May Is National Recommitment Month. Are You Still Committed?

May, the fifth month of the year and National Recommitment Month, is a great time to look back at all the goals and resolutions you made for yourselves at the New Year. Whether it was to be a better son or daughter, be a better partner, hit the gym three times a week, eat less processed sugar, or plant a garden that really grows, chances are that your resolve may have petered out a bit by this point. If so, it’s time to recommit yourself.

Let’s look at what “recommitment” actually means – it’s an interesting word. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, commitment is “a promise to do or give something.” The prefix “re” means “again” or “again and again.”1 When used together, recommitment essentially is regularly devoting yourself to a habit, an activity, a cause, a way of life… or what have you.

So now is a good time to reexamine what you’ve done toward achieving your New Year’s goals and evaluating your progress. Are you heading closer to or further away from what you want to accomplish? If you’ve wavered, recommit!


Of course, we can’t forget that life happens. You’ll have successes that seemingly came from nowhere, obstacles to overcome that suddenly popped up. You may have new challenges. You may have a new job or new responsibilities that take more time and energy. Any number of things could have happened in these past five months that you weren’t prepared for. Remember, when unexpected things occur, it’s up to you to decide how you will feel about sudden developments. Attitude is everything.

Here are some tips for reflecting on how far you’ve come…or not come:

  • Write in a journal: This is one of the best ways to evaluate where you are versus your goals. You can also write down anything you want without being vulnerable…frustrations, fears excitement about what it would take to seek your ultimate dream.2
  • Set time markers: Develop a timetable for achieving specific activities to get you on your way to meeting your goals. Having deadlines makes yourself accountable.3
  • Forgive yourself: Be nice to yourself if you miss a deadline, especially if your goal is long-term. Sometimes life does get really hectic. You’re human after all. One important thing to remember, contrary to popular belief, is that it takes an average of 66 days to create a habit, not the 21 days you’ve probably heard, which was hypothesized by Dr. Maxwell Maltz, a cosmetic surgeon, in the 1960s.

But that figure had never been tested scientifically. In 2009, a team from the University College of London conducted a study that showed it took an average of 66 days to form a new habit.4

So, as you go about recommitting yourself to a goal you know will make you happy to achieve, remember that it can take some time to get there – so be patient with yourself!

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National Honesty Day Is Sunday, April 30th!

Honesty is the best policy.
—  Benjamin Franklin


Did you know that research shows that the average person lies about 200 times a day, including lies of omission and those little white lies that we all tell?1 Nurses are the most honest people.2 Men and women lie equally but men tend to lie to make themselves look better while women usually lie to make the other person feel better.3 Honestly!

Sunday, April 30th, is National Honesty Day. It was started in the early 1990s by M. Hirsh Goldberg, a former press secretary to a Maryland governor, who spent four years researching the best-selling The Book of Lies (W. Morrow, 1990). Mr. Goldberg chose April 30th for National Honesty Day to counteract the start of the month's April Fool's Day,4 which is all about telling lies, although lies told that day are considered relatively harmless.

But being dishonest-or let's say it outright-lying-is not harmless. So why do we do it? Because being honest can mean exposing a piece of your soul that you may keep hidden5 for fear of judgment, loss of respect or loss of love.6 It's common to only tell parts of a truth that one feels people want to hear, either by omitting revealing facts or telling “little white lies” that paint a very different picture of our “real” reality.7

Self-protection also is a powerful motivator. Frequently people are “advised” by their inner critic not to say what feel so they don't appear too vulnerable. They act like they don't care so they won't feel like a fool.8

Then there are times we all feel we should forego unpleasant pieces of information in order to spare a person's feelings, even when those details are important and we know it.9 Unfortunately, those fibs we tell because we don't want to hurt someone (from the mild “Oh, I love your neighborhood!” to the serious “No, he wasn't with anyone.”) can leave us feeling poorly about ourselves because we are not being authentic.10

Understanding why we lie can help us start to be more honest. Lying is "tied in with self-esteem," says Robert Feldman, psychologist at the University of Massachusetts. "We find that as soon as people feel their self-esteem is threatened, they immediately begin to lie at higher levels."11

Feldman states people should become more aware of how often they are less than honest. People need to realize that honesty yields more genuine relationships and trust. "The default ought to be to be honest and accurate," he says.12

One has to remember that being honest requires honesty with yourself first. Once you accept your true feelings and motivations, you can speak more straightforwardly with others.13 Often, when you ask the right questions, strive to view a tenuous situation with a detached mindset and practice patience with another person, you can build a stronger relationship than it may previously have been.14 Truthfulness, as hard as it might seem, actually can strengthen connections.15

If you do slip up but the moment has passed, be honest with yourself. Acknowledge that you didn't handle a situation right and vow to do better if a similar situation happens again.


Take a second to think about your values.
You know you’re honest when you do the right thing,
even when nobody is looking.

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Tomorrow Is National Reach As High As You Can Day!

Reach as high as you can, and then reach a little higher.

There you will find magic and possibility.

— Mara Johns1


April 14 is National Reach as High As You Can Day! There are so many ways to fulfill this quest. You might try something you never thought you could, like write a poem, bake an upside-down cake, swim a mile or get on a horse. Some people use this day to literally go high up. They jump on a trampoline or take a ride in a hot air balloon or climb the tallest tree they can muster up the courage to. People often think of Javier Sotomayor of Cuba today, who holds the record for the highest high jump in recent history (1930 – an amazing 8.25 feet!2) Like what Javier did, almost anything is possible but not if you don’t try. If you don’t succeed, at least you won’t have the regret of wondering “what if…”

But for others, this is a day to think about goals and dreams and stretch to make them come true. It’s a celebration holiday that encourages you to do your very best at something new. Try moving out of your comfort zone and that rut you may have been in to reach upward for an amazing experience.

This “reaching” to something bigger and better – and feel bigger and better as a result – is something MONAT strongly encourages. In fact, enhancing self-confidence is part of MONAT’s Vision.

Being involved in a MONAT partnership where you not only get to share your experiences but help others also achieve their goals and realize their dreams is incredibly rewarding. The old saying that it is better to give than to receive is indeed true. That’s why people love to volunteer so much – they get so much out of it.

MONAT is like that. Its core values are family, community, gratitude , giving back… to each other, to the community, to the public at large. With a Mission to help people everywhere enjoy beautiful, healthy, fulfilling lives through exceptional, naturally based products, a fun and rewarding business opportunity, and a culture of family, service, and gratitude, how can it not be enticing to reach as high with MONAT as you can… and keep reaching?

This really is a day to open your horizons and work to accomplish that dream that seems so far away… but reach anyway. It may be as easy as simply picking up the pen, pulling out the baking pan, dipping your toe in the water or putting your foot in that stirrup. All you need to do is start.


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Seeing Red Instead of Green on St. Patrick’s Day?


How can redheads not come to mind when St. Patrick’s Day is here? They’re as Irish as one can get…well almost. Scotland has the highest proportion (13 percent) of redheads.1 Then comes Ireland with 10 percent. BUT…the United States has the largest population of this stand-out color in the world.2 No wonder we see red! We have from six to 18 million redheads in this country.3 That’s two to six percent of our total population.4

The myths about redheads run the gamut, from bruising more easily (false5) to not going gray (true – they go from red to blonde and then to white6). Some of the more fun myths are that in Denmark, they believe it is quite an honor to have a redheaded child and in Poland, if you pass three redheads in a row, they believe you will win the state lottery.7

Redheads have what is called the “ginger gene,” discovered by Professor Jonathan Reese in 1995 –mutations of the gene MC1R on chromosome 16 are responsible for this fiery color!8 And this flaming color also holds more pigment than other hair colors, making it much harder to go blonde or auburn,9 for example.

It’s interesting that redheads have less strands of hair compared to other shades (90,000 strands compared to a brunette at 140,000 strands) but their hair is much thicker so it looks like they have a lot more hair.10

What to use to keep these precious
strands at their flaming best?

It’s wise to protect the precious strands that redheads have. MONAT recommends Renew Shampoo to help increase hair vibrancy (oh, that red!), Replenish Masque to boost hair strength and Restore Leave-In Conditioner to leave hair silky and shiny. REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive also will keep redheads’ thicker hair in soft, lustrous condition. See your MONAT Market Partner for more information on these and other MONAT Global products to keep bright red heads shining fiercely!

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Today is International Women’s Day — How Will You Celebrate?


Honor yourself today! It’s International Women’s Day (IWD), which celebrates women’s achievements throughout history and across nations. It’s a collective day of global celebration. According to IWD, this day “is all about unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action.”

Recognized worldwide, it’s an official holiday in many countries, including in such widespread countries as Afghanistan, Burkina Faso and Guinea-Bissau to Kazakhstan, Madagascar and Ukraine.

While women still have barriers to break down, we’ve come a long way. Now we have female astronauts and prime ministers as well as women who are successful at managing their careers while caring for their families.

Women have real choices today…and that’s what MONAT is all about: empowering women to go as far as they want in finding a meaningful and enjoyable career and as a result, fulfilling themselves and broadening their horizons.

Hear what MONAT’s Chairman and Founder Sr. Luis Urdaneta, Chief Executive Officer Ray Urdaneta and President Stuart MacMillan have to say about a day that celebrates women worldwide!


Chairman and Founder Sr. Luis Urdaneta believes that women always have been the propeller of changes, thanks to their courage and dedication. “When a woman becomes empowered and feels confident about being able to reach an objective, she makes things happen. There are no barriers stopping a woman when she dreams big. The world we have right now is because of the incredible value and wisdom that women bring to it. They take an opportunity like MONAT, which changes the life of many families for the better, and make amazing things out of it to be the best they can be and reach their fullest potential.”


As a second-generation entrepreneur, CEO Ray Urdaneta knows the hard work involved in starting a business and praises women the world over who do so. He does believe, however, that today, with technology and social media, it is easier to have one’s own business. A woman learns this when she joins MONAT, with all the resources they offer. “When a woman joins the MONAT community, she is not going into an entrepreneurship adventure by herself. She becomes part of a support system that is second to none. Her horizons are broadened as she joins thousands of other women who have embarked on a journey that is fulfilling, fun and financially rewarding.”


President Stuart MacMillan, who has worked with MONAT since the beginning, is a huge believer in women’s rights to work and move ahead. He emphasizes MONAT is committed to celebrating women through its healthy hair revolution that empowers women entrepreneurs to support themselves and their families through a world-class business opportunity. “We take great pride in recognizing and rewarding these phenomenal women on a regular basis as they lead in their organizations and throughout their communities in Canada and the US,” he says.

Given how far women have come and the tremendous potential that lies ahead, the sky’s the limit! So lift a glass and toast yourself today. See how far you can go!

Random Acts of Kindness

Tomorrow, February 17, is Random Acts of Kindness Day, a time we celebrate doing selfless acts to either assist or cheer up people around us. There generally will be no reason other than to make others smile or be happier. And it’s random because there is no thought of receiving something in return. This behavior is the foundation of a healthy and joyful society, where people happily give of themselves to help another, with no personal agenda, and such an act is happily received.

So why don’t people act this way all the time? Typically, it chalks up to insecurities, low self-esteem, fear of being seen as weak, and plain old selfishness... the same reasons that stop people from being able to freely receive. If you feel unworthy then you may believe you have nothing to give or you may not trust why someone would be kind to you. When people feel uncomfortable with generosity it can make them get stuck in themselves and their issues.

But when we can appreciate the beauty of spontaneity and understand the importance of giving other people the opportunity to give to us, it takes us out of self-centeredness. It enables us to let go of focusing on self and to freely reach out to each other. We both can give and receive. Such egoless moments are truly exquisite.

What’s in it for me?

Random acts of kindness are essential to our well-being because they liberate us from self-obsession, selfishness and isolation. Many studies have revealed that being generous for the right reasons and with the right intentions gives more pleasure than receiving. Random acts of kindness, altruism and volunteerism are 100% natural and side effect-free “medicines” that help rewire our brains.

True generosity is giving without expectation, with no need to be repaid in any form. This is the most powerful act of generosity since it is unconditional, unattached and free to land wherever it will. Whether we give to our family, friends or to strangers, it is the same.

We may feel we have little to offer, but whether it is a few pennies or a whole bankroll, a cup of tea or a banquet is irrelevant—it is the act of giving itself that is important. As Mahatma Gandhi said, Almost anything we do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that we do it.

MONAT Global embraces random acts of kindness as part of its core values. Helping local communities across the country without any expectation of a return is deeply embedded in MONAT’s credo of life. Shouldn’t it be part of yours too?

Pay it forward with coffee or at a toll both.

Let someone go first or ahead of you at the grocery line. 

Help someone carry their shopping bags.

Compliment a stranger.

Strengthen the planet and yourself. A close relationship with nature boosts our mood and immune system.

Add litter collection to a casual stroll.

*The information in this blog was taken from multiple sources in the public domain.

Make Your Dreams Come True Day

Dreams are a part of life. No matter how big or small, some of them truly inspire us and allow us to make our lives better. These are aspirations that motivate us, encourage us to take on more challenges and energize us to succeed in our lives professionally and personally.

Too many people let their dreams remain just that… dreams they are afraid to speak out loud in case they don’t come true or little bits of fantasy that will always stay that way.

But they don’t have to! We have hundreds of ideas that really are not as impossible to make come alive as we think they are. In fact, many could be fulfilled with a little planning and work. Importantly, sometimes all dreams take to become reality is simply the courage to do something differently than you have in the past.

For example, think of a long-held dream. Now find a way to make it come true. It may seem overwhelming and definitely may not occur overnight. But you owe it to yourself to know that you really can make your goals come true and the routine of your day-to-day is not defeating you.

You can make your dreams come to life in a variety of ways but the first step is to have a plan. Has your vision always been to go to Europe for a two-week vacation and sample the local foods and wines? There is no reason you can’t do it. Calculate how much it would cost, how much money you can afford to put away every month and how long it will take to accumulate the total amount. Then start saving and planning your trip right away, no more procrastination or excuses!

The same goes for the dream of being a black belt in a martial art, for example. Research nearby clubs, read some reviews, ask for references and sign up today! Three to five years to achieve the goal of black belt may seem like a long time but the time will pass anyway; you might as well use it!

Tomorrow is a celebration of making a dream or two or even ten of yours come true. And that requires planning, effort and hard work. But to live without ambitions being realized is regretful. So let’s get going and make our dreams come true, starting now!

In fact, that’s how MONAT was started. It was a dream of our company’s Chairman, Luis Urdaneta, and today MONAT is a successful, thriving organization that is helping to make many other people’s dreams come true.

So grab your dreams, chase them and bring them alive!

Take a Hike Day

Stressed out? Join the party.

Although we all feel anxious and worn-out from time to time, there are many ways to counteract the feeling of wanting to scream at the top of your lungs.

Not all stress is bad, but overbearing pressure from life can lead to significant health problems. Adopting healthy lifestyle habits help. Like going out for a hike! Did you know you have the ability to harness nature for stress relief?

For many, going outdoors is soothing, especially when feeling anxious. And being in nature makes many people feel happier and more at peace. Interestingly enough, this approach is used as a stress management activity in Japan, where it's called "forest bathing."

November 17 is Take a Hike Day. What better way to “power off” and get outdoors? This is the perfect excuse to turn off your cellphone, get outdoors and connect with nature. Sunlight provides vitamin D, which promotes relaxation. Studies have also shown a connection between depression and vitamin D. So go soak up the sun (but don’t forget the sunscreen). Further, research has shown that spending time in the great outdoors lowers our blood pressure and eases muscle tension.

So here’s a reminder worth sharing: disconnect! Turn off your phone. Cell phones stress you out, there's no question about that! Power off, head outdoors.

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Who’s your role model?

November is National Inspirational Role Models Month. At MONAT, we celebrate the holiday by acknowledging the impact contemporary role models have on our lives.

Who inspires you? It’s a common question often asked by teachers, peers and even employers. There’s a reason many job interviewers ask this question; it’s a good way to discover not only who you are as a person, but how you think and feel about yourself and those around you.

Over the course of the week, we asked MONAT employees, “Who is your role model?” and the results are in! Peruse them, below, then head to your favorite social media site and tell @monatofficial who inspires you by including #myrolemodelis.

“If anyone has ever seen the movie ‘Joy,’ you will know who Joy Mangano is. She is the self-made millionaire who has invented many products, most notably the Miracle Mop, as featured in the film. Joy’s early years sound like many of our own, which allows her story to resonate. She went to college, got married, had three children, held a variety of unfulfilling jobs, however, it is what she did with a simple idea and a lot of passion that really makes her an inspirational woman to me. She took that idea and did not take no for an answer! She and her product were featured on QVC which launched her success. By the year 2000, her company was selling $10 million worth of Miracle Mops per year. I admire Joy and her perseverance, she is truly the kind of #BossBabe I aspire to be.”  


~ Bethany Balsdon, Events and Recognition Manager

“The person I’d like to say I admire is Amal Clooney. She’s a great example of the woman I try to be every single day.  Amal as an international lawyer and handles cases related to human rights and crimes against humanity. I admire her bravery, as she handles many cases others won’t. Amal, who is fluent in English, Arabic and French, has also written a couple of books. She is an inspirational role model for young women around the world; she exemplifies integrity, compassion and dedication–and typifies what it means to be a global citizen across all cultures. She’s a true activist. She’s effortlessly stylish, and she's married to George Clooney. Enough said.”

~ Lauren Nicole Jordan, Social Media Specialist

“In my case, the athlete I admire the most is LeBron James. He is not only a great basketball player but a role model for those who live in Cleveland because his achievements go beyond the game that he loves. As a matter of fact, James is a big contributor to community programs around the country, and has an active role in the Boys and Girls Club, ONEXONE and the Children’s Defense Fund. James also started his own charity which raises money for a number of causes in his native Akron. That’s not all; there are quite a few athletes in today’s society who are easily getting into problems; that’s not the case when talking about this player. Believe it or not, he has never let the spotlight keep him for emitting a positive image for younger generations; especially African Americans. In this day and age, with the evolution of social media and the incredibly in-depth coverage that professional sports endure, James has brilliantly handled his intense fame while never letting it change the type of person he is.”

~ Jose Rebolledo, International Business Student,
MONAT Marketing Intern

Images: c/o Google. Source Joy Mangano | Source Amal Clooney

Shayla Gordon


Because of MONAT, our lives are drastically different. Instead of just scraping by each month, I am able to pay our bills without worry. I now do things for my daughter that I only dreamed of doing before, and I was able to resign from my teaching career! students.

When I was first approached about MONAT from a friend, I was very skeptical and had no desire to be a part of a direct sales company. After all, my life was very busy with being a single mom, running a household, and my full-time job as a fourth grade teacher. When my friend assured me there was a 30-day money back guarantee, I decided to sign on as a Market Partner with full intention of sending the products back.  I honestly didn’t believe that anything could help my extremely damaged hair.

After using the products the first time, I fell in love! I noticed a difference immediately!  Although I loved the products, I didn’t have confidence in myself that I could actually build a business. Being from a very small town and only having a handful of close friends, I decided to use the products and do nothing with the business.


After months of watching my upline become successful with MONAT and talking to many people wondering what I was doing differently with my own hair, I decided to jump in and work the business. The month I started working, I matched my teaching salary! I could not believe it! After going to college for nearly four years to become an educator, I matched that income in one month! I started thinking it didn’t matter how many extra hours I put in as a teacher or how in-depth my lesson plans were, my paycheck would never reflect my efforts. I loved that my MONAT check reflected how much effort I put into my business! Four months later, I became a Founder in this amazing company. And just seven months after I started working the business, I was able to resign as a teacher! I had always prayed that God would give me something to help me supplement my income, but I had no idea that he would give me something that would completely replace it!


MONAT has done so much for us. I still get teary eyed when I talk about how it has changed my life and my daughter’s. I have been able to do things that never would have been possible before MONAT, such as pay off my daughter’s braces and the rest of my debt, a trip to the Caribbean, and something as simple as taking my daughter shopping for school clothes instead of using hand-me-downs. Before MONAT, bills were something I dreaded each month but not anymore. MONAT allows me to set my own schedule and attend all of my daughter’s activities. This company has transformed so many of my friend’s lives. Not only has MONAT given me lifelong friendships, confidence in myself, and financial stability, but it has also taught me to DREAM BIGGER, and every day I thank God for this amazing opportunity!

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