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"Life brought Janiece an unexpected heartache as she found herself broken as a single mother. She needed help. MONAT adopted her into a family of love and gave her time freedom and financial strength. Now she and her son have a beautiful life together."

"MONAT helped Jennifer leave a stressful corporate job and create a life of hope for her and her daughters. She broke through many fears and obstacles to get to the life of joy she has today"

"After failing miserably at five other companies, she finally found the one that works for her and made it to the top in just eight months!"

Serena had felt isolated and alone as a new mom in a new community. MONAT helped her build a beautiful community of people and helped re build her confidence as a woman and a mom.

After a long career as a hairstylist, Sara was tired and burned out. Most nights and weekends she was away from the people she loved the most, her 10 year old son and husband. It took a life-changing event for her to realize how much life she was missing.

Growing up suffering on the inside and overcompensating on the outside, Amy learned not only to face her fears but conquer them. Now, as a part of the MONAT family, she feels that she can face anything and helps others transform their lives too.

Roxy began her life in a hard environment, facing many barriers. She finally learned to give herself respect and then MONAT changed everything. She has her dreams back while helping others realize they can recapture theirs as well.

From her rock bottom, Jewely’s had a long journey to the top with MONAT, where she’s enjoying great success and showing others the way.

After feeling controlled most of her life, Toni has found the control and peace she needs for an amazing life.

What could be simpler than a sidewalk? For Anne Fisher, a sidewalk is a powerful symbol of everything MONAT makes possible.

MONAT’s Compensation Plan

“I am so excited to be a part of the MONAT family—this is where I belong. I am truly impressed by the compensation plan and product line. If I can do this business, you certainly can do this business. We have excellent leadership training and the right people to help you get what you want from your business. Whether you’re just starting out or still sitting on the fence about it, know this: YOU CAN DO THIS. Just say yes!”

Toni Vanschoyck

MONAT’s Products

I've struggled with finding a product to make my hair healthier and help my husband with his receding hair line. With MONAT, my hair feels like a million bucks! My color stopped fading, my hair stopped breaking, I haven't noticed split ends, and my hair got thicker! My husband has had amazing results as well, with growth and thickness. We are so thrilled with these products.

Megan Christine Mackay

MONAT’s Support System

I love this company—it has changed my life in more ways than one! I have been with a few companies that make promises they never kept, but I have never experienced that with MONAT. They listen to your issues and concerns and help you succeed, such as Regional Sales Managers who host events and much more. I just love the products, the people, the CEO and the President. What more can you ask for?

Rozalynn Bradford