What is Social Marketing

What is Social Marketing?

Social Marketing is actually all around us. You experience it every time you ask a friend where she bought her shirt, or sample a tempting tidbit at the market, or buy a product based on a blog review. It’s using your personal experience with an outstanding product to help guide others to use it.

Social Marketing gives you the opportunity to profit from your own experiences. Rather than wheel and deal with salons and boutiques, MONAT believes so strongly in your experience with the product that our business model is designed to benefit fans like you at the highest level possible. Instead of paying the “middle man” – marketers, retailers, etc. – the earning potential goes directly to you. Just imagine how your love of the MONAT products can transform your career, your life and your future!


The Social Marketing Edge

At MONAT, we know that our success hinges on the success of Market Partners like you. We are so invested in your MONAT career that we provide all the tools necessary to get you up and running as a valued Consultant the minute you decide to change your life. All along your journey, we’ll be there with advice, support and tools to keep up your momentum.

At no time will you feel anything other than poised for incredible success!

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