Misty Dettling


Because of MONAT I am a better mom, a better wife and friend. I have been taught so much about personal development through this journey. I don't consider MONAT my job—it's my lifestyle. I'm so blessed to be on this journey!

My husband and I have a blended family of nine–eight boys and one girl. Their ages range from 9-24 and they are behind every decision I make. I have to say that when I found MONAT, I just knew this was going to be a life-changer for us. It’s something I can pass down to my children, and something we can build together!


Before MONAT, my hair was just breaking off, dry, and frizzy. I never had good hair days unless I had my stylist do it for me. Now....I have a good hair day every day, my hair has never felt so amazing, or been so manageable! It's soft, it's growing like crazy, and is no longer a frizzy mess! 


Also before MONAT, I would never have felt comfortable booking a trip to Vegas at the drop of a pin with our friends. Just this week my husband and I booked a spur-of-the-moment getaway with our friends for a few days in Vegas and we won't have to be stressed about the financial part of booking! 


Because of MONAT I am able to attend the basketball, football, rodeo and school events that are so important to my kids. I get to be their biggest fan in the stands and cheer them on while also having the opportunity to work my business from wherever we are! I'm one lucky momma!!


Sarah Matheson


My name is Sarah Matheson. I can proudly say I reached Market Mentor in June 2016. I am a busy mother of three. My first son is nine, my second son is six, and my daughter is three. My boys play hockey and my daughter will be going into more structured activities as she grows older. I am a teacher from Ohio, and all of my family lives there. My husband and I live in Nova Scotia. He is from Canada. After having three children, I was realizing that life is very expensive.

Before MONAT, I was wondering how I was going to be able to pay for my children's university education, their extra-curricular activities, vacations, trips back and forth to Ohio, and everyday life expenses, even though my husband and I were working full time. It just didn't seem fair that we were working so hard and couldn't seem to get ahead.
I turned 40 in March 2015, and I finally had come to terms that my hair just wasn't going to bounce back to what I wanted it to look like with the current hair care products and regimen that I was using at the time. My hair was dry, full of static, appeared to stop growing, and was breaking. I had to face the facts, I was aging and so was my hair.

In November 2015, I joined as a MONAT Market Partner with one of my best friends, Amy Murphy, because I trusted her. I hadn't even sampled the product. I just signed up as a Market Partner because I trusted her judgement along with the 30% discount. I knew she wouldn't stand behind a company and its products unless she believed in it. I also knew it was a great financial opportunity.

I fell in love with MONAT after my first sample. I then purchased all of the products over time and haven't used anything else since.

Like I stated before, I am a teacher. It occurred to me that as a Market Partner, I could take charge of the opportunity that MONAT could provide for me, by promoting my business as a Market Partner and teaching fellow Market Partners. I was finding it so easy because I was teaching them and fellow customers about something that I believed and loved! I was product of the product because I had tried all of them.

I started working my MONAT business in April 2016. I purchased products for beauty baskets, had coffee dates with potentials, and had shampoo parties. My team grew and I was able to answer questions from my team members. I was teaching!

Over time, my team grew and I was gaining a higher sense of self-confidence, self-worth, and financial independence. I can see getting ahead financially with this company and being able to afford my dreams. Throughout this journey, I have to say that I am so thankful to my team members, friends, and family who have supported me throughout my journey with MONAT. I look forward to seeing what my future holds with the company.


Aleah Powell


My name is Aleah Powell, and I’m from Rockwall, Texas. As many southern women say, “The higher the hair, the closer to God.” With that being said, I have processed, blow dried, and overused heat on my hair since I was a teenager!

I was always blessed with strong, long hair until having my three girls and a surgical procedure. Soon my hair was falling out like crazy and seriously breaking. I decided to try hair extensions. Let's just say that was a disaster for my hair. By this time I'm trying every product advertised for growth, strength and healthy hair. Like many people I had no results and was frustrated!

When my friend Lisa Goucher asked me to sign up as a MONAT Market Partner, I was ALL IN only because I wanted to try the product! Even with my first wash I could really feel a difference and now my hair is unbelievably healthy!

I guess you can say I'm not the usual suspect to take on the opportunity because I stay at home with my three girls, and my husband makes us a good living, but essentially all I started doing is showing my before and after pics of my thinning areas. My Facebook friends were blown away because they could see it was me and I will tell you I followed up on every comment and the majority of those friends now use MONAT!


It is important to share your testimony and bless others with this amazing product! I am able to use the money I'm making to save for special things my family would not normally buy. It's been a wonderful journey that I know will continue into bigger and better things—not only for my family but many others!


Toni Losada


Last year, after being away from my profession as a high school math teacher for five years to care for my two beautiful children, I toyed with the idea of going back to work full time. Little did I know that life was getting ready to throw me a curveball!

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September, just three months after my mother had been diagnosed with the same ailment. Let’s just say this experience changed my life and going back to work was the last thing on my mind. My family and friends were my constant and unbelievable support. They got me through the rough times and I came out tougher, stronger and much more knowledgeable than I ever was before. From nutrition to cosmetics, I began to closely question every single product that came in contact with me and my family. And that is where MONAT fell into my lap.


As I started discovering healthier food options, I found it much more difficult to come across healthier beauty care products. I tried several different organic shampoos that left my hair feeling sticky and gross and then one day—voila!—one of my friends sent me a MONAT sample and I fell in love! I bothered her about all the ingredients, I looked up every single one to make sure they were safe and once I was satisfied with my findings, I decided to sign up to be a Market Partner.


I made it a mission to help my friends, family—anyone I could talk to—chose healthier options. To me, working for MONAT doesn’t seem like a job at all. I truly feel like MONAT cares about their ingredients, which in turn means they care about the well-being of their customers. It is easy for me to recommend MONAT products to the people I care about because it brings me joy to know that I am helping people get rid of toxic chemicals that can eventually cause chronic diseases, like breast cancer.

MONAT has given my family the gift of me being able to stay at home with my children, while providing us with an additional source of income. As an added bonus, I am helping people find amazing haircare products that they can feel good about using. For this, I am forever grateful.


The Benefits of Staying Positive

Life is full of cycles. Ups and downs. Ends and beginnings. Problems and solutions. WHAT can we do to stay positive through great challenges in life? HOW can we possibly remain optimistic all the time?

If you think about it, we usually know what we need to do and how to do it in order to achieve the results we want. We know how to lose weight, make new friends, earn more money; but many times knowing what or how doesn’t really inspire us to do anything at all!Take staying positive, for example. Some believe this is a key sine qua non of life. WHY? Well, perhaps that’s exactly the question we’re missing!

As we celebrate Positive Attitude Month, we share with our readers three good reasons to keep an assertive outlook on life. We’re sure you can find many more!

Why Stay Positive?

Because it makes us stronger
Contrary to what some people might believe, being optimistic does not disconnect us from reality. We do need to separate fact from fiction, though, but this also means not giving power to our negative thoughts. Instead, by staying positive we allow ourselves to remain focused and confident, instead of frustrated and fearful, which can limit us in many ways.
Because it helps increase our performance
When we apply positive attitudes, disappointments and losses become learning experiences that empower us to see the bigger picture, make better decisions and keep calm when facing tough situations in the future. This in turn motivates us to rise above any upcoming trials in life and continue giving our best.
Because it keeps us healthy
Researchers have discovered through many fascinating experiments that our words, thoughts, and intentions can impact our bodies positively or negatively. Some suggest that constant negativity can even deteriorate our immune system and others go further to say that having a good attitude can even extend our lifespan.

Mendy Wakefield

Mendy Wakefield _profile_people

Because of MONAT, I have a business that will eventually allow me to come home and be the stay-at-home momma that I’ve always dreamed of being. I have been a working mom all of my kids’ lives and feel like I’ve missed so much. My oldest two are 23 and live four hours from home, so until MONAT our trips were very spaced out. And then the grandbaby came and I definitely wanted to be making that four hour trip a whole lot more than I was able to before.

We also have a 12-year-old daughter and at the end of her 5th grade year she asked me if there would ever be a time that I’d be able to stay at home with her when she wasn’t in school. Talk about tug at your heart strings! We had some debt to pay off and I knew until that debt was gone, I needed to stay at work. You should also know that I really, really like my job and it’s been a huge blessing to our family.
Mendy Wakefield_real_people_collage_01
So, I began praying for a different road to travel. The Lord knew my heart. He knew I wanted to be at home with my last baby, wanted to see this new grandbaby as much as I could and He also knew that I wanted to be able to travel to visit family in Georgia because being an aunt in Oklahoma with sisters and nieces in Georgia is HARD!
Almost every time I opened Facebook, this naturally based, age preventive hair care that was doing amazing things for hair was toward the top of my newsfeed. A friend of mine in Houston had jumped in an she was so excited about the opportunity that I knew in my gut this was the road God was laying in front of me.
Mendy Wakefield_real_people_collage_02

Not only have we begun paying off our debt, we were able to play more and travel more. My daughter and I were able to fly in and surprised my sister in Georgia at her baby shower. Had I not made the money that I had made with MONAT, that would have been an impossible expense at the time.

I’ve attended MONAT’s annual conference in Florida and their spring conference in Dallas, and was able to meet these online friends in 3D! With some of those, it was like we knew each other forever. That has been the most rewarding part of this experience for me—the relationships built.

Mendy Wakefield_real_people_collage_03

Even though life now still looks the same on the outside (because I still have not quit my daytime job BUT ONLY because the oilfield is still so unstable), it is so different on the inside. My self-confidence is gaining daily, we’ve made a huge dent in our debt and, hey, I’ve got some of the healthiest, shiniest hair I’ve ever had in my life!

Mendy Wakefield - name

Lori Lindholm


God placed MONAT in my life, just when He knew that I needed it! I have been blessed by having a husband who takes great care of our family, and I have been able to be a stay-at-home mom, for the past 20 years, home schooling our two daughters for 12 of those years.

I absolutely love spending time with my girls, and last summer it hit me, that Ashley and Lexi are both going to be graduating this year, one from high school, and one from college, and my life was about to change in a BIG way! I thought, “What on earth am I going to do?” I knew that I had to keep myself busy, or I would be an emotional mess!
As I began praying, seeking God's leading and guidance, asking Him what He had next for me, He showed me through a family friend. You see, God knows who, and what, it will take for each of us, when He's trying to get our attention. God knew that I would listen to Francie! After trying MONAT once, I was hooked! I told Francie to "sign me up!"
I started sharing MONAT with friends and people whom God placed in my path, and before I knew it, I had this wonderful team! Together, we are helping other ladies, whether it's with hair issues, or financial issues, or for ladies like myself, who need a little something more in life.

I don't even feel like this is work! It's merely talking and sharing with others about MONAT's fabulous products and opportunity—to be a part of something so incredible!

Because of MONAT, I am able to contribute financially to our family, we have extra money to enjoy family vacations, I can visit my daughter when she studies abroad, and I don't feel guilty going on shopping sprees with my daughter's. I can help the less fortunate in a larger capacity now.

I love the freedom of being available to my family. I can be flexible with my schedule. Whenever my daughter's want to meet for Starbucks, or a girl's day, or when my husband decides to take the day off, just to spend it with me, I can do it, my job allows both the freedom and finances to do so!

I am so grateful to the Urdanetta family for sharing this wonderful company, opportunity, and amazing products with me, and so many others! My purpose for the past 20 years has been taking care of my family. Now that they don't need me as much, I needed to find a purpose again, and I have because of MONAT! I now know that I am going to be alright when my daughters are pursuing their dreams, and ambitions, because I now too, have new dreams and ambitions. One chapter in my life is coming to a close, and a new chapter is beginning!


Tina Hammeren

Tina Hammeren_profile_people

Devastation comes in many forms. For us, the first "unthinkable" happened October 18, 2013. I will never forget this day as long as I live. I remember vividly waking up, unable to speak, unable to open my eyes to my mom holding my hand, crying. Nurses explaining to her that I had meningitis and my brain was swelling. I could hear her but I couldn't respond. I thought to myself, "Please lord, I can't die right now. My sweet baby girls need me."

After that day, I vowed to stop working so much and be home with my babies but then reality sunk in. Five weeks off work and medical bills up to our eyeballs. I felt my only choice was to work as hard as I could to get out of this mess.
Clearly, God was not satisfied with the fact that I had so obviously ignored his first message to change my life. Less than 6 months later, I suffered a massive leg injury. Adding to the already unthinkable amount of medical bills, we kept pushing through, barely staying afloat.
All of our dreams and goals went out the window. How can you live life when you spend each day just trying to survive it?
In July of 2015, we welcomed our sweet baby boy into this world, four weeks early. As I sat holding my precious son in NICU, I prayed for an answer. I prayed for some way, any way to fix this mess. What was the answer? How could this happen? WHY did all of this happen to us?
Tina Hammeren_real_people_collage_01
In September of 2015, MONAT found me. It landed in my lap and said HERE, here is your answer...and so, I closed my eyes and jumped in.
Tonight, as I sit here holding my sleeping baby, I can breathe. For the first time in five years, I know things are going to be OK. Last month we paid off our medical debt. Five years, three premature babies, meningitis and a broken leg; done. All thanks to MONAT.
To say MONAT has changed my life is an understatement. MONAT has brought back hope. MONAT has brought back dreams and, most importantly, it has brought back joy to our family.
MONAT is so much more than a shampoo company. I want to SHOUT it from the roof tops. I want everyone to experience the way I felt when I paid off that last bill. FREEDOM. I want everyone to feel free. I want everyone to feel joy and I want everyone to be able to cry happy tears as they achieve whatever their dreams may be.
Tina Hammeren_real_people_collage_02

My WHY, my driving force—my purpose for living—is my three beautiful children. For me, the dream is to never miss another milestone in my children's lives because I HAVE to go to work; to take my family on vacation; and spend as much time as possible making memories. To be able to repay the favors that all the wonderful people in our family, our community, and our church selflessly gave to us in our hard times. To never, ever take another moment for granted and to live a joyous life without the worry of bills in the way. Every single day those dreams are closer for my family because of MONAT, and for that I am forever thankful for this incredible company and for the opportunity it has created.

What is your dream? And more importantly, what are you willing to do to achieve it?

Tina Hammeren-name

Amie Orr

Amie Orr _profile_people

My name is Amie Orr. I have a degree in Biology and Chemistry, and I have been fascinated with nature since I was a child. My dad instilled and nurtured this love of nature from birth and I passed this love to my high school students.

I have been a Director of a youth program for four years. My mission is to empower parents and students with the knowledge and skills necessary to graduate with a post-secondary education and to transform their lives. Despite my love for my job, I have $50,000 in school loan debt alone. I had to borrow money for everything and rarely got to take vacations.
I have Oklahoma teacher’s retirement, but I am on the 90 plan which means my years of service and age would have to equate to 90. That would put my current retirement age at 68; and before MONAT I had resigned myself to the fact that retirement was not going to be fun, because I would be too old to enjoy life and not have the financial stability to do so, either.
Amie Orr _real_people_collage_01
A good friend of mine called me to tell me about MONAT. She really just approached me with the products and not the opportunity. I signed up for the discount because my hair was in such horrible shape from being outside in the sun, coloring, and normal aging of the hair. After a few uses I realized what an amazing and unique product MONAT was. I sat down at my computer and listened to all the videos and read all the information about MONAT. I was fascinated by the nature and the science that has gone into the formulation of these products. I immediately realized the business potential and saw this as a way to supplement my retirement, take more vacations, and achieve financial freedom.
Amie Orr _real_people_collage_02

Since joining MONAT seven months ago, I have been able to pay cash for many items, take several vacations, and help others realize dreams do come true! I plan on having all my student loans paid off in two years with MONAT. I wake up every day excited about the realization of dreams for myself and for my team, and the possibilities of seeing those through to fruition.

I have learned how to be a transformative leader, which has helped me build a MONAT team as well as be a leader and role model for my high school students.

Amie Orr  -banner

Barbara Aniszewski

Barbara Aniszewski _profile_people

Icame to America in 1980 from Poland with a dream to provide for my family what I never had growing up. As a salon owner, when I was introduced to MONAT, I fell in love with the quality, clean-ness, and results of the products. I was welcomed by my upline leader and now great friend Phyllis Marlene Benstein into a loving, caring, supportive team and larger MONAT family.

Additionally, I love that I can offer my clients toxin-free, safer alternatives to their hair care products. Shortly after joining, I gathered up all my other products and got rid of them so I could be exclusively MONAT. For the first time since opening my salon, I was getting calls from my clients asking, "What did you use on my hair yesterday? I love it!"
Barbara Aniszewski _real_people_collage_01
This is the first brand that pays me to sell their products, and my clients can only get them from me, not other big box stores. I'm a sole provider for my family and had the fear that if something happened to me, and I couldn't work or provide for them. I'm so proud to be building an enormous Polish team, now over 600 strong, and some don't even speak much or any English. Thank you to my main amazing leader, Joanna Bartosik!
Barbara Aniszewski _real_people_collage_02
With all of this, I'm building my business, my savings and security, and my dreams for a fun future. I look forward to one day coming full circle and opening Poland for MONAT.

Thank you to the Urdanetas and my entire MONAT family!

Barbara Aniszewski -name