April 26, 2018

Beat The Heat With Air Dry Cream

Are you a hot tool addict? It may be time to rethink your ways. While you may love blow drying or flat ironing your tresses, did you know you’re sabotaging your hair by using a hot tool all the time? Hate to say it but you’re probably causing severe trauma to your lovely locks. Temperatures used in blow-drying, flat-iron straightening, and hot curling processes can be high enough cause cracks in the cuticle layer, frayed and split ends, chipped and ragged cuticles, faded colour, diminished curl and increased frizz and broken strands.
One huge negative result of routine blow drying is that it takes much-needed moisture out of your hair, which really hurts your locks. Water molecules provide critical support to the structure and properties of hair. Evaporation of these molecules from heat application can alter the internal protein structure and change the mechanical properties of individual hair strands. This can modify curl patterns, cause frizz, and leave your hair less bouncy and more prone to breakage. Your hair can also end up having straw-like texture. Not good, not good.


Another factor to consider is that hair strands are complex biomaterials that get most of their properties from the keratin protein structures in the cuticle and cortex. The heat from styling tools can soften the keratin and cause changes in the protein. All of this can hurt the strength, elasticity, curl, shine, and texture of your hair.
What to do? Go natural! Give your hair a break and let it show off its natural pattern and save the integrity of your hair. Try wearing a ponytail, bun or braid. Or try doing a deep part and flipping your hair over to a different side. Importantly, use a cream after shampooing that is expressly desired to control frizz and let your hair dry with just the air, like Air Dry Cream! A light, airy leave-in cream makes for heatless, effortless styling. Air Dry Cream provides texture and frizz-free results with touchable hold without weighing hair down. Best of all? No heat needed! It also pairs well with Tousled Texturizing Mist to give a little more hold when you want.
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