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The direct sales/social marketing model of business bypasses traditional retail channels in favour of a person-to-person focus.

Why Social

We get it—starting your own business can be stressful. From stocking inventory to trying to break even your first (or second year), hiring and wasting precious time, there are many pitfalls to traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. These days, reaching out to others is so easy—and natural! That’s why our direct sales/social marketing model of business bypasses the retail channel of yesteryear in favour of a person-to-person focus.

MONAT is your partner! We do the shipping, product development, marketing, events and more. That allows you to focus on sharing MONAT with others. Our unique platform enables us to reward our Market Partners for doing what they already do: sharing the products and services that change their lives. And you don’t have to be a hair stylist to do it!

As a MONAT Market Partner, you are in control—of how much and when to work, how to share, who to work with and more. But you’re also part of a larger team working toward the same goals.

We all succeed together. What could be more “social” than that? Whether you want to make enough money for a new couch, a new car or to live the life of your dreams, MONAT makes it possible.

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A Clear Path for Success

With the MONAT SMART Start program, you can easily begin earning money, collecting bonuses and working your way up the ranks.

Once you’ve made the sale, MONAT makes it easy for your customers to continue loving and purchasing products with the VIP Customer Program, a Flexship service that offers automatic renewals and attractive prices. It keeps your customers satisfied, your profits increasing and your MONAT circle growing!

Whether you envision growing your MONAT business full-time or part-time, you can pursue it the way you want.

Instead of hiring employees, you’ll assemble a team of likeminded Market Partners who share your vision. As their businesses grow, so will yours.

After you’ve shared the keys to your success, you’ll receive a portion of their commissions and bonuses on top of your own. The strong team you create becomes more powerful with every stage, leading to limitless possibilities for every member.