May 10, 2018

Hair Density? What’s That?

You may have heard about hair density. Stories about it are cropping up all over the place lately. But what is hair density and why should you care? Hair density refers to the number of strands on your head.
But then what’s hair texture? They easily get mixed up. So, let’s clear this up first before looking any further into density. Hair texture refers to the diameter/thickness of each strand of hair and whether the hair is fine, medium or coarse. Hair density, on the other hand, tells how much hair or how many strands of hair you have in your scalp. The density of your hair refers to how tightly individual strands of hair are packed together, which should ideally be 2,200 strands per square inch.


To determine your curl density, look at your dry hair hung loose in its natural shape, from different angles and up close. If your scalp is easily visible, you have low curl density. If your scalp is somewhat visible, you have medium curl density. And if your scalp is barely visible, you have high hair density.
But why is this important? Hair density plays a critical role in your hair care regimen, driving what products you use and how often. Having a better understanding of hair density can help you choose the right products for your hair type to transform your hair from limp and lifeless to bounce and fabulous.


For example, if you have low density hair, you should choose light products that won’t weigh your hair down. Reshape Root Lifter will give you volume if you’re going for a full look and Blow Out Cream gives a blow out that lasts without weighing your hair down.
If you’ve got medium density hair, look for a light leave-in conditioner. A great one to try is Restore Leave-In Conditioner to revive each hair strand and bring back the brilliance!
To maintain the shape of high density curly hair, thicker products are ideal. Look for Thickening Spray for body and bounce and Restyle Instant Sculpting Taffy to keep your locks in place.


There’s another reason to know your hair density. It can help you and your hairdresser pick out the hairstyle best suited to your hair. If you know you have thicker hair, it will style easier with longer layers. Or, if you have thinner hair, go with a blunt cut.
See? Density does matter!
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