Winter Weather Needs a Healthy Gameplan!

The weather has changed and it’s time to change your gameplan for the effects of this colder season on your lifestyle and bodies. Says Dr. Brent Agin, MONAT Scientific Advisory Board Member, “The body is a pretty amazing machine. It is constantly making adjustments to everything happening outside and inside itself. We need to pay attention to both our internal and external health because our body relies on some key health habits to run optimally.”
Eat Right to Fuel Your Body and Your Brain!
Make sure that you are getting the right amounts of nutrient-dense foods rich in vitamins and minerals to support the endocrine and nervous systems and keep your body running efficiently, Dr. Agin says. People need all of their macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbohydrates) to balance their metabolism, build hormones, support muscles and bones, and fuel the brain!
Don’t Disrupt Your Sleep!
It’s vital to get between 6-8 hours of sleep a night. Poor sleeping habits are associated with weight gain, depression, anxiety, heart disease, and other inflammatory conditions, Dr. Agin explains. A good sleep cycle is going to sleep between 10 pm and midnight and waking up between 6 am to 8 am. “This sleep cycle seems to be in line with our natural circadian rhythm, which is the 24-hour body clock that tells us when to sleep along with other necessary daily functions. When your sleep is off, it will eventually start to affect the rest of the circadian rhythm, which will result in unwanted ailments and disease,” Dr Agin adds.
Nutritional Supplements Serve As a Back-up Source
People in general do not get enough nutrients from foods alone. Dr. Agin says that the guideline is five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables a day but this occurs in less than five percent of American diets. “This nutritional lack, along with other factors, makes taking supplements an important part of keeping bodies healthy and immune system functioning efficiently. S3 by MONAT is one of those multi-purpose nutritional supplements that are great for strengthening and repairing our skin, hair and nails, but also has excellent ingredients for general health,” Dr. Agin adds. Taking vitamin D regularly will also help bolster your immune system especially in the months when you’re not in the sun.
Exercise Does a Lot More Than You Think!
Exercise does a lot more than keep weight balanced. “Like sleep, exercise has direct effects on hormones and neurotransmitters that can help prevent you from becoming ill,” Dr. Agin states.” There are plenty of easy exercise routines that can be done inside to keep an exercise routine going. Stop exercising in the cold months and one risks disrupting the body’s rhythm, increases the chances of getting hit hard in the cold season and ending up with weight gain and, to top it off, being in a grumpy mood!
Colder weather can be incredibly enjoyable…as long as you nourish yourself properly, sleep enough and stay fit!

Jen Fraser


I came across a post on a Facebook group advertising MONAT. I usually pass by ads but this one stood out. I’ve been trying to grow my hair out for years. Between having 3 kids and some past health issues, my hair was dry and broken.

Because of those health concerns I’ve had, I try to stick to products that are as natural as possible, so when I looked further into MONAT, I decided I had to try it. Turns out it wasn't for sale in Canada yet, but I could get 50 samples if I became a Market Partner. I’ve spent a lot more than $125 on hair products before and this way I could try it all, so it was an easy sell.

A few hours after I signed up I started thinking, if everything I was reading about this is true, I may go ahead and sell this miracle product. If nothing else, I would at least get the products for myself at a discount. I called my girlfriend and said, “You need to look at MONAT, it’s new to Canada and if it’s as good as they say, I may go ahead and sell it because I know all our friends will want it.” She agreed it sounded amazing so she also ordered the starter kit too, and that’s how it started.


The MONAT products turned out to be the best we've ever used! My hair is longer and healthier than ever. I had no idea this business would grow the way it did. Everyone I know started using it and now this adventure which I started mainly just for free samples has taken me this far!

Although I didn’t plan on making a job out of this, someone else had a plan for me. Little did I know shortly after starting this journey the Alberta economy would go into recession. My husband told me straight up, “We better change the way we live because oil just tanked and all of Alberta could be in trouble.”


He was right. People all around were laid off, houses were in foreclosure, and people everywhere were struggling. A huge part of me was and still is fearful for what the future holds, as my husband works in oil and gas, but this crazy decision I made to join as a Market Partner pays me enough that if rainy days are ahead, my checks will help us keep going. It’s an amazing feeling and for that I am beyond thankful for MONAT. 


Angela McKay


Because of MONAT I can work from home and have a career and still be mom to my seven children. We travel more as a family and live the freedom it is giving to our family and the families we work with.

I found MONAT, or it found me, in September 2014 on social media. I had been in the direct selling industry as a career for four years. When I saw what this company was launching I knew I found something special.  


Fast forward from the boardroom table in Miami just two short years ago and I'm still amazed everyday by what MONAT has done for our family and our team. I love the fact that I work a career full time from home and have the flexibility to be wife and mom to our seven children. I don't miss sports games or field trips and it’s about family time again in our home. 


I love that MONAT has literally put my passion of helping others to use. I have the honor to work with leaders across the USA and Canada daily and they are like family. 

Becoming a Founder and seeing it from the beginning has made my dreams so much bigger, not only for my family but for the thousands of families on the team. It's a great blessing when you truly love what you do and can impact lives doing it.


Julie Koopman


There are hundreds of network marketing companies out there, but for some reason I’ve never been interested in anything until MONAT. I always wanted to do hair, but when I graduated high school there were five salons in my town and someone very close to me told me “you won’t make it”, and that I should get a “real” degree. I graduated with an AAS in marketing management and then went off into the corporate world. It was fun for the first year, but then I was miserable working for someone else who determined what I was worth…it wasn’t cutting it. NO thanks!

I have 11 siblings, and everyone had a two- or four-year degree, but no one did hair. So in 2008, I not only married my best friend, husband, life partner (and yes, a dairy farmer, after I always said I would never marry a dairy farmer!) but I also quit the corporate world and began cosmetology school. I was done in just 13 months and cutting, coloring, fixing the hair of my family members. I worked for a salon for four years, then moved to an up-scale salon with high-end products for a year.

By this point, we had two small children at home. My husband and I came to a decision point—a big one: why not use the rent money for my space at the salon and put it into something that will someday pay for itself? And that’s what we did—we added a salon onto our home in July 2014.


By July 2015 I was introduced to MONAT by my oldest sister Janet. We have not only grown closer being 18 years apart and living states apart, but we have also grown stronger with MONAT. I owe it to her for where I am today with this company.

I went to the MONATions United convention in January 2016 and was awed and amazed at all the possibilities…I really took my business seriously once I got home and the only thing that was holding me back was my baby daughter growing inside me. MONAT has not only changed our financial situations, but it has changed my whole professional view on products. MONAT is as professional as you can find anywhere! I’m so happy to be able to share this with not only my family, friends, clients, or the random people I meet, but I am also able to help all these people either changing their hair or changing their life.


My husband also has to keep up with his industry, so we renovated our dairy facility in 2015 and installed two Lely Robot automatic milkers. We have the challenge of fluctuating milk prices, and this is another area where MONAT has helped us with an additional stream of income. I am able to stay home and do what I love. Now that we have three children, I get to be Mom and spend more time with all of them. This wouldn’t happen if MONAT hadn’t showed up.

I can’t say enough about my team I would not be where today if we didn’t have the Wash and Wines and the Meet MONAT events to share in this amazing product. We all have similar goals and that’s why Team Iowa is rocking it! I’m super happy that I can share in my success and help them out with their success. I can’t say enough about how amazing this team is. We’re working, sharing, and enjoying each and every second of it. Thanks so much to MONAT and to my sister for sharing. Thanks so much to the support I have from family, friends, clients, and the MONAT family alone, You are all truly, truly amazing. Thank you!


Mary Beth Berns


About five years ago I started noticing a change in social media with respect to buying and selling of products. For the past 30 years, our salon spa has led the way in home care for our guests. I began to question whether we would remain relevant using only our old model of retail selling.

Asking questions has always been my go-to, and so I did. I research everywhere, talked to everyone—my long-time loyal brand, educators in my industry, other product companies, other distributors. Most of the answers began with “Not to worry, things don't change that quickly, we (stylists) have the edge.” Add to this the “Salon Only” or “Professional” products now on Amazon, Nordstrom Rack, Walgreens, Kmart, Walmart, Ulta and more, and we now know the playing field is different.


Diversifying with MONAT as a partner allows me to fill a need for guests that I could not before. There are so many adults with hair challenges—from thinning, breaking, slow growth, to lack of elasticity and shine—and we were not able to address these challenges as we are now. MONAT has also allowed me to cross over from just serving our salon guests to serving guests in the greater community. This new reach has increased our retail sales and in turn created new guests for the salon. Win-win!


I appreciate learning about the amazing ways MONAT pays us, the social aspect of sharing MONAT, the safe ingredients and clinical studies on the ingredients, but most of all I appreciate being prepared to teach others how to be successful going forward. This is a new retail world and I would rather lead the charge than be overtaken by it.


DeVerne Augustus


Blessings come when least expected. When MONAT popped up in my life, I was selling the last of my businesses due to health concerns. Little did I know that, like the phoenix, I was about to rise from the ashes. This crazy, beautiful shampoo business has allowed me to contribute and flourish in spite of health limitations.

Looking back to 2008, I was on at the top of my game. Loving life as a stylist, award-winning chocolatier, local wine guru. It’s such a gratifying feeling to know you are helping people enjoy life, feel confident and beautiful, and of course the accolades are great boosters, too.

It seemed like in a blink everything changed. I suffered a significant health collapse in 2009-10 and was unable to do any of the things I loved doing. The sense of total loss and defeat were overpowering. For several years I felt as if my best years were behind me, my ability to contribute and positively affect people over. It was a desolate time to say the least. I had closed two businesses and was selling the third. I had given up.


Thank all things good for persistent clients! Michelle Storment tried on a couple occasions to get me to take a look at MONAT. Finally, I agreed to listen. I am so very grateful that she tried that one last time. Life is in full bloom again because MONAT gave me hope again. It showed me that even though I have physical limits, I’m not done positively impacting lives. Through this fun and rewarding business opportunity, I know that I am putting crazy amounts of good back into the world again. Many have heard me say that even if I never made a dime in MONAT, I am eternally grateful for all it has done for me. Luckily, I have earned a dime, a few of them I guess.


Everything about MONAT matches and enhances my own personal and business philosophies. Helping others achieve their goals in life or play has always held such satisfaction for me. In my hair practice, my goal has always been to over deliver on promises and client expectations. The weak link has always been product.

Either the product couldn’t deliver on promises, or the tradeoff involved potentially hazardous and damaging chemical solutions. My previous experience with naturally based lines left me feeling reluctant to try a new one when I was offered MONAT. What a relief it was to have found a product that does what it promises and more!


What is so beautiful is that as I look to the future, I can see brightness, hope, joy, and so many good things. And not just for me and my family, but for new people with whom I connect and this new passion. I always say, “I don’t JUST schlep shampoo, I help people reclaim control, I’m a dream dealer, and a hope dealer." What better thing is there to do in life?

What is truly wonderful is that MONAT is a business for everybody. Anyone who has a dream, and is willing to work for it, will find a place and success in this amazing company. 


Shayla Gordon


Because of MONAT, our lives are drastically different. Instead of just scraping by each month, I am able to pay our bills without worry. I now do things for my daughter that I only dreamed of doing before, and I was able to resign from my teaching career!

When I was first approached about MONAT from a friend, I was very skeptical and had no desire to be a part of a direct sales company. After all, my life was very busy with being a single mom, running a household, and my full-time job as a fourth grade teacher. When my friend assured me there was a 30-day money back guarantee, I decided to sign on as a Market Partner with full intention of sending the products back.  I honestly didn’t believe that anything could help my extremely damaged hair.

After using the products the first time, I fell in love! I noticed a difference immediately!  Although I loved the products, I didn’t have confidence in myself that I could actually build a business. Being from a very small town and only having a handful of close friends, I decided to use the products and do nothing with the business.


After months of watching my upline become successful with MONAT and talking to many people wondering what I was doing differently with my own hair, I decided to jump in and work the business. The month I started working, I matched my teaching salary! I could not believe it! After going to college for nearly four years to become an educator, I matched that income in one month! I started thinking it didn’t matter how many extra hours I put in as a teacher or how in-depth my lesson plans were, my paycheck would never reflect my efforts. I loved that my MONAT check reflected how much effort I put into my business! Four months later, I became a Founder in this amazing company. And just seven months after I started working the business, I was able to resign as a teacher! I had always prayed that God would give me something to help me supplement my income, but I had no idea that he would give me something that would completely replace it!


MONAT has done so much for us. I still get teary eyed when I talk about how it has changed my life and my daughter’s. I have been able to do things that never would have been possible before MONAT, such as pay off my daughter’s braces and the rest of my debt, a trip to the Caribbean, and something as simple as taking my daughter shopping for school clothes instead of using hand-me-downs. Before MONAT, bills were something I dreaded each month but not anymore. MONAT allows me to set my own schedule and attend all of my daughter’s activities. This company has transformed so many of my friend’s lives. Not only has MONAT given me lifelong friendships, confidence in myself, and financial stability, but it has also taught me to DREAM BIGGER, and every day I thank God for this amazing opportunity!


Shannon Mackenzie


Since graduating college I worked different jobs, from Sales Associate to Administration. Three years ago I jumped off a fifty foot cliff. When I hit the water I broke bones and caused a lot of damage to my muscles and nerves. As hard as it was for me, I had to stop working altogether.

I lost so many of my core needs and values in my life including financial freedom, independence. Most importantly, I lost my passion. I am a real go- getter, a lover of life and that was lost in my pain and my inability to find a career I could work around my life.

Today, I have that career and I could not be more grateful to my friend Sandra Macleod who offered me the MONAT opportunity. I stand behind these incredible products and am so proud to be part of this company. I have so much love and support, incredible mentors who teach me how to be a better leader and a team that inspires me every single day. Today I get to be part of changing people’s lives in the most positive ways, whether they are customers or team members.


Three months ago I was blessed to marry the love of my life who is also an entrepreneur and who has found his own passion and is living his dreams. It is so special to me that we can support each other’s dreams, go on adventures together and take our businesses with us wherever our adventures take us. We are two people who aren’t afraid to Dream Big who have been lucky enough to find each other in this world.


With my second paycheque I built a yoga/meditation room where I go half an hour to an hour every day to work on my personal development. The gifts that I have received because of this are priceless. I am no longer a victim of pain. I am a victor of life. Thank you MONAT for giving me the platform to live an incredible life and a passionate career.


Mendy Wakefield - name
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