Hit Refresh And Shift Your Haircare Routine From Summer To Fall When The Air Cools

Hit Refresh And Shift Your Haircare Routine From Summer To Fall When The Air Cools

Summer is a blast but it can be brutal on your beautiful hair with its intense heat, the sun’s harmful rays, pool chemicals, saltwater, sweat and going a little heavy on the highlights! All this leads to end-of-the-season tresses looking totally washed out, lacking body, bounce and brilliance.
Like transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall – packing away the strappy, light and airy pieces and pulling out rich knits and luxurious layers – your haircare should follow suit, changing with the season and flowing seamlessly into autumn’s cooler temps. Here are some tips to ensure your hair is in sync with the chillier season.


1. Deep clean with a clarifying wash.
One of the most important tips for transitioning hair to fall weather is to start with a clean slate. Summer can be a particularly hard time on hair so try Clarifying Shampoo to do a deep clean to remove environmental toxins and stubborn build-up, revealing a clean, happy scalp.
2. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!
Hydration is critical to reversing summer damage and getting hair lustrous and healthy-looking for fall. The Advanced Hydrating Hair Care Collection cleanses, conditions, deeply treats and locks in essential moisture that lasts up to 72 hours! Each unique, intensely hydrating product formula is infused with two of the most technologically advanced ingredients designed to defend against and revive even the most seriously thirsty hair—REJUVENIQE S™.


3. Do a hair treatment masque.
Fix summer damage and move into fall with lustrous healthy-looking hair. A masque brings immediate penetrating nutrition and moisture back to dull, lifeless hair depleted by summer extremes. Try Heavenly Hydrating Masque with Rejuveniqe S™. It’s like a cloud of hydration that supplies a surge of moisture from root to tip, delivering soft, silky hair full of bounce, body and shine.
4. Play with color!
Fall is a great time to experiment with a new hair color. Rock a rich red in tones from copper to auburn to burgundy. Or go soft and chic in brown with caramel highlights. Or rock on bold with shocking pink, ultra violet or cobalt blue. Then surround yourself in full-on fall color, take some selfies and set your Instagram feed on fire!


5. Get a trim.
Parting with even just a couple inches of your precious hair can be tough but getting a good trim and freshening up the ends can do wonders. Fall is the perfect time to cut away the damage and split ends of summer-ravaged hair. A trim gives shape, adds a bit of bounce and basically just cleans up your hairstyle. Or if you’re feeling like really switching it up for fall, go for a dramatic new cut and step into fall with a totally new look.
What is Clarifying Shampoo, and How Do I Use It? How to Bring Your Hair Back to Life

What is Clarifying Shampoo, and How Do I Use It? How to Bring Your Hair Back to Life

Suddenly, you long for that beautiful shine that once was. That beautiful shine may be lost, but it isn’t forgotten. One tried and true way to bring your hair back to life is to use a clarifying shampoo. But, what exactly is a clarifying shampoo? How is it different from using a regular shampoo? How do you use it?
We have answers to all these questions and more. Read on to learn more about what is a clarifying shampoo and how to use it.

Why Does My Hair Look Dull and Lifeless?

Let’s start at the beginning. Before you can bring your hair back to life, it’s important to understand what causes hair to become dead, dull, and lifeless in the first place. Here are a few common reasons.
Oils and Residue. It is true that the natural oils in your hair help protect it and keep it healthy, from root to tip. However, a buildup of oil, product, residue and dirt can cling to your hair and scalp, leaving hair looking and feeling limp, dull, and lifeless—even if you just washed your hair!
Using dry shampoo. Dry shampoo refreshes our style and helps extend it second third and even fourth day, maybe even more, but using these types of products can sometimes lead to buildup on the hair that needs to be removed to restore hair to its shiny healthy state.

What is a Clarifying Shampoo?

A clarifying shampoo is basically a typical shampoo on steroids. Clarifying shampoos are designed to give your hair and scalp a super deep clean, ridding your hair and scalp of dirt, residue, oils and other buildup. You may not have had a clarifying treatment before, or you may not have realized you had one done. Clarifying shampoos are incredibly popular among swimmers who spend a lot of time in chlorinated pools, which can significantly damage hair. Some salon specialty treatments, such as keratin treatments also use clarifying shampoos.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Clarifying Shampoo?

Using a clarifying shampoo is a great way to thoroughly cleanse the hair and scalp. A clarifying shampoo can help remove buildup that your regular shampoo misses.
Clarifying shampoos also help keep blonde hair looking blonde rather than brassy. In short, here are a list of benefits to using a clarifying shampoo:
  • Removes buildup of dirt, oil
  • Removes product and residue
  • Prevents bacterial growth on scalp
  • Restores natural chemical balances
  • Keeps blonde hair looking blonde
  • Soothes itchy scalp
However, before you run out and purchase a clarifying shampoo, it’s important to know that there is a downside to using a clarifying shampoo, and how to use one properly.


How to Use a Clarifying Shampoo

Because clarifying shampoos are so intense, they can sometimes strip away the natural oils in your hair that help protect hair and keep it healthy. Therefore, it’s important to only use as needed. It depends on how much product you use in your hair and how frequently you normally shampoo. If you are a product junkie and love to use dry shampoo, you may need to use a clarifying shampoo more frequently than someone who does not use as much product.
Here are some steps on how to use a clarifying shampoo:

Step 1:

Take Your Time. Avoid using a clarifying shampoo when you are in a rush. Don’t quickly throw it in while you are rushing through your morning shower before leaving for work.

Step 2:

Focus, Focus, Focus. Focus on applying a clarifying shampoo to the roots where buildup is typically the worst. Take the time to work it into your scalp, massaging the scalp, and then carefully spreading it through the rest of your hair.

Step 3:

Rinse Thoroughly. Once you have worked up a sufficient lather, and have successfully worked the clarifying shampoo through the roots and tips, be sure to wash and rinse thoroughly.

Step 4:

Follow Up Conditioner or Hair Mask. Once you have thoroughly rinsed your hair, follow up with a conditioner or hair mask treatment. This will help lock in moisture in your hair, and restore some of that long-lost shine.
Now that you know how to use a clarifying shampoo properly, it’s important to set a schedule. How often you should use a clarifying shampoo depends on your hair type, your styling tendencies, and any other products you use in your hair care regimen. In most cases, using a clarifying shampoo once per month, or once every other month is sufficient. For those who expose their hair to chlorine or use many styling products or dry shampoo, may want to consider using a clarifying shampoo more frequently.
Again, the key is to avoid over-using a clarifying shampoo as this can sometimes make the hair feel dry.

The Cure is Clarifying Shampoo

If you are tired of waking up in the morning and looking at your lifeless hair in the mirror, then it might be time for a clarifying treatment. Using a high-quality clarifying shampoo and repair system is similar to using any regular shampoo, but it is hyper focused on removing buildup from your hair.
Overall, using a clarifying shampoo can be a great way to kill two birds with one stone—remove product build up and restore shine in your hair. You will likely notice that your hair is softer, shinier, and is full of life just by using a clarifying shampoo.
California Becomes The First State To Ban Animal Testing. Totally!

California Becomes The First State To Ban Animal Testing. Totally!

From the beaches of SoCal to the red carpets of Hollywood to the natural beauty of northern California, the trend-setting state and MONAT, the global haircare brand that embodies modern nature, applaud this awesome, important and long-overdue event.
On August 31, in a unanimous vote of 80 to 0, the California State Assembly passed a bill which will make it illegal to sell products that have been, or include ingredients that have been, tested on animals. Products will include makeup, skincare, shampoos, deodorants, and other personal hygiene products. California Governor Jerry Brown is expected to sign the bill into law soon and the change will go into effect on January 1st, 2020.
The bill states that it is unlawful for a manufacturer to import for profit, sell, or offer for sale in California any cosmetic if the cosmetic was developed or manufactured using an animal test that was conducted or contracted by the manufacturer, or any supplier of the manufacturer, on or after January 1, 2020.


The law puts California alongside the European Union, Switzerland, India, Israel and Guatemala, among other countries that have shifted away from animal testing. In the U.S., the bill could pave the way for the other 49 states to do the same.
Many products claim to be “cruelty-free” or “not tested on animals” but their claims are misleading because they may only refer to the finished product. In fact, most animal testing takes place at the ingredient level. Adding to the confusion, some companies may state, “We do not test on animals” when in fact they contract other companies to conduct the testing. These kinds of statements are misleading for consumers.


With 2020 still years away, it’ll be some time until we see the ban’s effects. In the meantime, if you’re looking to make your haircare routine cruelty-free, MONAT is your trusted brand of premium Leaping Bunny Certified haircare products that you can count on for high ethical standards and gorgeous results. The Leaping Bunny Program is the gold-standard in cruelty-free certification for personal care and MONAT is proud to be a member.
Not only are MONAT products cruelty-free, they are also all naturally based, and do not contain sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, PEG, DEA/MEA, harmful colors and harmful fragrances.
For shoppers in California the ban is going to simplify transparency. Californians will no longer have to decode tiny symbols to make sure their beauty products haven’t been produced at animals’ expense. California shoppers will take comfort and pride in knowing that every beauty purchase they make reflects their values of cruelty-free beauty.


In anticipation of this major event, let’s all look forward to a big celebratory trip to California in 2020, rock some awesome West Coast looks and shop cruelty-free cosmetics to our heart’s content.
How to Take Care of Bleached Hair: A 7- Step Guide

How to Take Care of Bleached Hair: A 7- Step Guide

Nearly every girl goes crazy for bright, blonde, and beautiful hair.
Well, maybe a little too crazy.
Women with darker hair need to bleach out the natural dark shades in order to bring out that natural, bright, blonde look.
Beautiful? Yes.
Easy? Not so much.
Bleached hair requires a great deal of care. And if you aren’t careful, bleaching your hair too often can cause some pretty serious damage; ugly, brassy tones; and even hair loss.
Not. pretty.
So, if you want to know how to take care of bleached hair, read on for some tips on keeping bleached hair bright and healthy.

Why Does Bleaching Damage Hair?

Women love to color their hair. Whether it’s to switch up their style, try something fun and new, or cover up grays, color-treating hair is popular across all ages.
Today, there are a number of different color options, ranging from blonde, black, brown, burgundy, purple, blue, and even hot pink.
However, out of all hair colors and methods, bleaching hair blonde does the most damage. And when doing it yourself, the risk for damage is significantly higher and more difficult to undo. This is because bleaching hair involves raising hair cuticles, which ultimately causes hair to rapidly lose moisture. Bleaching also damages the hair’s protein structure. Over time, this can cause hair to dry out, break, split and leave that damaged, frayed look.
Additionally, if you want to change your hair color from a darker color to a bright blonde, this can cause even more damage. This is because the bleaching agent is significantly
stronger and is applied longer, ultimately doing more damage in the interim.
Furthermore, after bleaching hair, using various hair products and heat, such as using blow dryers, hair straighteners, and curling irons only accelerates and worsens hair
damage. Therefore, bleaching hair should be left to a professional hair stylist as often as possible.
However, before you get too overwhelmed, we have good news. You can still enjoy bleached blonde hair, but it will require adjusting your hair care and styling routine, using
the right products, and taking the right steps to keep bleached blonde hair as healthy as possible.


7 Steps to Take Care of Bleached Hair

As we explained above, bleaching hair is intense. And we aren’t talking just about the look itself, we mean that bleaching is intense for your hair, even if you are only going a few shades lighter.
We aren’t trying to dissuade you from bleaching your hair altogether; however, there are some things you can do to help avoid your hair losing its luster and shine, and even
becoming damaged beyond repair.
Here are some super-quick hair care tips to keep in mind. After all, great color comes with greater responsibility.

Step 1

Avoid Dead Ends. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, it might seem like your roots are already growing out right after your last bleach session. Because your ends are the farthest from your roots, they are essentially, well, dead. Once you apply chemicals to them, those dead ends become even more damaged, frayed, and just unattractive. Therefore, the next time you pay your hair stylist a visit, ask him or her to leave your ends out of your foils. The more you bleach your dead ends, the more likely they are to break off!

Step 2

Avoid the Heat. If you bleach your hair, then you probably blow dry, flat iron, or curl your blonde hair each day in order to show off those beautiful, bright locks. However, using heat on top of bleaching hair on a regular basis doubles the damage. In order to properly care for bleached hair, avoid using heat every day, wear your hair up more often, or use a blonde hair product to help with styling.

Step 3

Don’t Wash Your Hair. This might sound disgusting, but it actually works. In fact, this tip goes hand in hand with the previous point. The less you wash your hair, the less often you will need to style it. Furthermore, the natural oils in your hair help protect and nourish your hair, from root to tip. Similar to using a blonde hair product, you can also use a Dry Shampoo to get through the day without that thick, stringy, greasy hair look and feel.

Step 4

DIY Hair Conditioning Treatments. Getting hair conditioning treatments doesn’t have to mean spending hundreds on a trip to your hair stylist. There are some high-quality products you can purchase to help restore strength and repair bleached hair and even maintain that bright, blonde color. For example, you can use a masque that you can use on a weekly basis. There are also high-quality shampoos available that are designed with natural-based ingredients to help nourish and restore moisture in hair. DIY hair conditioning treatments and using the right products just might be what your hair is missing to restore that smooth shine.

Step 5

Tone Up. Over time, bleached blonde hair can become dull, brassy, and lose that bright shine. It’s inevitable. The best way to reverse or avoid this is by using a Color Enhancing shampoo or a conditioner that is specially designed to counteract the brassiness. A purple color enhancing shampoo or conditioner helps to brighten natural blonde tones rather than leaving hair looking yellow or orange.

Step 6

Try a micro fiber Towel. Microfiber towels can help maintain the natural texture of hair without further damaging it. This is because microfiber towels are soft and absorbent, which helps protects end from further breakage. After stepping out of the shower, be sure to gently press or squeeze hair with the towel rather than vigorously rubbing the towel through your hair.

Step 7

Use a Restructuring System. Finally, depending on the level of damage done to your hair, and how often you bleach your hair, you may want to consider using a high-powered restructuring system. The restructuring system comes with up to four products, which can be used however you choose and according to your hair care needs. The system is designed with two revolutionary, state-of-the-art restructuring ingredients including FIBER RESCUE, which is made with hydrolyzed plant lipoprotein technology that reconstructs each and every strand of hair from root to tip. It also contains REJUVENIQE S, an activated oil that restores hydration and moisture. A restructuring system involves multiple high-quality products that help repair hair from the inside out and root to tip.

Take Care of Bleached Hair

Dealing with bleached blonde hair requires specific care, upkeep, and maintenance in order to keep hair healthy and blonde hair, well, blonde. With the tips and steps above, you can easily take care of bleached hair—in and out of the salon. Gone are the days of staring in the mirror, gasping at the dull, dead, and frayed ends, and the lack of blonde luster and shine.
By switching up your hair care routine, using the right blonde products, and visiting your hair stylist when necessary, you can keep bleached blonde hair looking beautiful and
healthy. After all, you and your hair are worth it!
So Many Hair Masques! Which Masque Is For Me?

So Many Hair Masques! Which Masque Is For Me?

These days there are so many hair masques available, it gets really hard to choose. Well, it really all depends on what your hair needs! MONAT has made it simple for you. Here’s a chart you can use to figure out in a snap what’s best for you!


Who needs it? Slightly dry hair
Benefits: Provides light nourishing moisture treatment
Formulated with: REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive & Amino Acid Complex
Usage: Once or twice a week


Who needs it? Slightly dry, lightly damaged hair
Benefits: Delivers light hydration and moisturization & helps minimize frizz and split ends
Formulated with: REJUVENIQE™ Intensive Oil
Usage: Once or twice a week


Who needs it? Hair with product build-up or to reboot your hair care routine
Benefits: Provides a deep cleanse, absorbs impurities, gently conditions
Formulated with: Activated Charcoal Blend, Coconut Oil
Usage: Once or twice a week


Who needs it? Dull, lifeless, parched, thirsty hair
Benefits: Delivers body, bounce and shine, intense hydration clinically proven to last up to 72 hours
Formulated with: REJUVENIQE S™, PatcH20
Usage: Once or twice a week


Who needs it? Severely damaged, over-processed hair
Benefits: Fixes breakage, strengthens, softens
Usage: Once or twice a week or every day if hair shampooed daily and extremely damaged
See how easy that was? Now all you have to do is look at your hair…and choose the masque that matches it best!
What Do Women Want To Know About Hair Products? Here’s What The Internet Says!

What Do Women Want To Know About Hair Products? Here’s What The Internet Says!

Our hair is a BIG topic. After all, every woman always talks about her hair. Think of one time you sat with your girlfriends and hair and what you use didn’t come up? They constantly do! Well, this is not just a big topic for you. All woman are obsessed with hair products. How do we know? We looked at internet search rankings for hair products and saw how many times some kind of hair care topic came up. Let’s take a look!


Dry Shampoo
So many women want to know what kind of dry shampoo to get. It’s a maze after all. There are so many on the market, of every conceivable kind. How to choose? We’ve got a good one for you…THE CHAMP™ Conditioning Dry Shampoo. Great for those mornings you wake up with a little too much oil around your forehead or for after the gym or a good run, this waterless dry shampoo absorbs oils, dirt and impurities between washes. It leaves hair looking and feeling fresh and clean. And, unlike so many others, it leaves no dulling residue or powdery build-up. It really helps extend styles two and three days! It’s also cruelty-free and vegan.


Deep Conditioner for Natural Hair
Now this was a key search topic. We all know women with some sort of chemically treated hair. And there are plenty of conditioners for colored, dyed, straightened or permed hair. But what about a conditioner for woman with truly natural hair? They need conditioners too! Well, we’ve got two choices for you—Super Moisture Masque and Heavenly Hydrating Masque. Super Moisture Masque is good for slightly dry hair and provides a light, nourishing moisture treatment. It is formulated with REJUVENIQE® Oil Intensive and an amino acid complex. Heavenly Hydrating Masque, for all hair types, is specially formulated for dull, lifeless, parched and/or thirsty hair that needs intense hydration from roots to tips.


Leave-in Conditioner
This easy-to-use product was a fav topic. After all, who can really live without one with our busy lifestyles? Just spray on, comb through and go…or style, if that’s your gig. This topic came up because the market is flooded with them though. It can be nearly impossible to choose a good, all-around leave-in. But we’ve got one for you. Restore Leave-In Conditioner is lightweight and designed to hydrate each hair strand. It conditions and detangles and leaves hair touchably soft and shiny without weighing hair down. This too is cruelty-free and vegan. Too good to be true!


Shampoo for Oily Hair
This was also a big topic. After all, who wants to go around looking like they’ve got an oily, grungy mess at their roots or even worse, down their hair strands? Clarifying Shampoo is an ideal deep cleansing shampoo that works wonders, leaving hair shiny and perfectly healthy-looking. It is specifically formulated to instantly lift away surface impurities, wash away styling product build-up and help rebalance surface oils, bringing freshness and a deep sense of clean to your locks, without stripping or drying out the hair.


Hair Serum
It seems everyone has damaged hair in some way, doesn’t it? Those women with long, flowing, bouncy, shiny locks who you see in magazines? Believe us, they weren’t born that way! It takes product to give you truly healthy hair…and usually it’s a serum that will provide the ultimate fix, which is why this was such a popular search topic. A truly great serum is Inner Force Restructuring Serum, a true ground-breaker in the serum category. It reconstructs hair at its core, reversing visible damage from styling, coloring, harsh chemicals and over-processing. It literally rebuilds the hair architecture from the inside out to correct and actually prevent damage. Best of all, it’s allergy-tested, dermatology-tested and hypoallergenic.
Want An Eyelash Serum That Really Works? Find Out Here!

Want An Eyelash Serum That Really Works? Find Out Here!

It seems that every woman wants fuller, stronger, lush eyelashes. Don’t you? But there are so many products on the shelves today, it’s hard to pick the truly right one.
Most over-the-counter eyelash serums contain biotin (a B vitamin), peptides, or lipids. But, according to Debra Jaliman, M.D., a dermatologist based in New York City, for some people, these formulas may cause sensitivity or an adverse reaction – itchiness along the eyelash line is one common side effect.1
What to do? Pick one widely known for its amazing results…Eye Wonder Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum! This amazing formula will help lashes and brows appear fuller, longer, healthier and rich with shine.


EYE WONDER is a high-performance serum with proprietary and proven ingredients, including Capixyl™. This clinically proven active helps to increase the length and density of lashes and brows.
While conditioning precious lashes and brows, the serum also protects from brittleness and breakage. Applied along the lash line and brows, the serum is easily absorbed and quickly delivers ingredients while helping to hydrate the delicate skin at the lash line and the skin around the brows. Both lashes and brows look great!
Just look at these “before and after” untouched pictures, taken from the MONAT Hair Testimonials closed Facebook group.


Jasmin Da Silva Thompson. “My result with Eye Wonder in 5 weeks I MONAT! I started with little stubbies and now my lashes are so much longer and fuller.“


Brittany Washington. “My results using eye wonder. After 3 weeks of use!! My eyebrows have been falling out for years. I can’t believe I have eye brows again!! Thank you MONAT!!


Alexis Hazel. “I use Eye Wonder 2x a day and coat the base and use like mascara to coat them well also no mascara is on my eye lashes! so pleased with my results Free to use!!
With the Eye Wonder Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum from MONAT, prepare to be “eye-dolized!”

*Please note these are opinions based on what MONAT customers say.

1 Mulpeter, K. “The 7 Best Eyelash Growth Serums for Longer, Fuller Lashes.” Health. Aug. 9. 2018. https://www.health.com/beauty/eyelash-growth-serums

Want Some New Hairstyles From A Celebrity Hairstylist? Read On!

Want Some New Hairstyles From A Celebrity Hairstylist? Read On!

MONAT has teamed up with Celebrity Hairstylist Alex Brown and she has created some really great hair styles just for MONAT followers. Scroll on down!

Are you pro-braids? Do you wish you knew how to do them differently? Check out this video for a super sleek ponytail with braids. You’ll be amazed at how gorgeous the style is. Click here to watch this great tutorial!

Need a smashing new do for that night out next week? Going to a major event and want something different for your hair? Watch now to learn how to create Glamourous Waves you always see on all the broadcast awards shows. You’ll really knock’em dead!

We all wear ponytails, right? But don’t you wish you could do something edgy with it at times? Try this Bubble Ponytail that is so in right now it’s smokin’! It’s easy to do and creates a totally different effect. Try it! You…and everyone else…will love it!
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New Restructuring Hair Care Collection Turns Back The Hands Of Time!

Have you just had it with your hair? Is it very damaged, over-processed and over-stressed? Does your hair actually snap and break? Do split ends develop constantly? Does your hair feel dry and brittle, like it’s lost its elasticity and resilience?
Not to fear! A new collection of products by MONAT takes a 360-degree approach to damage repair by renewing hair’s strength from the inside out! MONAT’s Restructuring Hair Care Collection products are specifically designed to target damage at the microscopic level. The secret is two of the most technologically advanced ingredients to rebuild, re-strengthen, restructure and resurface hair for hair that looks reborn. Flip your shower routine on its head with a new approach to hair care!
The two revolutionary, state-of-the-art restructuring ingredients are FIBER RESCUETM, which has a breakthrough hydrolyzed plant lipoprotein technology that reconstructs every strand of hair from root to tip, and REJUVENIQE STM, an activated oil which imparts unmatched hydration and luminosity.
The Restructuring Hair Care Collection contains four products, which can be used in three different ways to give you the hair care that your tresses need!


The Restructuring Hair Care Routine & Reverse Care Method
The Routine is the Restructuring Pre-Wash Conditioner and Restructuring Shampoo. This amazing duo works together to gently clean, condition and hydrate your hair. What’s so unusual about this Routine is the Reverse Condition Method, which sets the stage for healthier hair. First, you start with the Restructuring Pre-Wash Conditioner, designed to be used prior to the Restructuring Shampoo as the first step in this revolutionary regimen. FIBER RESCUETM and REJUVENIQE STM activated oil power up each strand, rescuing and hydrating each one from root to tip, while marine botanicals, such as red algae, act as a figurative hair “net” and shield strands from the friction caused by massaging and rubbing the hair. The conditioner, a lightweight formula, instantly moisturizes dehydrated hair while leaving it feeling and looking healthier. Then you shampoo to gently cleanse your hair while instantly hydrating and improving manageability, bounce and shine.


The Restructuring High Intensity System
If you feel your hair needs something more serious, it’s time to actually repair damage rather than just cover it up. Your answer is the Hair Transformation Masque and Inner Force Restructuring Serum.
The Hair Transformation Masque is the 3rd Step within your regimen. Intensive and ultra-rich, it features a highly concentrated dose of amino acids that repair and thicken each strand. Hair Transformation Masque, an ultra-rich and creamy rinse-out treatment that rebuilds hair’s architecture, while sealing and smoothing each and every strand, is designed for use once or twice a week but is gentle enough to enjoy each day.
Lastly, before you style, apply Inner Force Restructuring Serum, a leave-in that will boost your hair with beneficial ceramides and is rich in nourishing lipids to repair old damage and prevent future “bad hair days” before they even begin. Inner Force Restructuring Serum is a state-of-the-art, dual treatment formula that reverses the visible damage left behind by hot tools, harsh chemicals and that color change you just had to make twice this season. It contains MONAT’s highest concentration of ultra-potent transformational ingredients and includes a “fixer” lotion serum to work deep within the hair cortex repairing existing damage and a “protective” gel serum designed to sooth and safeguard against future harm.


The 3-Step Restructuring Regimen
MONATs Restructuring Pre-Wash Conditioner and Restructuring Shampoo set the stage for smoother, shinier, and stronger hair. Both contain FIBER RESCUETM and REJUVENIQE STM activated oil – MONAT’s newest innovative and reparative ingredients. Looking to give lackluster locks a little more “love?” This Regimen does just that with the addition of the Hair Transformation Masque, the ultra-rich and creamy rinse-out treatment that rebuilds hair’s architecture, while sealing and smoothing each and every strand.


The Restructuring Collection
The Restructuring Collection is the 360-degree approach to build inner hair strength and includes all four products… Restructuring Pre-Wash Conditioner, Restructuring Shampoo, Hair Transformation Masque and Inner Force Restructuring Serum…to give you top of the line care. Now your hair will have come full circle, with a science-backed hair care line designed to take a 360-degree approach, addressing (and reversing) the ten major signs of hair damage. Whether it’s damage caused by chemicals (bleach, hair dye, perms and straighteners), extremely harsh styling methods (daily flat irons, for example), pollution, weather and extreme amounts of direct sun exposure this comprehensive collection can reverse it. Other reparative treatments merely mask damage – like a veneer would on a tooth; however, this regimen targets the cause at its core, regenerating each strand.
Switch up your routine starting with the Restructuring Pre-Wash Conditioner that preps hair, protecting it from the rigors of washing and scrubbing. Follow with the multi-tasking and deeply reparative Restructuring Shampoo, which not only cleans, but also corrects. Once or twice a week, add the finishing touch, the Hair Transformation Masque to mitigate breakage in mere moments. Polish off your routine once a week with Inner Force Restructuring Serum, a dual treatment to turn back the hands of time to hair’s pre-damaged state.
All formulas contain MONAT’s newest and most innovative healing ingredients, FIBER RESCUETM and REJUVENIQE STM. Used all together, hair is noticeably revitalized. (You can thank us later.)

Employee Edit: Who Loves What at MONAT!

Many times people ask us who work at MONAT what we like, especially because we have so many, many products to choose from. So we thought we’d show you exactly what some of our employees in this company use and why. Maybe you can take away some useful tips!


Mary Ensor, Manager of Philanthropy and Gratitude Efforts
More than a Hand cream is one of the products I can’t live without! I keep one at home and in my purse so that it is always with me. I love the refreshing scent and how moisturizing it is.”


Melissa Zoque, Global Assistant Project Manager
“I absolutely cannot live without the Super Moisture Masque! I mix and match my products—Smoothing Shampoo, Revitalize Conditioner and Restore Leave-In Conditioner—but I HAVE to use the Super Moisture Masque at least twice a week to soften my hair. I’ve also noticed it works as anti-frizz. I love it!”


Luis Valencia, Social Media Support Representative
“I cannot live without the MONAT BLACK Shampoo + Conditioner and Restore Leave-In Conditioner. Why? Well they’re simply awesome. I love the 2-in-1 because it is strong enough to clean my hair and gentle enough for everyday use. The Restore Leave-In Conditioner is part of my daily routine because it makes my hair looking and smelling great all day!”


Marisol Diamond, Project Manager/Creative Dept.
“I really like REJUVABEADS® because I can use it on my hair before I blow dry it and it makes my ends look nice rather than frayed and split. I also like it because I can use a little bit to tame my flyaways. And, I use it on one of my kid’s hair when I do a pony tail on her. I am conditioning her hair while it is also helping me tame her curls to pull them back.”
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