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Merry & Magical
The season of giving is here, and to help you ease the stress of holiday shopping and narrow your search for the perfect gifts, we’ve created seven-holiday gift sets! Each set includes new and best-selling MONAT Haircare and Skincare products with limited-edition accessories that beautifully complement and enhances any home spa experience!
Spoil yourself and every person on your list this year with gifts you’ll want to give and receive! It’s a Merry & Magical time at MONAT, and we’re helping you make the season even brighter with our specially curated holiday gift sets.
Our gorgeously packaged and ready-to-gift, limited-edition sets have everything you need to magically fulfill everyone’s pampering dreams
Shop our Merry & Magical Holiday Gift Sets and give the gift of luxurious relaxation this season!
Gifts under $65!
Handful of Happiness
Keep winter hands delightfully supple and soothed with our trio of limited-edition hand creams in fragrances of Lait De Coco, Gardenia, and Matcha. Organize your creams and more with our Neat & Pretty Vanity Tray. Great for those with dry hands who stay on the move!
Fabulous & Festive Haircare Gifts!
Gloss, Glitter & Glow
Get camera-ready with this sensational trio featuring NEW limited-edition MONAT Hair Perfume and MONAT STUDIO ONE™ CC Cream! The Crystal Chic Hair Accessory Set offers a variety of festive finishing touches for all your holiday looks or any fancy lady on your list.
Glitz & Glam Holiday Hair
Your choice of five travel-size haircare favourites—paired with our Starry Night Gold & Pearls accessories—makes this the ultimate “glam-on-the-go” gift set for the chic mover and shaker.
Holiday Hair Anywhere
Guarantee glamorous travel-ready styling options for the jetsetter in your life when you choose five haircare classics, complemented by our dazzling Styled So Sweet accessories set.
Skincare Gifts for the Glow-getter!
Magic Minis & Mirror
Take that glow on the road! Choose five perfectly packable MONAT Skincare minis, plus get our Mirror Magic high-performance LED mirror for the friends and family who want to achieve perfect holiday glow up!
Gifts for Him!
The Perfect Gentleman
His superior style will be the talk of the town, thanks to this flawless foursome of facial must-haves including NEW MONAT FOR MEN™ Essential Shaving Cream. Plus, our Nice & Precise Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer guarantees he’ll be sharp and sophisticated all season long.
Gifts to Relax & Unwind
Essential Oils Trio & Diffuser
Three specially curated, limited-edition oil blends provide the perfect enhancement to any mood: boosting Bright, focusing Presence, and calming Grounding. Includes our limited-edition Luxe Aroma Diffuser for a complete aromatherapy experience. It’s the ideal set for all your zen friends!

The Power of Naturally Based

Get to Know What Makes MONAT Products Naturally Based
MONAT ingredients are naturally based, safe, and pure. But with other brands recognizing the power of botanical oils, you may wonder how MONAT is different. The answer rests in our rich formulations that make these naturally based ingredients work in harmony with each other, combining and reacting to pump up their natural properties to take MONAT to the next level. Here’s an inside look explaining the power behind our naturally based formulas, some key ingredients, and the science behind MONAT.
Q: What does naturally based mean?
A: At MONAT, naturally based means we strive to use ingredients that are considered “close to the source.” Our naturally based ingredients include high-quality botanical extracts, essential oils, and vitamins in effective formulations. MONAT blends natural ingredients with surfactants (for cleansing products), emulsifiers (for creams and lotions), and preservatives (for a product that is free of contaminants and safe to use).
Q: Are MONAT products all-natural?
A: Technically no. But it’s important to clarify the difference between “all-natural” and “naturally based.” The all-natural category requires the use of natural preservatives whose safety has not been substantiated or the complete lack of preservatives altogether. The absence of preservatives also means the products would have a very limited shelf life and would need refrigeration. Items would need to be express shipped and cold-packed, making the products quite cost prohibitive.
Other Important Terms to Know
To better understand the science behind naturally based products, let’s review a few terms mentioned earlier that play a large part in the process of creating MONAT products: surfactant, emulsifiers, and preservatives.
A surfactant is any ingredient which reduces the surface tension between water and another liquid. One of the functions of a surfactant is to cleanse. A surfactant puts itself between dirt and the object being cleaned, thus separating the two and allowing for easy rinsing. It’s what makes your cleansers, body washes, and bubble baths foam and bubble. Some surfactants are also known as detergents and there are mild cleansers and harsh cleansers. At MONAT, we use the gentlest and safest surfactant blends possible to effectively cleanse. Without surfactants, our products wouldn’t bubble or foam.
It’s also important to note there are good surfactants and bad surfactants. SLS, which is noted as a bad surfactant and linked to possible disease, is something you will never see in any MONAT products.
An emulsifier is what “marries” oil and water, making it a cream. An emulsion is created when fine droplets of a liquid are dispersed in a second liquid. Both liquids do not mix on their own and must be held together using an emulsifier. Emulsifying is done by slowly adding one ingredient to another while simultaneously mixing rapidly. This disperses and suspends tiny droplets of one liquid through another. The two liquids would quickly separate again if an emulsifier were not added. Emulsifiers are liaisons between the two liquids and serve to stabilize the mixture.
When it comes to beauty care products, preservatives are a good thing! Preservatives are added to skin, hair, and body care products because they protect the product and the consumer from the many types of mold, bacteria, yeast and fungus that can grow in a product. These things can compromise the integrity of a product—make it separate or smell bad. Most companies use a blend of preservatives to protect against a wide range of contaminants, and these blends of preservatives provide broad spectrum protection. The approximate total preservative blend used in MONAT products is less than 1% of the total formulation, are a natural alternative to synthetic, and are non-toxic to the consumer.
Key Ingredients
Here are a few of our main key ingredients that place MONAT products in a league of their own.
A pure, multitasking elixir ideal for normal to thick hair and normal to dry skin. REJUVENIQE® nourishes and energizes the scalp with an invigorating blend of 13+ natural plant and essential oils.
A unique active complex that helps to strengthen and thicken hair while supporting natural growth.
Featuring pea extract, this high-tech blend supports the appearance of healthy, younger-looking hair by helping to protect your tresses from environmental factors.
A powerful ingredient that helps preserve the natural pigmentation of the hair and keeps strands protected and strong.
Is naturally based better?
YES! Naturally based means you get the best of both worlds: products with ingredients that are as close to the source as possible and products that are blended in effective and safe formulations. We will continue to use only high-quality botanicals, essential oils, and vitamins in MONAT formulations to ensure you receive the most benefit of what the earth has to offer!
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Mother Nurture

Celebrating the Most Special Women in Our Lives
There’s nothing quite like a mother’s love! Whether you’re a mother yourself or are celebrating your own special lady, the relationship between mother and child is unlike any other. In a time when it seems like new superhero movies are released every week, it’s important to remember the first superhero in our lives this Mother’s Day weekend. Whether she’s tying our shoes, putting food on the table or rocking us to sleep, her impact holds a special place in our hearts.


This weekend is to celebrate you and all that you do! Each of you make a significant impact on those around you, while also creating opportunities. In fact, it’s something we see every day at MONAT. The women who are part of our direct sales opportunity chose MONAT not only because they love our haircare products, but because they view it as a life-changing career.
Many of these women are mothers motivated by the chance to provide better lives for their families. MONAT has offered an avenue for mothers to embrace an entrepreneurial spirit and provide at levels they may not have been able to do with a typical 9 to 5 position.
In 2015, the Direct Selling Association reported that direct sales companies earned more than $28 billion in revenue. Those are life-altering revenues for each of the individuals on the frontlines who made that happen. That same year, they also reported that 77.4% of the people in the direct sales industry were women.
MONAT women are often mothers who believe in family values. In many ways, what makes these women tremendous mothers also drives them to excel in direct sales. MONAT is a family business and these women bring a mother’s nurturing touch to their own teams.
In many ways, the direct sales industry is a form of female empowerment that allows mothers to be superheroes to more than just the children they nurture and raise. Their interest in service and community outreach is proof of this!


We congratulate each of you for being superheroes day in and day out. If any of you are still looking for something to get Mom for Mother’s Day, you can never go wrong with a goodie bag of MONAT products! Our flagship REJUVENIQETM Oil Intensive is always a favourite. Plus, with the weather warming up, our Advanced Hydrating Hair Care Collection is perfect for quenching Mom’s hair through the upcoming summer months.
Here’s to you, Moms! Enjoy your day and continue making a difference.
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Celebrating Women of Influence and Style

Today is International Women’s Day, and we had to take a moment to celebrate. We love few things more than celebrating boss babes who are making impacts worldwide. And if you’re one of those ladies, feel free to meet up with the gals for a round of cocktails and mapping your boss moves this evening!
#BalanceforBetter is this year’s International Women’s Day theme….love it. A theme like that is the perfect opportunity to showcase women throughout history who balance individual achievement with effortless style. They make it look easy.
Image Source:
Princess Diana
From her larger-than-life wedding (and gown) to her sleek dresses and suits, England’s Rose brought a level of style and grace we had never seen in Buckingham Palace. Diana was an icon of style and pop culture who managed to transcend the conservative – often stuffy – trappings of the Royal Family. One of the reasons for that is because Diana chose to use her platform as a vehicle for philanthropy rather than just enjoying a glamorous lifestyle. Meghan Markle and Kate Middelton have picked up the mantle Diana vacated after her untimely death, but no one can match her timeless elegance.
Image Source:
Ashley Graham
Body positivity has not only been a hot button issue in the fashion and modeling industry, but society at large. And model turned activist and host, Ashley Graham has been at the forefront of the body positivity movement for roughly a decade. Ashley was featured in the October 2009 issue of Glamour magazine titled “These Bodies are Beautiful.” Since then, Ashley became one of the first plus-size models featured in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, penned her own book, and led a TED Talk. Ashley definitely embodies body positive and beautiful. And we love the balance.
Image Source:
Jackie Kennedy
Jackie Kennedy was to the White House what Princess Diana was to Buckingham Palace. We think it’s fair to say Jackie may have been the United States’ first celebrity First Lady. She carved a space of influence for herself outside of her marriage to John F. Kennedy. And her star only twinkled brighter when she became Jackie O. as she became a fashion and publishing icon. Known for her menswear-inspired suits and oversized glasses, Jackie proved that women could be career-driven while also being stylish.
Image Source:
Diana Ross
There are few people on earth who embody timeless beauty and transcendent talent like Diana Ross. At 74 years old, the pop and R&B icon is as stylish and stunning as women half her age. Whether she was in gold sequined cocktail dresses with The Supremes or hot pink jumpsuits as a solo artist, the Motown legend influenced fashion as much as she imprinted the music industry. It’s 2019, and Diana is still our “Baby Love.”
Image Source:
Lilly Singh
If it feels like you’re seeing Lilly Singh everywhere these days, it’s probably because she is everywhere. Lilly got her start as a YouTuber nearly 10 years ago. She named her account “IISuperwomanII” because she believes she can do anything. Lilly has proven that to be true since she’s expanded her brand and added modeling and motivational speaking to her repertoire. Though you’d never guess it, Lilly says she initially started YouTube channel to help her cope with depression. In addition to being a humorist (with a funky style), Lilly uses her platform to empower women who struggle with self-confidence and mental health.
Have a fantastic International Women’s Day!
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How to Celebrate Your Besties on Galentine’s Day

What’s Galentine’s Day you ask? Only the best holiday created by a fictional character. Yes, even better than Festivus.
Leslie Knope, the main character of NBC’s hit sitcom Parks and Recreation, coined the term Galentine’s Day. As Leslie put it, Galentine’s Day would be a day for ladies to celebrate ladies – without worrying about gifts from the guys. The idea made SO much sense that, of course, it’s now a real holiday!
So, how should you celebrate your lady friends on February 13th? Consider these fun activities to show your besties how much you love and appreciate them.


Customize a Gift Basket
We appreciate everything that guys do for us, but when you get down to it, women know what women really want. So, why not craft a Galentine’s Gift Basket for your closest friends?
Fill it with things that you know they really need and will appreciate – moisturizer of their favourite scent or some guilty-pleasure treats (that they never get for themselves).
Consider gift cards for your favorite place to get lunch together, or for clothes that they’re actually going to wear instead of cliché of Valentine’s lingerie. We do love the collection of comfy tees and leggings in our apparel store.


Host a Spa Experience
Spa days are the ultimate treat, but they can run a little pricey. Save the expensive day trip for the S.O. to purchase while you and your friends celebrate with a little DIY action.
Consider any of the following items to primp and pamper together:
See if your friends can split the responsibilities (one makes the drinks, another instructs on exfoliation, etc). Then, set up a couple rooms ahead of time to better relax and enjoy your time together.
Galentine’s Day on a weekday? No worries!Take a rain check and make your plans to hang out Friday or Saturday night.


Meet Up for a Ladies’s Night (or Morning!)
Honestly, sometimes sharing a few drinks with your best friends is the best way to unwind after a busy day. Agree that you’ll all cut out of off work a little early for Galentine’s Day, and take advantage of your favourite Happy Hour.
Just be sure to have a DD or plan to hire an Uber together. Though, if you inform your partner ahead of time, and if he is REALLY looking to be your Valentine’s, he may even offer to pick you up.
If you’re not a night owl, then an early morning get-together would be a perfect start to your Galentine’s Day. Take a little extra time in the morning to meet for a leisurely brunch where you can chat exchange gifts.
While you’re with the girls, use this opportunity to share your excitement for our new Refer a Friend program. Here’s how it works: share your unique referral link (available to you in your VIP suite) to invite your friends to join MONAT, you’ll receive a $25 referral credit for each new VIP who signs up! Best of all, the new VIP will also enjoy a $25 credit that can be applied to their next qualifying Flexship!
We hope this blog post inspires you to make time for your girls. After all, it’s your day together – celebrate it in a way that celebrates what you mean to each other!
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5 Ways to Have an Unforgettable Valentine’s on a Budget

At its heart, Valentine’s Day is a moment to cherish and celebrate a romantic partner and your relationship together. While this should be one of the happiest days of the year, all too often stress and anxiety about having “the perfect day” can ruin the moment.
First things first – realize that you do not need to spend a large amount of money to give your partner the perfect Valentine’s Day experience. Your partner will always love and cherish a moment that you put real thought and care into, over a fancy dinner and expensive gift done just to fulfill an expectation.
So, if you really want to have a day to remember without breaking the bank – consider any of these five options.


Plan a Thoughtful Night In
Valentine’s Day lands on a weekday this year, so chances are getting out may be more trouble than it’s worth. Simply getting a few hours to relax with each other can be the best date of all– especially if you go the extra mile.
  • Volunteer to make your partner’s favourite dinner. Or, even better, work together to make a memorable meal.
  • Be sure to be a little extra with how you prepare the dinner – dress up a bit, light some candles, open that bottle of wine you’ve been saving.
  • Clean and decorate a little ahead of time, to help clear your minds and put you in a better mood.
  • Make a playlist of your favourite songs, both for the dinner and for the time you’re relaxing together after.


Create a DIY Gift Basket
Gifts are an essential part of a celebration, they help to mark the occasion and can serve as a special surprise for your loved one. That doesn’t mean you need to go “all out” on the one perfect gift – a selection of thoughtful items will have the same impact.
  • Chocolates are the expected sweet gift for Valentine’s, but don’t be afraid to break the mold if your partner prefers other treats. Nuts, fruits, or hard candies can be just as delicious.
  • Take those treats and arrange them in a Valentine’s Day themed mug or red and white dish. The extra effort helps to show your appreciation.
  • If you really would like to craft something unique for your partner, consider taking inspiration from any of these DIY gifts. We especially like the #10 book safe, the #24 map themed coasters and the #75 flavoured salts.
  • There is nothing that says “I love you” more than taking your time to put your own words down on paper. A sincere letter about your true feelings will be something your partner will cherish for years.


Enjoy a Casual Date Night
Have a little more freedom on hand and want to spend a night out? You still don’t have to book weeks ahead for prix fixe menus and formal theatres. A casual date night not only will be easier to plan ahead, it’ll be easier on the bank account as well.
  • Not all romances are tragic, a night of laughs can be a great time. Look for local comedy shows, stand-ups, or improv troupes that you and your partner can enjoy.
  • Not afraid to laugh at each other? Try finding a bar or arcade that offers karaoke. This could also be an amazing double date opportunity.
  • Dinner and a movie may sound cliché, but as always, it’s the thought that counts. If nothing great is playing at the local cinema, consider taking in a college theatre production or other small venue show.
  • If you and your partner enjoy alcoholic drinks, take a tour of a brewery or distillery. Local crafting is huge right now, and chances are you have a nearby location where you can enjoy a tasting menus for a wide variety of flavours.


Spend a night “out”
Going out doesn’t mean you have to settle for one location. If you enjoy good weather in February then walking around and exploring your hometown or nearby city can make for a very memorable night.
  • Up for an urban adventure? Visit local landmarks, museums, and art galleries. They tend to not be as crowded as other entertainment options and less expensive.
  • Or, if you prefer the lure of the great outdoors, you could enjoy a hike or a snowshoeing adventure – depending on your local climate, of course.
  • If the weather is really on your side, consider watching the sunset and then some comfortable stargazing from a nearby location. If the weather isn’t great, you could always go with the “night in” plan.


Share the Love
Love is greatest when it’s shared, so don’t feel like your Valentine’s Day has to be spent with just your partner. Special nights with friends and family can be even more enriching when you embrace the other relationships in your lives.
  • Can’t find a babysitter for the kids? Plan a family game night with desserts and hot chocolate. It’ll be a great opportunity to pull them away from their mobile devices.
  • If you have family members who are alone on Valentine’s, consider making plans to invite them over – especially if they’ve just lost their own partner. Just that one night could mean the world to them.
  • A day of service could also make the difference for someone’s life. Volunteering for your church, shelter, food bank, or local charity may not be the traditional idea of a Valentine’s date, but it might end up being the one you’ll remember for a lifetime.
No matter what you decide to do for your partner on Valentine’s Day, just remember that the thought, care and presentation you put into it will give you both more than any amount you can spend.
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Caring for Curly Hair

Curly hair is fun when it’s wild and slightly crazy…or take the sexy route when they’re in a slinky, spiral shape.


Image Source:
But since curls can undoubtedly be hard to manage, here are a few tips.


Use a wide-tooth comb, not a brush, to detangle
Curly hair is the most fragile type of hair there is, with each curl being a possible breaking point. A wide-tooth comb is the gentlest way to get through your curls and also doesn’t break up your curl pattern like a brush would.


Comb your hair from the bottom up
If you start at the bottom of your hair, combing up lets you detangle each knot. The last thing you want to do is yank your way through your curly mane.
Get a regular trim to avoid split ends
For a bouncy, fresh head of curls, book an appointment with your hairstylist every six to eight weeks to trim off split ends and preventing splits from going further upward.


Use a Cream for Curls
As any curly-haired girl will tell you, a styling cream is an essential part of their hair arsenal. Styling cream for curly hair will reduce frizz while bringing out natural curves. How to use? Immediately post-shower, simply rake a dollop of styling cream like Curl Cream through all your strands and then either gently blow dry with a diffuser to get a really full head of curls or air dry to get a tamer look. Curl Cream has the innovative WAVEMAX™ in it for longer-lasting, naturally defined curls. WAVEMAX is a 100% natural, new green cosmetic active that enhances and maintains the natural-look of curls. Containing a rich combination of polysaccharides extracted from Chia Seed and Linseed that shields the hair shaft, it forms and shapes defined curls, with the additional benefits of anti-frizz, protection from humidity and heat stress.
Here’s another a tip: If your curls are very coarse, apply product to wet hair. If your hair is fine, apply product to damp hair.


Once your curls are dry, you can shake or fluff your ringlets to your heart’s content to get just the look you want.
Want more tips for curly hair? Watch MONAT’s Beauty Insider!

The Health and Beauty Benefits of Water

How many times have you heard that you should drink 8 glasses of water a day? It’s common knowledge but do we really know why we need to drink that much water? Listen up!
Your body is mostly water and comprises about 60 percent of your body weight. According to the Mayo Clinic, water:
  • Eliminates wastes through urination, perspiration and bowel movements
  • Keeps your temperature normal
  • Lubricates and cushions joints
  • Protects sensitive tissues1
But did you also know all the wonderful things water can do for your looks? Enough H2O does more than keep you hydrated. It helps your body flush out toxins more efficiently. The result? Fresher and more radiant-looking skin! Water helps your skin keep its natural elasticity and suppleness.

What do the experts say? According to Howard Murad, author of The Water Secret: The Cellular Breakthrough to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger, not drinking water makes your skin look more dry and wrinkled, which can be improved with proper hydration.

Dermatologist Dr. Rachel Nazarian, of the New York City-based Schweiger Dermatology Group, has said, “I’ve found that water makes a big difference in skin health. Without adequate water intake, skin appears duller, and wrinkles and pores more prominent.”2
Now it’s easier to become more motivated to try and drink 62 ounces of water a day, right?
For those of you who don’t have the patience to track your water intake (or who don’t enjoy guzzling water around the clock), you literally can “eat” your water to supplement your intake. That’s because many fruits and vegetables are almost 100 percent water!
Below are some fruits and vegetables that taste wonderful and hydrate you. Incorporate these into your daily diet and you will meet your water quota, helping your body work better and making yourself look better!

1 Healthy Lifestyle: Nutrition and healthy eating. Mayo Clinic.
2 Fetters, K. Does Drinking Water Really Give You Glowing Skin? Women’s Health Magazine. February 26, 2015.
3 Micco, N., M.S. 7 Refreshing Foods to Help You Stay Hydrated. Eating Well.

Don’t Blow It! Use MONAT’s Blow Out Cream for the Perfect Look

Have you been making one too many beelines to the local blow-dry bar? It’s no secret that it can take a toll on your wallet, not to mention the hours of your life you’ll never get back.
But we get it, there’s nothing quite like that movie star moment when you step out of the door with a Cindy Crawford-esque coif.