A Director’s Opinion!

How big of an impact can MONATions have on your business? We asked the new 2016 Directors for their thoughts (see Part 1 here and Part 2 here).
Consider the experience of Lindsay Hilton. At the time of MONATions 2016, she was a new MP and had achieved Managing Market Partner in two months.
She used airline points and savings she and her husband were going to put toward a family holiday so she could go.
“I knew there was something so special about this company that I had to figure out a way to get to MONATions in Florida in 2016!” said Lindsay Hilton, Associate Executive Director.
“I crossed my fingers and hoped that I made the right decision.” Lindsay did make the right decision: “The energy over the entire weekend was indescribable! The event’s energy consumed me in a way I didn’t expect. Even though I already loved the company, MONATions just solidified and multiplied it and by the time the event was over I knew I was unstoppable!”

A year later and Lindsay is so excited to be attending DRIVE in February. She’s also grateful that MONAT has given her the income so she doesn’t give a second thought about travelling to Houston.

“My advice to anyone wondering if they should go is this,” Lindsay continues. “It does not matter what rank you’re at, you need to be at MONATions! As much as you may love the company already and as much as you may have built relationships over Facebook, nothing will compare to the face-to-face, physical experience of attending DRIVE.
“It will take your business to a whole new level,” Lindsay emphasizes. “This is an investment in your future and an investment in your business. If you dream big then let nothing stand in your way. I know from experience that your future self will thank you for it!”

Lindsay Hilton,
Associate Executive Director

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In Attendees’ Words!

MONATions is an annual conference unlike any other. For some inexplicable reason, it touches people to the core. Whether it’s the networking and team building, motivation and inspiration, training and company updates, or surprises, theme party and more, it reaches into the soul of everyone who attends.
So say the Market Partners who achieved Director in 2016 when we asked about their MONATions experiences (read Part 1 here).
“Something deep within happens when we attend events like MONATions,”
“After last year’s event, I planted my roots and that foundation was strong! This is vitally important. Having such a stalwart foundation creates waves and momentum to help you achieve your goals and dreams and give you a platform to build on! I have 21 team members in my downline attending with me this year and I am so excited! Also, an MP and I held a drawing this month for a MONATions ticket. I set goals on how to get entered into the drawing and it's not only getting my team entered but helping to grow their business. What can I say? MONATions really is the best!’

Jessica Schone,
Associate Director.

Other Directors have similar great things to say about MONATions and how it really helps their business grow more than they thought possible.
“By attending MONATions and making sure those who wanted to build their business alongside me attended Monations made a huge impact on all of us,”
“When you are a part of MONATions you get to meet and align yourself with motivated people to learn from, which is a huge inspiration. I find attending MONATions helps me set my focus, dreams and intentions to even higher levels than before. It has helped me and my team move forward and lead an amazing group that is attracting focused, driven leaders and a many, many happy customers. I can’t wait to see how MONATions 2017 will ‘Drive’ us throughout the 2017!”

Amy Lazare,
Associate Executive Director.

Hear more from other Directors in our next MONATions blog!
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MONATions a Must Attend

A lot of work goes into MONATions United, our annual conference for Market Partners and extended MONAT family in the USA and Canada. Filled with networking, team building, motivation, inspiration, training, company updates, surprises, a fun theme party and more, it’s the event of the year.
On average, those who attend this kind of event can see a 20% increase in business compared to those who don’t. Our newest Directors certainly feel MONATions 2016 played a role in their success this year.
“It’s a game changer!” said Serena Warkentine, Executive Director. “At the end of the day, it shows you what working as a MONAT partner is all about. While the financial gain is part of it, it’s also about yourself on a personal level. After attending MONATions, I feel stronger and more fearless!’
Plus, with all the warmth and caring on full display, Serena feels like now she has a second family.
Nicole Leech, Associate Executive Director, felt that she was “awakened” at MONATions. She attended with two others, and their ranks were MMB and AMM, and now they are MMs and Directors, because their “business boomed afterward. We felt like we had a fire lit under us.”
For 2017, 40 people from Nicole’s team are registered. “I can’t wait to see the ripples of change that will occur in everyone after this event,” Nicole said. “Even if you haven't completely decided if MONAT is going to be the vehicle that changes your life, you need to come to MONATions to see for yourself. Trust me. I can hear myself saying ‘I told you so!’ already.”
Stay tuned for more Director feedback in our next MONATions blog!
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Wounded Warriors

Veterans and service members who have served our country deserve all of our gratitude. They fight for our freedom and work hard to keep peace. As you know, MONAT has chosen the Wounded Warrior Project as a way to express its utmost gratitude to these freedom fighters. Our More Than A Mist flash sale raised thousands of dollars to donate to two Wounded Warrior Project sites.
We called for nominations of two servicemen and/or servicewomen who would bestow the donation check on behalf of MONAT to the Wounded Warrior site closest to the winners’ home. We want to acknowledge everyone who involved themselves in this campaign.

Many of us participated in the selection process, which was extraordinarily difficult because of the overwhelming number of nominees’ moving stories. All deserve to be awarded the opportunity to give to Wounded Warriors on behalf of MONAT
First we’d like to announce the winners.
IN THE US: Market Partner Donna Betts of Rockwall, Texas nominated her cousin, Corporal E-4 Bradley Ragsdale of the United States Marine Corp., Hot Springs, Arkansas. In 2005, he suffered a dislocated arm and burns across 25% of his body from a bombed vehicle…yet managed to pull another wounded Marine from the vehicle to safety.

After more explosions and crawling through enemy fire, Corporal Ragsdale directed medical help away from himself to the other marine. His actions saved both of their lives.
IN CANADA: Associate Market Builder Karen Dickie of Shilo, MB nominated herself. Officer Karen Dickie of the Canadian Armed Forces has served over 16 years active duty as a Physician Assistant, traveling the world to treacherous places, including Afghanistan, to administer to the wounded and ailing.

She is married to Ryan Dickie, also on active duty serving 2 Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry.
The other five nominees also deserve to be mentioned.
Monica Hobbs, Managing Market Mentor of Indianapolis, Indiana nominated her brother Senior Master Sargeant Bryan Greene, who has been in the Air Force for 20 years. He is so dedicated to serving his country that he has moved his wife and four children six times for the sake of duty. Currently he is stationed in Korea while his family resides in Illinois.
Jamie Leigh nominated her oldest brother Robert Hodge of the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne. He served two tours in Iraq as a 50cal shooter on a Humvee. During his deployment he was shot in the leg but that has not stopped him from being a stand-up man and protecting the family since their father’s death in 2000.
Tammy Fee, Market Mentor of Council Grove, Kansas nominated Kalia Purcey of the U.S.Army. A dream of hers since childhood, Kalia joined the Army first as an engineer stationed in Fort Stewart, GA, She eventually was deployed to Afghanistan in 2014 to shut down bases as part of pulling out of that country.

While there Kalia sustained an injury that left her disabled. Still, her love for serving her country has not wavered and she truly is grateful for the bonds all those in service hold for each other. Ironically, Kalia was an MP for MONAT for a short while prior to her disability! She is married to a retired Army Drill Sargeant and they have a two year old daughter.
Jewely Stephens, Senior Executive Director, Founding Partner with MONAT Global, nominated Angelina DiFiore, a disabled combat veteran of the 3rd Infantry Division, 2nd Brigade, HHC 2-3 Brigade Troops Battalion, Military Police platoon. Her deployment of 15 months comprised over 350 missions outside the FOB and in harm’s direct way.

She spent over 10,000 hours deployed in Iraq, participating in various missions. For example, one was vehicle road-picketing: Angelina worked every morning and evening for a month to ensure that Al Qaeda and other foreign enemies could not lay an Improvised Exploding Device (IED) or Explosively Formed Penetrator (EFP) to prevent U.S. or allied forces from safely travelling through frequented routes during normal travelling hours.

Angelina was one of the first women ever to be trained and sent on an Infantry mission in Operation Iraqi Freedom. She was trained by the Asymmetrical Warfare Group for a month and out of the seven women who began the training, Angeline was one of only two who successfully completed it. Today, suffering from PSTD, she lives in Washington state and educates the public on mental health issues.
Joey Zebb, Independent MONAT Market Partner, nominated her husband, Cpl. Steven Stoesz. Steve joined the II Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry in 2006. In February of 2008 he deployed to Afghanistan.

During his deployment he was injured three times: May 25th by a suicide bomber, July 4th by a roadside bomb and again on August 7th by another roadside bomb. Sustaining injuries in each explosion, and excessive injuries in the last, he was sent home to receive medical care.

After recovering from multiple operations, Cpl. Steven Stoesz suffers chronic pain and symptoms of traumatic brain injuries. Yet he is a fighter and devoted to his wife and children. He has not given up on life, making him a true hero.


In October, MONAT celebrates its second anniversary in the USA and its first anniversary in Canada. So much accomplished and so many inspirational testimonies of lives transformed through MONAT’s business opportunity and hair care products!

Since 2014, MONAT launched in the U.S., expanded to Canada, enhanced its VIP Customer Program, launched MONAT Motor Club for Market Partners, and doubled its collection of products and systems.
The MONAT family grew along the way, too! Since last year, more than 22,000 VIP Customers and more than 25,000 new Market Partners joined our ranks to take part in this hair care revolution.
But our greatest achievements have been helping people achieve their dreams, regain their self-confidence, become better entrepreneurs, and enjoy more beautiful, healthy and youthful-looking hair!

THANK YOU for joining us on this great journey and we look forward to what’s to come!

MONAT Motor Club


Miami, FL –September 17, 2016- Award-winning direct selling company MONAT GLOBAL made a big announcement today during its second Leadership Summit, which took place in Seattle, Washington this year: the introduction of its luxury vehicle bonus program, MONAT MOTOR CLUB.
The creation of a car program is a big leap forward that very few companies take within the first two years of their foundation. But in this short time, MONAT has emphasized a spirit of innovation and excellence unlike any other company in the direct sales arena, both with its products and its business offering.
With the inception of MONAT Motor Club, the company adds another rewarding aspect to its already lucrative compensation plan. Specifically, the MONAT Motor Club rewards top-performing independent distributors, called Market Partners, for their consistency in the business. Qualifying Market Partners in both the U.S. and Canada are eligible for any model white Cadillac.
“Our Market Partners deserve to be recognized and celebrated for their triumphs, big and small”, says MONAT’s Chairman, Luis Urdaneta. “MONAT Motor Club is not just about attaining a tangible object, it’s about the satisfaction of having accomplished one’s goals while helping others do the same. It’s an opportunity for them to get motivated and motivate others to pursue their dreams”.
“We have accomplished many milestones to-date”, says MONAT’s CEO Rayner Urdaneta, “but our greatest achievements have been helping people reach their goals, regain their self-confidence, and become better entrepreneurs.” Urdaneta adds, “MONAT Motor Club is our way of celebrating the successes of our excelling Market Partners and inspiring others at MONAT to remain driven and growing both on a personal level and professionally.”
“We have accomplished many milestones to-date”, says MONAT’s CEO Rayner Urdaneta, “but our greatest achievements have been helping people reach their goals, regain their self-confidence, and become better entrepreneurs.” Urdaneta adds, “MONAT Motor Club is our way of celebrating the successes of our excelling Market Partners and inspiring others at MONAT to remain driven and growing both on a personal level and professionally.”
“We don’t just want them to reach the top, we want to equip them to stay on top with the same drive that brought them there”, says MONAT’s president, Stuart MacMillan. “As we continue to introduce new products, new tools and new rewards, we are reinforcing for our field leaders that they are in the right place at the right time and the only thing that stands between them and their dreams is desire and hard work.


MONAT Global is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alcora Corp., whose holdings include L’EUDINE Global and B&R Products. MONAT was founded in 2014 and entered the multi-billion dollar hair care market, while providing ground-breaking opportunities through a novel Social Marketing approach to Direct Sales and one of the most generous compensation plans in the U.S. market. For full details, terms and conditions of MONAT Motor Club, visit:



Miami, FL –September 17, 2016- Award-winning direct selling company MONAT GLOBAL made a big announcement today during its second Leadership Summit, which took place in Seattle, Washington this year: the launch of a long-awaited new product, THE CHAMP CONDITIONING DRY SHAMPOO.
Since 2014, MONAT launched in the U.S., expanded to Canada, and enhanced its VIP Customer Program. In the past year, more than 22,000 VIP Customers and more than 25,000 new MONAT Market Partners joined the ranks. The fact that the company has doubled its collection of products and treatment systems also has much to do with this expansion.
Today, MONAT announced a new addition to its hair care collections: THE CHAMP CONDITIONING DRY SHAMPOO, which delivers the same efficient cleansing results of their previous shampoos, only this one is meant to be applied on dry hair without the need of rinsing it out.

“Our customers have been eagerly asking us to create a dry shampoo using the same premium ingredients that have placed MONAT above other competing high-quality hair care products in the market”, says Jamie S. Ross, MONAT’s Senior Vice- President of Research & Development.

Formulated with powerful, naturally plant-based ingredients, THE CHAMP CONDITIONING DRY SHAMPOO has a non-flammable technology that makes it easy for users on-the- go to spray the product directly on their hair and scalp, where oiliness or greasiness may be a problem.
“This is a high-performing product that’s safe to use on all hair types and is actually good for your hair and scalp because, as with the rest of MONAT’s products, it contains REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive, which helps support a naturally healthy scalp and hair, while providing the added benefit of lightly conditioning the hair and helping absorb excess oil”, says Ross.
THE CHAMP CONDITIONING DRY SHAMPOO by MONAT has a retail value of $34 USD/$44 CAD. For more information, visit:


MONAT Global is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alcora Corp., whose holdings include L’EUDINE Global and B&R Products. MONAT was founded in 2014 and entered the multi-billion dollar hair care market, while providing ground-breaking opportunities through a novel Social Marketing approach to Direct Sales and one of the most generous compensation plans in the U.S. market. Visit:

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Pender, Ne
aug 30

By Carrie Sudbeck

5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

1006 Jake Street Pender, Nebraska 68047

Phone: (402) 841-7950

Email: lcjsudbeck@hotmail.com

Facts about Happiness

Happiness happens. It does! But only if we want it. But who wouldn’t want it? Well, the reality is that we’re not happy 100% of the time, and that’s completely normal. Is there really a formula to being merry no matter what? It seems there is.

Researchers around the world have made many experiments in the past few decades to study this marvelous phenomenon called ‘happiness’ and the findings have been quite remarkable.Turns out, we can activate our hippocampus (you know, the area of our brain responsible for happiness and positive memories ) to achieve true joy mostly when we are the creators of it ourselves. When we are the cause of our happiness, instead of being the effect of an external happening, the satisfaction we get is greater and lasts longer.

Knowing our life’s purpose, being respected, having good relationships, feeling safe, and fulfilling our basic biological needs are common triggers to our happy feelings because we are the direct recipients of such pleasures. But what happens when we don’t get what we want? We feel sad, frustrated, disappointed… meaning that we are being completely dependent on these external factors.

But what if we learned to create our own reality? What if we knew how to feel bliss and peace despite difficult times?

August is Happiness Happens Month so we thought we’d list our favorite 10 findings from studies circulated worldwide by several respected publications* that provide a deeper understanding of why happiness happens and how we can actually generate more of it in our lives.


Scents, music, and the weather can affect our mood

These elements can alter the way our neurons are wired and can awaken emotions that make us feel cheerful, peaceful, or gloomy. The fragrance from essential oils and flowers can lift our spirits or relax us. Music can motivate and inspire us. Spending a day outside in sunny weather can broaden our thinking, improve our memory, and boost positive mood.



They are loyal, noble, non-judgmental, and unconditional. They amuse us and they’re always there when we need unbiased comfort. Impossible not to love them and cheer up around them!


Positive behaviors are as contagious as vicious conducts

Joy is as infectious as sadness. So choose your social circles wisely and connect more with people with an optimistic outlook on life.


People become happier with age

Despite an increase in responsibilities, many people shift their priorities as they mature, from the physical, material things to the intangible, more spiritual experiences. Older people tend to value and appreciate ordinary moments and are able to reach feelings of wellbeing and harmony with the simplest things in life.


Healthy people are 20% happier than average

The right nutrition, regular exercise, and good rest play important roles. To boost your serotonin and dopamine (neurotransmitters that help regulate learning, mood, sleep, sexuality, appetite, the brain’s reward and pleasure centers, movement and emotional responses), add more poultry, fish, milk and bananas to your diet. Just 20 minutes of exercise per day will also rise serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine, along with proteins and endorphins that make the brain feel happier. And don’t forget to have a good-night’s sleep. Studies showed that sleep-deprived individuals have a harder time remembering positive ideas and an easier time remembering negative


Being present

Worrying about the past or the future steals our peace of mind. If we insist that our happiness will depend on getting a brand new car, owning a house, winning the lottery, or finding our soulmate, we limit our capacity to experience happiness here and now.


Having an attitude of gratitude creates more reasons to be grateful

We frequently miss the blessings because they come in disguise. But when we practice gratitude, feeling appreciation for everything come what may, our mind gets unclogged, we receive more clarity, and we gain access to see the big picture beyond what our limited five senses might be perceiving.


It’s a choice

This is a tough one, but totally achievable nonetheless. Having the capacity to choose happiness, though, comes from having certainty and surrendering: trusting the natural course of things that sometimes may seem illogical or unfair and embracing these difficult experiences, events, and changes. These conscious actions are actually the pathway to our growth and evolution and open the doors to new useful wisdom in our lives.



Being generous for the right reasons and with the right intentions gives more pleasure than receiving. Random acts of kindness, altruism and volunteerism are 100% natural and side effect-free “medicines” that help rewire our brains. In many experiments, doctors have prescribed actions like these to treat depression and patients have had outstanding positive results, including complete recovery from their ailment.



Regardless of religious beliefs, a spiritual person is someone who applies universal principles, such as selflessness, compassion, and unconditional love towards their neighbours, not to be nice and polite, but to transform into a better version of themselves.

*Results revealed by the Journal of Positive Psychology, the British Medical Journal, the United Kingdom’s Open University, San Francisco State University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Cornell University, University of Illinois, and The US General Social Survey, among other sources.

Audrey Wilcox


Because of MONAT, I have a business that allows me to be a mom first; a healthy balance between time and money; I’ve made life-long friends; and I get to utilize talents I never realized I had!

To understand how MONAT has changed my life, you must know my life before it. I won’t make you read my life story, but let’s start in 2014. My husband and I were expecting our first baby and I was extremely sick—and no, not just morning sickness! I am one of the unlucky 2% of women with a condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. It’s like its own hyper breed of “screw you up” while you’re pregnant.
For the entire nine months, I would vomit at least 5-10 times an hour, which comes with obvious dehydration and weight loss (40 lbs. in my case), which then leads to daily IVs, an NJ feeding tube, muscle atrophy which make your legs crumble underneath you and your arms worthless, constipation, insomnia—THE WORKS!
I had several at-home nurses, and spent the majority of my pregnancy in the hospital. Before I got pregnant, I was working part-time and pursuing my bachelor’s degree in special education. Initially, I planned to work and finish my degree while pregnant. Obviously, this could not happen and I was forced to quit everything until my baby girl was born.

While I endured my pregnancy my husband was also a full time student and was only able to work part-time grave yard shifts making $9 dollars an hour. Needless to say, we were broke as a joke! With all of life’s expenses, medical bills, and a baby on the way, times were very tough. Although I knew the circumstances were out of my control, I still felt awful that I could not do more to help. We tried doing everything on our own for as long as we could, but eventually the money ran out and we had to move in with my parents.

This certainly was not ideal and a major shot to our egos. I knew once our baby was born I needed to find a good job to help provide for my family, but I also needed to finish my degree. I had worked on it for four years and only had a semester left. I wasn't going to leave my degree unfinished when I was so close to completing it. But how was I going to have a job, finish my degree, recover from my awful pregnancy AND be a first-time mom?

Then I heard about MONAT.

Considering our circumstances, it seemed like a "no brainer" to jump on board. However, I was still very hesitant and nervous to join as a Market Partner. I was only 22 years old, going to school, taking care of a newborn, with zero direct sales experience, no knowledge of hair care, and NO MONEY to get started. But something felt right so I decided to at least try.

Fast forward a year, and here I am a Founder in the company, typing my story on a shiny new computer, in our own beautiful apartment, with a brand-new family car, and a debt-free bachelor’s degree! Plus, after three years of marriage my husband and I went on the honeymoon we never had and enjoyed a seven-day cruise in May! All of which has been provided through my MONAT checks.

While the generous paychecks have created a whole new sense of financial freedom, that isn't even the best part! I’ve been able to stay home with my daughter each day and experience her first year of life! I don't have to rush off to a 9-5 job and I get to help other moms do the same thing! I am eternally grateful for MONAT and all the opportunities it has provided, friendships it has created, and the talents it's allowed me to utilize—most of which I never realized I had until now!


I read a quote recently that made me very emotional because it states exactly how I feel. It says, “I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now.” MONAT has truly changed my life and at only 23 years old, I have found friends, an income, and products that will last a lifetime. And on top of all that, I have beautiful hair!

Interested in joining MONAT? Click here to learn more + sign up today.

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