy every single minute with my boys, and they are now 10 and 15. This winter my family is taking our first cruise together. We are also looking at new houses, which seems like a complete dream. I’m actually considering taking all the laundry off of my desk and donating it. All I need is WiFi and my iPhone. I can work from wherever I am, wherever the day takes me. Life is good ☺

This truly is a better way. Thank you MONAT.


Audrey Wilcox


Because of MONAT, I have a business that allows me to be a mom first; a healthy balance between time and money; I’ve made life-long friends; and I get to utilize talents I never realized I had!

To understand how MONAT has changed my life, you must know my life before it. I won’t make you read my life story, but let’s start in 2014. My husband and I were expecting our first baby and I was extremely sick—and no, not just morning sickness! I am one of the unlucky 2% of women with a condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. It’s like its own hyper breed of “screw you up” while you’re pregnant.
For the entire nine months, I would vomit at least 5-10 times an hour, which comes with obvious dehydration and weight loss (40 lbs. in my case), which then leads to daily IVs, an NJ feeding tube, muscle atrophy which make your legs crumble underneath you and your arms worthless, constipation, insomnia—THE WORKS!
I had several at-home nurses, and spent the majority of my pregnancy in the hospital. Before I got pregnant, I was working part-time and pursuing my bachelor’s degree in special education. Initially, I planned to work and finish my degree while pregnant. Obviously, this could not happen and I was forced to quit everything until my baby girl was born.

While I endured my pregnancy my husband was also a full time student and was only able to work part-time grave yard shifts making $9 dollars an hour. Needless to say, we were broke as a joke! With all of life’s expenses, medical bills, and a baby on the way, times were very tough. Although I knew the circumstances were out of my control, I still felt awful that I could not do more to help. We tried doing everything on our own for as long as we could, but eventually the money ran out and we had to move in with my parents.

This certainly was not ideal and a major shot to our egos. I knew once our baby was born I needed to find a good job to help provide for my family, but I also needed to finish my degree. I had worked on it for four years and only had a semester left. I wasn't going to leave my degree unfinished when I was so close to completing it. But how was I going to have a job, finish my degree, recover from my awful pregnancy AND be a first-time mom?

Then I heard about MONAT.

Considering our circumstances, it seemed like a "no brainer" to jump on board. However, I was still very hesitant and nervous to join as a Market Partner. I was only 22 years old, going to school, taking care of a newborn, with zero direct sales experience, no knowledge of hair care, and NO MONEY to get started. But something felt right so I decided to at least try.

Fast forward a year, and here I am a Founder in the company, typing my story on a shiny new computer, in our own beautiful apartment, with a brand-new family car, and a debt-free bachelor’s degree! Plus, after three years of marriage my husband and I went on the honeymoon we never had and enjoyed a seven-day cruise in May! All of which has been provided through my MONAT checks.

While the generous paychecks have created a whole new sense of financial freedom, that isn't even the best part! I’ve been able to stay home with my daughter each day and experience her first year of life! I don't have to rush off to a 9-5 job and I get to help other moms do the same thing! I am eternally grateful for MONAT and all the opportunities it has provided, friendships it has created, and the talents it's allowed me to utilize—most of which I never realized I had until now!


I read a quote recently that made me very emotional because it states exactly how I feel. It says, “I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now.” MONAT has truly changed my life and at only 23 years old, I have found friends, an income, and products that will last a lifetime. And on top of all that, I have beautiful hair!

Interested in joining MONAT? Click here to learn more + sign up today.


Lindsay Hilton


Because of MONAT I've found purpose in my life that I didn't know I was missing! Succeeding and watching others succeed fills me with excitement and motivates me to accomplish things I never thought possible!

Recession used to be a scary word in our house but because of MONAT we have been able to weather this Alberta Oilfield recession without sacrifice. MONAT has allowed me to remain at home with my children instead of having to look outside our home for work to make up the lost income.
I don't ever have to miss my daughter's dance recital or my son's hockey game to pick up an extra shift or choose groceries over a weekend getaway. I seriously have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming every time I open my commission report and see my pay check for the month!

While the income has been such a blessing, the personal growth I've experienced over the last eight months has been just as rewarding. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for the past 11 years, and MONAT has given me a purpose in life that I didn't know I was missing.

Helping other men and women set goals and realize their dreams has been more gratifying then I could have imagined. This company is constantly opening doors to new opportunities and life experiences. It offers new friendships while enriching lifelong ones and treats us like an extension of their family.


To be a part of a company like MONAT, which wants so much for us to succeed, has been a life-changing experience and one that I will forever be grateful for!

Interested in joining MONAT? Click here to learn more + sign up today.


Amy Sloan


Through MONAT, I have discovered a level of confidence and self-worth that had been missing for a long time! It has helped my family start to add back hopes and dreams that we had put on the back burner because of financial strain. This “shampoo business” has changed my life!

Life can really get in the way of living sometimes. At least that’s how it was for me. I was so caught in the pressures of life that I wasn’t spending much time “living” it.
I felt like we were constantly overshadowed by health issues, debt, and bills. There I was, trying to manage a family of six while working and still feeling like I couldn’t do anything to better our current situation. Honestly, I felt hopeless. I felt like a failure! I was constantly trying to think of something, anything, I could do to just help us get back on track. I prayed for a solution, for a change to happen!
That’s when I found MONAT. Or, I guess really MONAT found me! This “shampoo business” has literally changed our lives. I have not only been able to contribute to paying off our debt but I have even helped to improve our financial future! We have even started to plan and think about where we go from here. Before MONAT we were stuck in today’s problems, but now we dare to dream bigger!

MONAT has gone so far beyond just putting more money in the bank. I have discovered a power in myself that I let die long ago. I now know that I can be a powerful, passionate, confident, fun, and successful woman. I know that I have worth! I know that the plan for my life is so much more than making payments on time or just surviving the day! Life is about living! Living to the fullest! Finding yourself in the things that make you happy!
The things that bring you joy!


So yes, MONAT is a shampoo company, but to me it is so much more! MONAT is a hope builder, a confidence finder, a family. Stop letting life get in the way of living. Start living life on your own terms. Get out of your own way and take a chance. Dare to dream bigger! And, with MONAT, do it all with some kick-butt hair!

Interested in joining MONAT? Click here to learn more + sign up today.


National Optimism Month

Recently experienced a breakup? Did you close out last month without hitting your numbers? Does it always seem like life can’t get any worse? I have a message for you: it gets better.
Life is all about peaks and valleys. Sometimes you’re high, sometimes you’re low. You see, the universe has a funny way of reminding you you’re alive. It’ll shake your foundation like an earthquake, making you feel like you can’t stand up on your feet anymore, like your world has crumbled so you feel broken and unbalanced like the pavement under you. But you mustn’t let it get the best of you because life throws curveballs at you for purposes far beyond your understanding (right now).
We tend to underestimate how much maintaining balance contributes to living life successfully, happily and productively. So when we’re hit with failure or rejection, we become overwhelmed.
March is National Optimism Month. March not only means the start of spring – which by nature’s standards means rebirth and renewal – March is also a great month to take all the negative thoughts pestering you and stuff 'em in a sack! It means it’s time to put a smile on your face and start thinking positively.
Below, I’ve outlined some mindful practices you can use to work on becoming a happier, more positive person.

Rid yourself of negativity

If you truly wish to be happy you must not surround yourself with negative people who are not encouraging. Surround yourself with people who see the greatness in you, even if you don’t see it yourself. Fostering friendships creates camaraderie, and having positive people in your life is a great way to hinder cynical thoughts.

Stay Active

Proactive people are 15% more satisfied with their lives compared to more passive people. Happiness researcher Ed Diener explains, “Happy people set goals for themselves again and again.”

Go Outside

Enjoying time outdoors is a great way to put some pep back in your step. Living near green spaces is associated with better mental health, and even just looking at images of nature scenes can stimulate the parts of your brain associated with happiness, positivity, and emotional stability. Plus, spending time in the great outdoors exposes us to sunlight, which can help our bodies produce vitamin D. Just remember to slather on your sunscreen!

Believe happiness is a choice

Positive thoughts mean positive emotions. No one ever said being your own cheerleader would be easy, but honestly, happiness is a choice. Whether we want to believe it or not, we are responsible for how happy we are.

Remember, happiness is a state of mind. Be the strong, proud-standing flower you are made to be. Give yourself the benefit to bloom, beautifully. 

5 Habits of People who follow their Dreams

So you want to travel the world or be your own boss? Keep reading…

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There are a few common habits of highly successful people who have turned their dreams into reality. People who have a vision or goal don’t always get there from having financial means, but actually a few common habits that have helped them get to where they are. The best part is that you, too, have the opportunity to do the same!

As the famous quote by Wayne Dyer goes, “Change the way you look at things and things you look at will change.” Life is all about perspective, and if there’s one thing that all successful people have in common, it’s their perception on life’s challenges.

So what makes highly successful people different than everybody else? Here are five, surefire ways they manifest their own positive outcomes.

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They see challenges as opportunities.

A current crisis offers the chance to re-evaluate how you live your life, to be more mindful and strategic, and to take stock of your values and priorities.

How you respond to crises has a lot to do with the lens through which you regularly perceive the world.

If you tend to see the world through a “gloom and doom” lens, you may be reacting to current events with feelings of fear, anxiety, or a sense of despair.

The solution? Change the lens from which you view the world! Below is an example on how to do this.

Challenge: Sales are down and business is slow. Opportunity: Use this slow time to get your office organized, update your marketing materials, and reconnect with past customers you’ve had no time to call.

It’s important to recognize that there are some challenges that are simply beyond your control, so turn your attention to those challenges with opportunities you can act upon.

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They aren’t afraid to identify their weaknesses.

Everyone has a talent—leverage yours. Self-evaluation is the key to staying confident during rejection and failure. You can’t be great at everything, but you can build a team to compensate for your imperfections.

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They aren’t just dreamers: they’re doers.

Highly successful people know what they want, and they find a way to get it.

Doers are so committed to making their dreams a reality that they banish any possibility of a backup plan.

They don’t think things like, “If it doesn’t work, I’ll just go get a job.” Apply this mantra to your professional life and see the odds go in your favor.

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They have teachers, mentors and role models.

Successful people recognize what it takes to be excellent, even if they haven’t made it yet.
They know that most hurdles have already been solved, and having a mentor helps.

Successful people know they have blind spots, and they are humble enough to ask someone to look for the flaws in their thinking.

By seeking advice from ‘mentors’ you’re opening up the door for thoughtful, unbiased advice to help point you in the right direction.

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They’ve learned to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

To grow, these like-minded individuals embrace the discomfort. It feels awkward. It’s uncomfortable. You’re out of your comfort zone.

But if you stay in your comfort zone, that’s not where your growth is.

Your growth is where discomfort is. You grow your greatest by exploring and expanding your capabilities. You have to leave the nest to spread your wings.

To unleash your potential, and expand what you’re capable of, you have to embrace change and discomfort is a part of the path.

There’s no precise formula for success, but if you take a hold of these simple ways of life, you’re headed on the right track.