Give Your Locks a Dry Run This Summer

Air Drying is SO Hot Right Now!
We love the summer weather…but the days are hot enough without the added heat that comes alongside our daily hairstyling routines. But there’s good news! Letting your hair air dry and flow freely without the added heat of a blow dryer means you can effortlessly rock your style all season long! If you’re a newbie to this au natural styling technique, check out some of the useful tips below.


Product Perks
First things first, air-drying doesn’t give you the green light to be lazy! You’ll still want to apply product to help set your hair, which will add some volume and reduce unruly frizz once your hair is dry. Apply a small amount of product on your hair while it’s damp—we LOVE a good Air Dry Cream! Comb through your hair to distribute evenly. This will help tame your locks and keep your style smooth throughout the day.


Say Yes to Styling
While the idea of free-flowing your way through the day sounds delicious, to achieve the best air-drying results you must still style your hair. Don’t worry, there are simple and quick ways to add style, which lend most of the work to the air dry itself.
Try twirling your hair into a tight bun when damp. When your hair is fully dry, release your bun and finger-comb through lightly. This will result in beautiful, natural-looking waves.
Another look is putting your hair in two loose braids as it dries. Just be wary of how long you let your braids stay in, to avoid a more crimped look. Undo your braids and finger-comb through to separate your waves. Hello, beachy waves!


Hands Off!
Once you create a beautiful style—like twisting your locks into loose curls or waves with your fingers—you’ll need to be hands-off after that for the best results. Don’t run your fingers through your hair or brush your hair excessively as it dries. This will cause the hair to frizz. Sit back and let it dry on its own. Then, give it a little shake loosely with your fingers to separate your waves. To finish your look, add a generous mist of texturizing spray or hairspray and you’ll be good to go! Try some of these free-flowing styles and be sure to share on social media #MONATstyle!
Check out some Beauty Insider tips for using MONAT Air Dry Cream:
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Sizzling Summer Styles

Hair tutorials that’ll keep your locks lit
Summer’s delicious energy is quickly approaching, and we’re ready to mix things up with a few new hairstyles. We’ve gathered some of our favorite, easy-to-create hairstyle tutorials that we’re sure you’ll love. Give them a try and be sure to tag #MONATStyle on social media to show us your sizzling summer styles!
Faux Fishtail Braid
You can’t go wrong with the classic look of a solid Fishtail Braid, but sometimes pulling it off can turn into a daunting task. That’s why we love its just-as-cute cousin, the Faux Fishtail! It’s much easier to navigate, plus the end result is still the perfect look you want for days in the sun—or for those hot summer nights! Check out this tutorial for the perfect #FAUXFISHTAIL.
Try this look with Tousled Texturizing Mist
Knotted Half Up
Style with a twist is all about standing out with this trendy Knotted Half Up! Whether you want to dress up your daytime look or add an extra head-turning touch to your night time style, take a look below and learn to master this stellar summer style. #KNOTTEDHALFUP
Try this look with REJUVENIQE® Oil Intensive
Beach Waves
There’s just something about rockin’ those sexy, flowy, beachy waves that we just can’t get enough of! This easy-to-create style is versatile enough to take from day to night, yet simple enough to knock out in just a few minutes. Watch below and learn to make the perfect #BEACHWAVES!
Space Buns
Ready to feel a little out of this world? This go-to style is the perfect choice for that special summer festival you’ve been waiting for! With just a few twists, turns and tucks, you’ll be festival ready in no time. Check out this simply tutorial below and get ready to rock your #SPACEBUNS!
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How to Layer Hair Products the Right Way for Good Hair Days

This has happened to all of us…

You visit the salon and leave with a vibrant, shiny, bouncy new hairstyle, feeling like a million bucks.

The best part is, your hair stylist made it seem so simple. He or she likely even talked you through an array of basic hair styling products as well as the process of what order to apply hair products for optimum results.
In the serene, ambient environment of a high-end salon, complete with hot towels and the scalp massage, you often get lulled into a zen-like daze. You find yourself thinking, “No problem. I know how to use hair products and I can totally do this at home”, maybe without actually paying attention. You may even leave with a tote bag of hair styling product samples that you can’t wait to try.
You manage to hang on that “new hair” look and feel for a few days, but now it’s time to shampoo. You look at your array of products… Which ones did your stylist use when your hair was wet? What order did he or she apply them? How did he or she apply them? Do you apply the mousse or heat protectant first?
In an effort to recreate your hairstyle, all you did was make a giant, gloppy mess of your hair.
Epic. Fail.
Does this sound familiar? If so, don’t stress! We won’t judge! In this article, we will walk you through how to apply hair product in seven easy steps. By the end of this article, and with a little practice, you will know how to layer hair products the right way, so you always have a good hair day.

7 Easy Steps to Layering Hair Products the Right Way

1. Pre-Wash Prep
Some people hit the shower for a good, old-fashioned shampooing. However, taking the time at least once a week to use a quality oil treatment, such as REJUVENIQETM Oil Intensive can help transform your dry, brittle, lackluster locks into the vibrant, shiny, bouncy, fresh-from-the-salon hair. Depending on the severity of your dryness and your hair type, leave the treatment in for 15 to 30 minutes.
If your hair tends to be fine and oily, then the oils in this treatment may be too heavy. Try Rejuveniqe Light by MONAT™ to gain all the healthy hair benefits without weighing down your tresses.
On the days you are in a rush and don’t use the Oil Intensive, you can restructure your hair with Restructuring Pre-Wash Conditioner. This product only needs five minutes to work its magic. It can also dramatically improve hair elasticity by restructuring and resurfacing to reveal shinier, stronger hair.
Pre-shampoo treatments act as cuticle-sealers that can protect your hair from both styling and environmental stressors.
2. The Shampoo
Step into the shower, rinse out your pre-wash treatment, and begin shampooing. However, don’t use just any shampoo. It is important to use a quality product without any parabens or phthalates. Your shampoo should also strip your hair of dirt and debris to properly prep it for the styling products you will use later. A truly great shampoo does all this while also helping to repair damage and provide you with healthy oils to enhance your hair’s natural, healthy sheen.
We recommend the Hydration System for healthy, moisturized locks. This naturally-based proprietary blend of plant and botanical extracts, healthy oils, and protectants without any of the harmful and toxic ingredients like other major hair product lines.
3. The Replenishing Masque
So you used a shampoo and conditioner. That means you’re done, right? Not quite. As studies, research, and technology have improved, this traditional hair care regimen has become obsolete. Today we know a lot more about how to layer hair products. Therefore, using a deep Replenish Masque like the one in MONAT’s hydration system can help make all the difference in the overall health of your hair.
This ultra-rich, deep masque repairs breakage, softens, and strengthens hair from the inside out, transforming your damages, brittle, over-processed locks in just 5 to 10 minutes. Leaving it on while you finish your shower routine increases the natural shine and vibrancy of your style.
Implementing this step into your hair care regimen means your hair will ultimately require less styling products over time to achieve the look you’re after.
4. The Leave-In Conditioner
Apply a leave-in conditioner and comb through your wet hair to help tame frizz and flyaways, leaving hair smooth, manageable, and ready to style. The MONAT Restore Leave-in Conditioner is infused with Rejuveniqe™ Oil Intensive, meaning it will increase brilliance, strength, and vitality over time, building a healthier foundation from the hair shaft out.
Many people skip this step, but it is an important milestone in the process of how to layer hair products. It also provides a sleek foundation for your other hair care or styling products.
5. The Styling Agents
After you use your leave-in conditioner, use a styling mousse, texturizing mist, or both to gain volume and lift or get that textured look. These lightweight formulas help transform your flat hair into multidimensional interest.
6. The Pre-Heat Treat
If you use heat tools such as blow-dryers, flat irons, or curling wands on a regular basis, then it’s important to use a heat protectant product. A blow-out cream will give your hair that silky, smooth feel while protecting it from the damaging heat from your blow-dryer, curling or flat iron, or other styling tools.

The Hair-Healthy Alternative: Skip the Heat

The truth is, while we try to protect our hair from heat damage, those heat-based styling tools are still harmful to use every day. We all love the look and feel of a fabulous, voluminous blow-out every now and then, but daily usage can be devastating to your hair’s health. High temperatures can crack hair cuticles, causing frayed and split ends, which lead to frizz and faded color.
When your hair is truly healthy as a result of using high-quality restorative products on a regular basis, then you can still have a great hair day without relying on using damaging heat tools by using an air-dry cream. This allows you to show off your healthy hair’s natural pattern.
A quality air-dry cream provides texture and eliminates frizz without weighing down your locks. You can pair this with a mousse, texturizing mist, or sculpting taffy for an ultra-dimensional look.
7. The Finishing Touch
Depending on your desired look or hair type, you may want to finish with a variety of products. If your hair is especially dry or prone to frizz, try using a serum or oil. To hold curl or wave in fine, straight hair, try using a spritz on a finishing control spray. To give extra definition and texture to your tresses, you can apply a sculpting taffy at this stage as well.

Style On!

Getting beautiful, healthy hair that you want to show off shouldn’t be difficult. While we all love a salon day, and that fresh-from-the-salon look afterward, it doesn’t have to end!
When it comes to your everyday hair routine, practice makes perfect. Scientific evidence suggests it takes our brains approximately 21 days to form a new habit. Give yourself a break and try to remember these seven easy steps for how to layer hair products.
Don’t forget that investing in quality products will make all the difference in how easy or difficult styling your hair will be. Choosing a proven, safe, non-toxic product line like the ones from MONAT can ensure your hair shines from the inside out and becomes healthier the longer you use it.

Pup Grooming Tips: How Often Should You Groom Your Dog?

Any new or prospective pet parent will undoubtedly have a million questions about the best way to care for their beloved fur baby. One common question asked by many new, proud pet owners is: “How often should I groom my dog?”
Keeping your dog’s coat in pristine condition is important for his or her health. Regular grooming not only helps keep your dog’s coat clean, but it also reduces the risks of skin irritations.
So, how often should a dog be groomed? Of course, the answer will differ depending on the type and age of the dog. However, here are some important questions to consider when determining a grooming schedule for your new best friend:

What Breed or Mix is Your Dog?

The frequency at which you need to groom your dog first depends on the breed. Dogs with longer hair or fur will obviously require more frequent grooming to help keep it clean, prevent matting, and also from getting in your dog’s eyes.
In addition to their fur, the rate at which a dog’s nails grow also depends on the breed. You typically will find your dog’s breed information from the breeder or shelter. Breeders and shelters typically have medical records, history, genetics, and breed information to hand over to you upon adoption.
However, if you are unsure of your dog’s breed, or if you think your dog may be a mix, you can always have your dog genetically tested. Many Humane Societies also perform free breed typing.

What Type of Coat Does Your Dog Have?

Perhaps more important than determining the specific breed of your pooch is considering your dog’s coat type. As mentioned above, long-haired dogs require frequent grooming, however, this also depends on how much they shed and their coat type.
There are five main coat types, each with different grooming needs.
1. Smooth Coat. Dogs with smooth coats do not need to be groomed as often as other coat types. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are completely maintenance free; they should still be bathed and brushed regularly. Some examples of smooth-coated dogs are the Bull Terrier and the Daschund.
2. Double Coat. A dog with a double coat needs slightly more TLC than a smooth coat. Double-coated pooches may have long or short hair. The best way to groom these dogs is with a slicker brush with a wide-toothed comb. Some examples of double-coated dogs include the Chow-Chow, Rottweiler, and Border Collie. A double-coated dog can have either long hair or short hair and may have a thick undercoat.
It is typically considered unsafe to tackle severe mats on your own unless you have experience dealing with them. So, if your dog does develop mats, it is best to take him or her to a professional groomer in order to remove them safely and properly.
If your dog has a thick undercoat, it’s important to have this area trimmed seasonally to prevent severe matting. These breeds must be groomed at least every three months to avoid matting.
3. Wire Coat. Dogs with wire coats are far more susceptible to mats and tangles. Terriers are the most popular breed for wire coats.
4. Long Coat. Dogs with long coats tend to need consistent grooming routines to keep them healthy and free from mats. To find the grooming regimen that suits you and your new best friend, determine if his or her long coat is coarse or silky. Each type of coat requires a different type of brush and possibly shampoo. A good detangling shampoo designed for dogs can help. Some of the long-coat breeds include Yorkshire Terriers, Lhasa Apsos, and Malteses.
There are also two different types of long coats: silky and coarse.
  • Silky. A silky long coat is a single coat that grows continuously and requires more frequent trimming. A very close cut can last as long as two to three months. However, if you prefer the groomer to leave an inch or more of hair, you’ll likely need to come back every four to six weeks to keep the mats at bay.
  • Coarse. A coarse, long coat is slightly less prone to matting and can go around three months between grooming sessions.
5. Curly Coat. Curly coats are the most likely to mat. Hair longer than half an inch should be brushed at least twice per week. When hair grows longer than one inch it needs to be brushed daily using a soft slicker brush. It is important that these dogs are groomed every four to six weeks in order to prevent severe matting. The Bichon Frise and the Poodle are two examples of curly-coated pups.

What Does the Breeder or Shelter Recommend?

Regardless of breed or coat type, some dogs shed more than others. Heredity plays a part in shedding as well.
To answer the question of how often should you groom your dog, ask the breeder or shelter from where you adopted your dog about best grooming practices. Not only does your breeder or shelter have intimate knowledge of your dog’s shedding habits and grooming routines, but he or she will likely also know the specifics of your dog’s particular breed needs and shedding habits, and can recommend a grooming schedule.
Utilizing your breeder or shelter as a valuable and knowledgeable resource can help protect the relationship between you and your pooch as well as his or her health.

What Does Your Groomer Recommend?

Your groomer may indeed be the best person to tell you how often to bring your dog in for which grooming services. Often nail clipping, dental grooming, bathing, brushing, and cutting can all be arranged on a rotating schedule that suits your needs.

How Much Brushing or Grooming Do You Need to Do At Home?

Some puppy parents welcome the task of handling the bathing, washing, and even clipping, whereas others prefer to let a professional handle it.
If you take your dog to a groomer, they will likely be glad to help you establish a scheduled grooming routine that best fits your dog’s needs. Utilizing a calendar to keep track of your pup’s grooming schedule can help maintain a healthy grooming regimen.
Some dogs with low-maintenance coats may never need professional grooming services. If you plan to handle at least the minimum regular bathing responsibilities on your own, it is important to use a professional pet product that is safe and will keep your dog smelling great, such as MONAT Pet™ Duo.

Finding the Right Grooming Schedule for Your Pooch is an Individual Process

If you’ve read this entire article, and are still asking yourself, “How often should I get my dog groomed?” it is a good idea to begin asking the professionals mentioned above, such as your breeder or groomer.
While there is no one right answer for every dog, keep in mind that the shorter your groomer clips the cut, the longer you will have between appointments. In addition, the longer you wait between grooming sessions, the more frequently you’ll need to attend to brushing and grooming at home.
Severe matting can cause various complications in your pup, ranging in severity from minor skin irritations like sunburns to more serious infections. Regular grooming is important to your pet’s overall health and well-being. So determining how often you should groom your dog shows that you plan to make it a priority to give the very best care to your best friend.

15 Easy Hairstyles for Work You Can Do in Less Than 1 Minute!

If you are like most busy working women, you feel like you’re constantly pulled in a million different directions while your mind works triple-time to stay on top of it all.
Sometimes even think about, What am I going to do with my hair? when you’re already running late for work is enough to send you over the edge.
Don’t stress. In order to take one small detail off your mental load, here are some of the best, new, and easy hairstyles for work to whip up in less than a minute!

Snazz it Up with Accessories

Accessories are perhaps the quickest way to throw cute hairstyles for work together when your time is seriously limited.
1. Half-up Hair-Wrapped Scarf. This is one seriously time-saving look. The trick is to find a hair scarf with an elastic back.
Part your hair and place the scarf over your hair in the back and about an inch past your hairline in front. Take approximately one to one-and-a-half inch section on either side of your part and wrap those sections around, covering the band, until the sections meet in the back. Leave the sections hanging down in a small pony under the scarf.
2. Hair Down Scarf. No time to wash your hair again? Using a thicker scarf is the way to go.
Comb your hair straight back or part it. Tie a scarf around your head, knotting in either the front or the back. If the scarf is longer, the back may work best. Opt to pull out tendrils in front, or leave it sleek.
3. Scarf Bun. This is for the day you wake up late and your hair just will not cooperate. Fashion a quick bun by pulling all your hair up into a bunch and winding an elastic over the whole mess. Then, simply tie a front-knotted scarf around the bun. Remember, the messier, the better!
Bonus: The scarf covers any head bumps created from carelessly gathering your hair together when you don’t have time for a brush.
4. Fun Costume Barrettes. Elaborately-designed barrettes are best paired with plain, solid clothing and simple hairstyles, meaning they can serve as the point of interest and really dress up an otherwise dull ensemble.
Put on a basic black uniform or outfit comprised of other neutrals, pull hair back in the most basic half-up, one side up, or all-up style, and let your barrette do the dazzling.
5. Headbanded Messy Side Bun. Here is another pulled-together look that takes almost no time. Part your hair on the side and pile it into a messy bun near one ear. Spritz with Refinish Control Hairspray, and position a headband where you like it to keep the style in place.

Weave a Quick Braid

Those who say braids take too long are simply misunderstanding us here. We’re not talking about the carefully measured, parted, sectioned off type of braid that will stay in place through a marathon. These braids are loose, messy, and intentionally imperfect.
6. Bun with a Braided Front. Don’t bother getting all fancy and intricate here; we don’t have the time! Weave a simple classic braid with a 1-2 inch section of hair from your part in front down to the ends of the section. Then, simply twist it all into a messy bun.
7. Messy Mermaid Side Braid. The classic, carefully-measured and sectioned, neat-style French braid can be very time consuming, but its messier, carefree version can be done in a fraction of the time.
By starting low on the side of your head and taking large strips of hair at a time, you can manage a loose French braid with only three or four passes. Tie the braid off with a mini-elastic and strategically pull loops out to create that accidental-on-purpose volume.
8. Simple Pony Braid. This one is fairly self-explanatory. Pull hair into a pony, secure with an elastic, and braid down to the ends. You can fluff out the braid for a more voluminous look if there’s time…

Leave it Down (ish)

So you went out last night with your hair looking fabulous but slept in and now it needs help—stat. With some Blow Out Cream and a few simple tricks, you can indeed salvage last night’s hair with style (whatever it was) intact.
9. Tiny Twist-Back. For a youthful, work-appropriate down-hair look, separate a small triangle of hair near your front hairline and pull it down in front of your face. Beginning at the scalp, twist it down a few inches, flip it over, and pin it in place at the crown.
10. Hair-Headband. If you’re racking your brain trying to think of easy-to-do hairstyles for work, remember this basic go-to technique to keep it off your face.
Part your hair and section about an inch of hairline hair on either side. Pull the rest into a temporary top knot. Lay the two sections down on the sides of your head and secure with a mini elastic at the nape of your neck.
11. Messy, Scrunched, Wet Look. When looking for easy hairstyles for work, there are also options for after washing your hair but don’t have time to blow dry.
Simply step out of the shower, towel dry, and work some tousling mist through your tresses. You can leave it in the wet look, or do a quick partial blow-dry while crinkling pieces to make beachy waves. Be sure to finish with anti-frizz serum.
If your hair gets too out of control, pin a portion back or add an accessory. This cute look is just as easy to do with shorter cuts as it is long hairstyles for work.

Throw it Up (ish)

When you’re running super short on time, sometimes the best thing you can do is throw your hair up and hope for the best. Here are some variations that will make it look purposeful.
12. Twisted Rosette Bun. We love teaching how to style hair for work that looks like you spent much more time on it than you actually did. This twisty bun is a perfect example of easy long hairstyles for work, but if your hair is shorter, we suggest going with the back down and doing a half up rosette.
Pull your hair into a basic pony and secure with an elastic. Split the pony into two halves and twist to ends of hair. Spiral the twist around your pony and secure with pins. Fluff out strategic loops of the twists for a fuller rosette.
13. Simple Hair-Wrapped Pony. Speaking of how to do quick hairstyles, the hair-wrapped pony is a classy take on the simplest look known to hair.
Section off a one to two-inch section of hair on the long side of your part to leave hanging down, bringing the rest up into a secured pony. Brush the remaining section smooth and lay it down the side of your head, pinning into place.
Then, bring the hair under your pony and loop around it several times until the elastic is covered in hair, pinning the ends of the section under the pony.
Again, this example is great for how to wear long hair up for work, but if your hair is on the shorter side, you can easily try this technique in a half-up style.
14. Uber-Long and Full Messy Tendril Pony. Some of the most important tricks in how to do hair for work involve making hair seem more voluminous and lively.
Separate your hair into top and bottom sections. Secure the top half in an elastic and place the bottom in another elastic just underneath the first. Tease and fluff out the top pony to cover the bottom, securing with pins as necessary. Pull out strategic tendrils and finish with styling spray to keep fullness on top. This works well for both long and short styles.
15. Twisty, Topsy Pony. Depending on your age, you may remember the topsy tail fad of your youth. While this gadget came with some fun styles, it turns out the tool itself was pretty unnecessary, as this style is easy to execute using just your fingers.
Fashion a loose pony and part the hair between the scalp and the elastic. Take the tail and push it up, through and under or down, through, and over the loop you just made. This is yet another look shorter styles can do using a half-up approach.

Doing Your Hair Before Work Just Got Easier

With your arsenal full of these easy hairstyles for work, we dare you to see just how far you can stretch your snooze button!

Color Me Good

Consider These Pre-Coloring Tips
Change is good!
We can’t fight the urge to try new looks, styles and colors as we cycle through the seasons. Whether you’re a first-timer or you’ve changed your hair color more times than you can count, you’re about to take a magical journey! Matching the warmth and energy of upcoming summer days and nights is a must…and coloring your hair is a great way to do that! But first, we want to make sure your locks are prepped before receiving a makeover. So here’s a list of five things to consider before you jump into the color pool!


#1 Speak Up
Everyone’s hair has a past! Which is why it’s super important to share your hair’s history with your colorist prior to starting. A quick consultation gives them the best possible idea of the nature of your hair health as you enter the coloring process. It’s best to provide a solid history to get the best results possible…so put on your thinkin’ cap and jot down any coloring, processing or damage you recall. Don’t be shy to mention things you disliked about previous hair colors either. Your hair will thank you!
#2 Prepare Your Hair
Ideally, you want your hair to be as healthy as possible before your appointment. It’s the best way to prevent breakage that may occur during processing. Here are a few ways to prep your hair:
Ditch the dead…definitely get a trim to remove any split ends before you color. Healthier hair always responds better to color.
Applying a hydrating hair mask all over your strands about a week before you go in to get your color done is always a good idea, too. This hydrates your hair from root to tip and preps it for the color process.
On the day of (or night before) your appointment, making sure your hair is squeaky clean is key. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove any excess product that may be lingering…because a clean palette is the best way to obtain the truest color and best results.


#3 Have Patience
Always consider the level of change you’re seeking with your new color. Big changes like going from brunette to blonde take time—and a transition like this is best done over multiple appointments. Too much at once could burn your hair. Yikes! So be patient. This allows the hair to be processed with the least amount of breakage and damage. The result will be beautiful hues that were well worth the wait!
#4 Use Shampoo & Conditioner Designed for Color Treated Hair
One of the golden rules of hair coloring is you MUST change your shampoo and conditioner to those designed for color-treated hair. Doing this maintains your bombshell hues, as well as the overall health of your hair.


#5 Be Natural
Once your color is complete, be sure to keep things natural and avoid heat styling for at least a few days post processing. Letting your hair air dry is also a great excuse to boast that beachy wave look we all love…which is also perfect for warm weather!
Remember to have fun with your color! Be adventurous and remember that with the proper care, your newly colored locks will be one of your most favored summertime accessories. Happy coloring!
Check out these MONAT faves for pre- and post-color care:

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There’s No Love Like Puppy Love

Fun Ways to Pamper Your Pooch for National Pet Day!
Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend forgot to consider dogs. Everyday is special with your pup by your side whether you’re taking walks in the park or sharing snuggles on the couch. But April 11 is especially significant because it’s National Pet Day! So let’s celebrate our four-legged besties and shower them with the love they deserve.


Image Source:
Bake Some Homemade Treats!
What do you get for the puppy who has everything? Treats, treats and more treats! Swinging by the pet store for bacon strips and biscuits may be the easier way to treat your good boy or girl, but National Pet Day is perfect for a little DIY. Consider baking these Peanut Butter and Bacon Glazed Bones. We’re paw-sitive they’ll get your doggy’s tail wagging.


Image Source:
Have an Outdoor Adventure
Every dog has its day when the day includes long walks and trips to the park. National Pet Day is a good time for a special outing, though. If your dog is energetic, is a worldwide guide to dog-friendly hiking trails. Let your pup run, play, fetch and more at a trail near you!


Image Source:
Have a Doggy Photo Shoot
Showcase your dog’s adventures like the superstars they are with a doggy photoshoot! You’ll be out and about for National Pet Day, so it’s only natural you’ll want to capture all the fun and adventure for social media. Oh, and if you didn’t know, doggy selfie sticks are definitely a thing, so it might be a good idea to grab one to help you grab the perfect glamour shots. Be sure to hashtag #MONATPet when you share your posts! 😊


Have a Puppy Spa Day
You treat yourself, so you have to treat your dog on National Pet Day! After a long day of treats, walks and photo shoots, take some time to re-floof your fur baby with a warm bath. They’ll be happy, clean and naptime ready after their adventures.
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25 Easy Romantic Hairstyles for Long Hair

Stuck in a hairdo rut?
Are you tired of rotating the same three or four tired looks?
If so, you probably have searched Google images, Pinterest, or even Instagram, looking for that perfect do.
You have probably found tons of pictures of glamorous ‘dos and long, romantic hairstyles, however, many are just too time-consuming and complicated to be practical for daily wear.
Not to mention, the actual results never end up looking like the picture!
We get it. So, we have found the top 25 easy, romantic hairstyles for long hair that you can easily add into your regular rotation for date night, the office, weekends with friends—and that don’t end up like a Pinterest fail—and that are easy to pull off with time to spare.

Wear-It-Down and Sultry Looks

Nothing says romance like long, flowing locks, but who has the time to curl, straighten, or wave every day? Here are some easy, romantic hairstyles that take less time and look just as great.
1. Front-knotted Scarf. This look could not be simpler and is one of the most eye-catching and romantic hairstyles for long hair.
Part your hair or comb it straight back. Simply roll a scarf lengthwise and place around your neck. Bring the sides up and tie in a knot at the top of your head. You can pull pieces out in front or leave it all behind for a sleeker look.
2. Sleek Blowout. We know, you’ve tried the “blow-dry-and-go” look, but it always seems to fall flat. With just a few tricks and a little know-how, you can perfect this process. See these expert tips to help you get it right.
3. Faux Hair Braid. This clever hairdo trick looks like you spent time expertly crafting the perfect wrap-around braid. The trick here is to get an exact match to your hair color so it doesn’t look obvious. You can also twist a strand or two of your own hair around the braid to help it blend in.
4. Costume Barrette. We are loving the new costume barrette trend. Part your hair on the side and choose to barrette a section of either side of the part back as far as you like. There is no wrong way to wear this look.
5. Overnight Braid Waves. Either wash your hair at night or wet it with a spray bottle of water and leave-in conditioner. (We recommend Densify Duo system for best results).
For crimps that aren’t too tight, we suggest parting the hair and forming two loose French braids. Spritz with a holding spray and go to bed.
In the morning undo the braids and run an anti-frizz serum through the bottom portion and you’re good to go!
6. Ragtie It! Want natural looking waves or curls that won’t damage your tresses? Cut strips of fabric or use thick leftover ribbon. Separate wet hair into sections, and place a strip horizontally, rolling up the hair around it. Remember, the smaller the sections the tighter the curls!
Again roll as tight or loose as you desire, then knot it off where you want the curl to stop.
Untie in the morning, shake out the curls, and finish with a holding spray. The curl will stay for days!
7. Go For a Messy, Wet Look. Fresh out of the shower in the morning, you can simply work some styling creme through your hair, blow it dry, and finish with some anti-frizz serum.
8. Add a Twist. Want to wear your hair down but need to keep the front out of your eyes? A simple section twisted back or to the side and bobby pin it where you like.

Alluring Half-Up Looks

9. The Half-up Bun. This look works whether you have straight, curly, or wavy locks. The beauty of this style is that it’s meant to be messy. Pull the top half into a pony, bun it, and pull out tresses as you desire.
10. Fashion a Half-up Hair Bow. This looks complicated but it’s incredibly simple. Pull the top and sides of hair into a pony and top-knot it, leaving a 2-inch tail at the back. Part the bun in the center and pull the tail of the top knot to the front, pinning the ends under the elastic.
Fluff out the bun and pin the ends of the sides to your head. Secure any errant strands in place with more pins.
11. The 4-Square Knot. Part your hair where you like it. Take a 2-inch section on either side and pull back around the crown of the head, tying the two sections together in a simple over-under-through half-knot.
Repeat until you have four hair loops. Secure the knots to your head and fluff out the loops as desired.
12. Weave a Loop-de-Loop. Starting the same way as the 4-square knot with a part and 2-inch sections of hair, secure the two hair strips together with an elastic.
Take another 1-inch strip below the first on either side and loop it through the first. Secure the two ends of the second sections under the first.
13. Use a Scarf Headband. These headwraps look like your favorite vintage scarf but are equipped with elastic in the back. Part your hair to one side and place the scarf over the back of your hair and an inch or so past your hairline in front.
Take one, half-inch section on either side and wrap it around toward the back, covering the band. When the two sections of hair meet, leave the tails hanging down under the scarf. The result is a romantic hairdo that takes just minutes.
14. Rose Twist. If you’re going for a truly romantic hairdo, what could be better than creating a rose out of it? Pull the front and sides of your hair into a pony, split it in two, and twist to the ends. Wind the twist around the pony in a spiral, securing it to the head with pins. Fluff out your “petals.”

Boho Braided Looks

15. Diagonal Waterfall Braid. Most of your hair will be left down for this. Part your hair on the right and work left. Starting at the part, begin a classic three-piece braid leaving the left strand to hang down with each new knot of the braid, grabbing a new left piece as you go. The diagonal comes into play by going lower on the hair shaft each time.
This technique sounds complicated, but once you get the hang of it, it takes just a few minutes to pull off.
16. Master the Fishtail. This is one look that seems more intimidating than it actually is. We suggest a tutorial to get it just right the first time. It’s basically a classic three-section braid, but part hair in just two sections and use a super thin third section of hair from the far end of either side of your head each time.
17. Upside Down Braid Bun. This is another one that can take some practice, but it’s a great look to have in your repertoire. Flip your head over and try a simple French braid from the base of your hair up to the top of the crown. Secure it with an elastic and then pull your remaining hair into a simple high poufed top knot.
18. Pulled-Apart Side Braid. This voluminous, asymmetrical braid has become a classic in the easy romantic hairstyles for long hair category. It’s just a basic diagonal movement French braid, beginning on one side of your crown and slanting down over the opposite shoulder.
Secure the end with a mini elastic and strategically pull out and fluff up loops of the braid. The end result is voluminous, artistic, and sexy.

Romantic Updos

19. The Banana Clip is Back (but hidden). Who doesn’t love the waterfall look of a curly, cascading updo? Using a banana clip is an amazing hair accessory for anyone who wants to know how to do big hair updos with long hair.
To get this look, curl hair as desired (ragtie curls are a great technique for this). Open the banana clip and slide through hair, clipping at the top.
Pin curls to hide the clip, and you’re done!
20. Pin a Simple Top Knot. If you’re looking for how to do easy updos for long hair, this one is as basic as it gets, but with a serious WOW factor.
Curl or wave your hair as desired. Secure hair on the top of your head with an elastic, making a small top knot. Pull the tail so tail hair comes out all along the perimeter of the elastic.
Pin the curls around the top knot as you desire.
21. Get a Foam Bun Filler. Love the sleek look of a perfect bun but can’t seem to pull it off? We’re here to help you cheat with a foam donut bun.
Pull your hair into a pony. Slide the donut over the pony and pull to the end. Wrap ends of hair around the donut until you end up back at the elastic. Secure with bobby pins.
22. Hair Bow Updo. This is the exact same technique as the half-up hair bow, but you use all of your hair to create a big bow on the top of your crown.

Side-Swept Looks

23. Clip a Side Swoop. This old Hollywood glam look is attracting a lot of recent attention in the bob and lob crowd, but has extra Jessica Rabbit va-va-va-voom when worn with long curls or waves.
Before curling your hair as desired, we suggest the volume system form MONAT. Part your hair drastically at one side, swooping the smaller side all the way back to the crown of your head and securing with a long curved barrette.
24. Swing a Messy Side Bun with a Sparkly Headband. This sweetheart look screams modern-day Cinderella.
Part hair loosely, place a sparkly headband over the part, and place a messy bun by the ear on the long side of the part. You can choose to pull out and curl strategic pieces or leave them intact.
25. Low-side Pony. This look is simple and classic. As with the side bun, part hair liberally to one side and secure hair with an elastic near the ear on the long side of the part. For a tousled look, pull out strategic strands as desired.
As we’re demonstrated, easy romantic hairstyles for long hair don’t have to be overly complicated or time-consuming. We recommend running through the list and jotting down the easiest ones to try first. You can always come back for more once you’ve mastered the simpler ones. Now, go forth and get romantic with your hair!

Things Are Heating Up! Who’s Ready for Some Sun, Sea & Healthy Hair?

As fresh, warm breezes finally reclaim their spot, we are happy to say that winter is on its way out! That means it’s time to peel away those heavy layers and get outside for some fun in the sun. And with a little planning and some great products, your hair will never have to fall victim to the sun, sea and everything in between.
Sweat it Out
Keeping your hair in-check as you sweat it out perfecting your beach body may sound like an impossible task, but nothing says refreshed tresses like a quick, easy, and oh-so-fab dry shampoo. Whether you’re working out in the gym or hiking the great outdoors, you can benefit from this water-free, time saving treatment. Designed to freshen your hair, absorb oil at the roots, condition and add volume, dry shampoos extend your style on non-wash days and is adaptable to all hair types. Working out doesn’t have to mean a tangled nest atop your head post-workout!


Channel Your Inner Mermaid
Jumping waves? Perfecting your cannonball? Spring and summer is all about spending countless hours basking in the water, but that doesn’t mean your hair has to suffer. Sure, salt water and chlorine are far from our faves, but leave your worries on the shore…hydrating masques are ideal to fight the funk from salt water and chlorine!
A moisturizing masque quenches thirsty hair and ensures vibrancy, while helping shine and manageability. Supplying an immediate moisture surge from roots to tips, these ultra-hydrating masques promote lustrous, healthy-looking hair full of bounce, body and shine. Most masques offer gentle formulas that detangle, too – making them the ideal treatment for all hair types!


Staying Smooth as You Set Sail
Nothing quite beats the ocean breeze whisping through your hair on a sunny day, right? But boat rides, jet skiing or other water sports could mean a frizzy, tangled mess after a day spent among the waves. Keep your hair smooth and protected by applying a solid leave-in conditioner before you splash-in for the day. A nourishing leave-in conditioner can revive each hair strand, tame frizz and flyaways, and prevent tangling as you head back to shore.
Healthy, luscious hair is possible to maintain no matter how much time you spend working out, playing in the water or basking in the sun. With a little planning and some great products, making (and keeping) the health of your hair a priority this spring and summer is super simple. It’s time to take advantage of the warmer days ahead…so get up, get outside and get moving!


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Protect Your Locks & Complete Your Look With These Exciting Products!

No Sweat Summer Hair Prep

Hello warm weather!
Sun-kissed days spent outdoors are just one of our favorite things as spring makes its debut and slowly turns into summer.
But just as you protect your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays, it’s important to give the same attention to your coveted locks.
The surefire benefits of prepping your hair for the upcoming warmer-weather elements won’t go unnoticed! You’ll experience enriching nourishment, long-lasting shine, rejuvenation of your hair and scalp, plus longer-term age-prevention results.
Handle It! Preventative Care.
Getting a handle on your best warm-weather hair means utilizing a preventative care routine that protects your tresses before you even head outdoors. Working an oil treatment into your weekly to-do list is a great way to get solid results. Plus, these treatments are very versatile and can be used in a few different ways.
When used as a pre-shampoo, you’ll get protection designed to help shield your hair from the elements, while continuing to strengthen it. Plus, it’s super easy to apply. Just place a generous amount to dry or damp hair and scalp. Leave on for 15 minutes; rinse thoroughly. Shampoo and condition as usual. Your hair will be ready and set to go!


Hydrate! Soak It Up.
The bad news is the sun is a moisture-draining monster! The good news is oil treatments are also a great way to keep your hair properly moisturized. Apply a generous amount to damp hair and scalp. Then, place a warm, moist towel around your head and leave on for 30 minutes. Be sure to use this time to sit back, relax and enjoy a little “me time” before rinsing thoroughly. Then shampoo, condition, and style as desired.
Stay Smooth & Fight the Frizz
And what would summer weather be without high heat and humidity that so lovingly causes all sorts of frizz? For those of you fighting the summer frizz, a weekly oil treatment also acts as an anti-frizz leave-In finishing treatment. Add a small amount to hands and apply to hair after styling, concentrating on the midshaft and ends. The result is freedom from frizz and a healthy, smooth shine!


Let’s Recap!
Our warm weather playgrounds may be loaded with salt water, chlorine, and other environmental factors that can really do a number on our hair – but there’s no need to suffer with dry, damaged, thirsty locks. The power of preparation and proper product application can help build and maintain hydrated, nourished, healthy hair.


REJUVENIQE® Oil Intensive or REJUVENIQE light by MONATTM are two great nourishing oil treatment options for acquiring and maintaining enviable locks — from the moment you step onto the sand, to the very last day of summer!
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