Springtime Equals Happy – But Dirty – Kids!

We’re all happy it’s springtime. We feel the new energy and want to get into the outdoor spirit. Well, kids do too. The snow has melted and kids are chafing to get outside and back at it. Playing softball and soccer, twirling around the playground, running through backyards, biking as fast as they can. What do your kids do when warm weather hits?

Here are a few really simple playthings to do that will fascinate children of different ages.

  • Look for interesting bugs.
  • Draw pictures with chalk on your sidewalk.
  • Take a magnifier and investigate tree bark, bushes or grass.
  • Paint some flower pots and then plant buds or herbs in them.
  • Hold a miniature toy car wash for the neighborhood kids.
  • Hide trinkets from around your house in a sandpile and have a treasure dig.
  • Blow, chase and pop bubbles.
  • Go to a local zoo or outdoor jungle gym.

But when it comes to digging in the dirt, making mud pies and jumping in puddles, we know bath time is just around the corner! And getting kids excited about going straight to the bathtub afterwards can be a challenge for many parents… until now!


The adorable new members of our MONAT family—Lovely Locks Lion, Really Shiny Raccoon and Magic Mane Mammoth— will take your kids from shampooing to conditioning to detangling in a snap!


Cleanses children’s hair without drying it out. Great for active kids who love to play outside!

Gives children’s hair shine and manageability and helps combat frizz. It also rinses out more quickly and easily than other conditioners.


Gives slip to the hair and helps parents win the battle with tangles. (It’s also great for adults with fine hair that knots easily.)

Parents can rest assured knowing they can now switch to a naturally based line of products that is safe to use on their children’s delicate scalp and hair.

The MONAT Junior line is:

  • Ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested; 
  • Follows MONAT’s high standards of quality and efficacy to treat your children’s unique hair, which is naturally finer and more fragile than adults’ hair;
  • Made with clean, non-toxic ingredients;
  • Tear-, sulfate- and paraben-free.

Moms and dads, rejoice! With the new MONAT Junior line, bath time becomes fun again!

So let your children get as dirty as they want in the springtime mud. Getting their hair clean will no longer be difficult with MONAT Junior!

Quality Counts, Especially In Your Hair Products

Ever open a bottle of shampoo and get a funky smell? While you may be getting bang for your buck when it comes to quantity, do you know for sure that you’re getting a quality-grade product? In fact, it’s hard to impossible to know because a major part of haircare product development is in the testing, which companies don’t disclose on their packaging or websites. Testing multiple times from the design phase to when the products ship out is critical.

“First, a brand’s Quality Control (QC) team should test the purity of the water, which is the number one ingredient in most hair products, and the raw materials,” says Joanne Dillon, Director, Quality Control, B&R Products Inc., MONAT’s Manufacturing Facility. “Naturally sourced materials can vary by their location of origin and are subject to changes in the environment. It’s up to the QC team to ensure that variations are minimized so they do not affect product performance.”


Who would think that packaging materials play a really key role? QC must test the packages to verify that they will perform properly for the customer, including testing for cap tightness, weights and seals.

“Then there is batch testing,” Joanne continues. “Once a batch is made, QC needs to confirm that each one conforms to the product specifications to maintain consistency from batch to batch and bottle to bottle.”

Another essential test QC performs is stability. Stability testing is done to simulate the temperature that the product is transported and stored in before it reaches the customer. QC looks for changes over time during freeze/thaw, heat and light exposure testing. “Stability is a test of how the formula and/or package will tolerate those conditions over time based on that design,” Joanne explains. “These tests allow us to look at concerns with the package or formula design as a whole.

“With MONAT Global products, rest assured that all these tests are rigorously performed to guarantee that customers are provided with the purest and highest quality products,” she emphasizes.


MONAT even goes one step further. Testing is performed four – FOUR! – times during the entire product development and manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality. Products are tested in the raw material phase, the bulk batch phase, the filling phase and the final package phase. Some of this testing includes pH, moisture, viscosity, spray patterns, specific gravity, microbiological counts, weights and appearance, among other characteristics.

In sum? When you purchase MONAT, you can be confident you’re getting the very, very best. And who doesn’t want that for what is often one’s most prized possession – their hair?


Seeing Red Instead of Green on St. Patrick’s Day?


How can redheads not come to mind when St. Patrick’s Day is here? They’re as Irish as one can get…well almost. Scotland has the highest proportion (13 percent) of redheads.1 Then comes Ireland with 10 percent. BUT…the United States has the largest population of this stand-out color in the world.2 No wonder we see red! We have from six to 18 million redheads in this country.3 That’s two to six percent of our total population.4

The myths about redheads run the gamut, from bruising more easily (false5) to not going gray (true – they go from red to blonde and then to white6). Some of the more fun myths are that in Denmark, they believe it is quite an honor to have a redheaded child and in Poland, if you pass three redheads in a row, they believe you will win the state lottery.7

Redheads have what is called the “ginger gene,” discovered by Professor Jonathan Reese in 1995 –mutations of the gene MC1R on chromosome 16 are responsible for this fiery color!8 And this flaming color also holds more pigment than other hair colors, making it much harder to go blonde or auburn,9 for example.

It’s interesting that redheads have less strands of hair compared to other shades (90,000 strands compared to a brunette at 140,000 strands) but their hair is much thicker so it looks like they have a lot more hair.10

What to use to keep these precious
strands at their flaming best?

It’s wise to protect the precious strands that redheads have. MONAT recommends Renew Shampoo to help increase hair vibrancy (oh, that red!), Replenish Masque to boost hair strength and Restore Leave-In Conditioner to leave hair silky and shiny. REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive also will keep redheads’ thicker hair in soft, lustrous condition. See your MONAT Market Partner for more information on these and other MONAT Global products to keep bright red heads shining fiercely!

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Today is International Women’s Day — How Will You Celebrate?


Honor yourself today! It’s International Women’s Day (IWD), which celebrates women’s achievements throughout history and across nations. It’s a collective day of global celebration. According to IWD, this day “is all about unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action.”

Recognized worldwide, it’s an official holiday in many countries, including in such widespread countries as Afghanistan, Burkina Faso and Guinea-Bissau to Kazakhstan, Madagascar and Ukraine.

While women still have barriers to break down, we’ve come a long way. Now we have female astronauts and prime ministers as well as women who are successful at managing their careers while caring for their families.

Women have real choices today…and that’s what MONAT is all about: empowering women to go as far as they want in finding a meaningful and enjoyable career and as a result, fulfilling themselves and broadening their horizons.

Hear what MONAT’s Chairman and Founder Sr. Luis Urdaneta, Chief Executive Officer Ray Urdaneta and President Stuart MacMillan have to say about a day that celebrates women worldwide!


Chairman and Founder Sr. Luis Urdaneta believes that women always have been the propeller of changes, thanks to their courage and dedication. “When a woman becomes empowered and feels confident about being able to reach an objective, she makes things happen. There are no barriers stopping a woman when she dreams big. The world we have right now is because of the incredible value and wisdom that women bring to it. They take an opportunity like MONAT, which changes the life of many families for the better, and make amazing things out of it to be the best they can be and reach their fullest potential.”


As a second-generation entrepreneur, CEO Ray Urdaneta knows the hard work involved in starting a business and praises women the world over who do so. He does believe, however, that today, with technology and social media, it is easier to have one’s own business. A woman learns this when she joins MONAT, with all the resources they offer. “When a woman joins the MONAT community, she is not going into an entrepreneurship adventure by herself. She becomes part of a support system that is second to none. Her horizons are broadened as she joins thousands of other women who have embarked on a journey that is fulfilling, fun and financially rewarding.”


President Stuart MacMillan, who has worked with MONAT since the beginning, is a huge believer in women’s rights to work and move ahead. He emphasizes MONAT is committed to celebrating women through its healthy hair revolution that empowers women entrepreneurs to support themselves and their families through a world-class business opportunity. “We take great pride in recognizing and rewarding these phenomenal women on a regular basis as they lead in their organizations and throughout their communities in Canada and the US,” he says.

Given how far women have come and the tremendous potential that lies ahead, the sky’s the limit! So lift a glass and toast yourself today. See how far you can go!

That Cup of Java – Good or Bad For You?

Coffee, latte and espresso lovers beware! March is National Caffeine Awareness month and a lot of information about the evils of caffeine will likely appear.

But is caffeine really so bad? There are so many myths about its ill effects versus its benefits that it can be really hard to figure out the bottom line. Can you safely enjoy your morning cup (or cups) of Joe… or not?

Well, it depends on how much caffeine you really drink. Says Brent Agin, M.D., member of MONAT’s Scientific Advisory Board and wellness physician, “Staying under 400 milligrams (mg) of caffeine a day, with a goal of 300 mg, is a good target.” The question is – how many mg of caffeine are in a cup of coffee?

Typically, an eight ounce cup contains 55 mg of caffeine.1 However, the Mayo Clinic puts that number at a range of 95 to 200 mg, depending on “various factors, such as roasting and grinding as well as brewing time.” 2 Other things affect caffeine strength too, like the type of coffee beans used and the type of coffee consumed (brewed, espresso, instant and decaf) and serving size. 3

A single shot of espresso, for example, is about 63 mg of caffeine. Double that and it shoots to 125 mg! 4
And remember that caffeine isn’t in just coffee. It’s also in tea, power drinks, soda, cold medications and over-the-counter pain medications, ranging from 16 milligrams to as much as 200 mg.5

So what is all the fuss about anyway?

Well, numerous research sources say that too much caffeine can cause osteoporosis, fast heartbeat, increased anxiety, depression, muscle tremors, heart disease, cancer… the list goes on. But again, it’s those two words – “too much” – that precipitates these research findings. For example, several large studies do not link caffeine to higher cholesterol, irregular heartbeats, or an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.6

The good news is that caffeine, in moderate amounts, has beneficial effects. For example, according to Joan Salge Blake, MS, RDN, LDN, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, coffee’s healthiest perks include increased cognitive function, possible disease protection and also that it acts as a carrier for milk, which adds needed calcium, a mineral lacking in American diets.7

Joy Dubost, PhD, RD, also of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, says that, "Coffee provides one of the greatest sources of antioxidants in the American diet, due to the amount of coffee that is consumed." 8 Since antioxidants can help prevent diseases, that’s a good thing!

Other research shows even more amazing findings. David Elmenhorst, researcher for the Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine, says, "There is substantial evidence that caffeine is protective against neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease." 9

"It’s far healthier to use natural caffeine sources such as green tea, Guarana or Yerba Mate", Dr. Agin emphasizes. "It’s also healthier to get caffeine in tea, coffee or supplements that do not have extra sugar or chemicals. Problems with caffeine arise when one drinks too much of it, does not drink adequate water or take other routine supplements for bone support."

So you can have your java and drink it too… just not too much!


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Changing The Winter Blahs Into The Winter Aahhhs!

You started off the New Year with lofty goals and boundless enthusiasm but the end of February is now here and you might easily find your inspiration lacking.

Research shows that the February blues tend to be a result of the lull that occurs about now after the festivities of the New Year. From November to January 1st there is a lot to look forward to but then abruptly it seems to end. And for those who live in the cold north, motivation may be waning after months of being trapped indoors.

The winter blues affect mood, can dampen social life and impact work productivity. What to do?

Maximize Your Exposure to Natural Light. Don’t let below-freezing temperatures cause your productivity and mood to plummet. Light enters the brain through the eyes and impacts serotonin and dopamine, two neurotransmitters that play a role in boosting mood.

Sitting next to an artificial light—also called a light box—for 30 minutes per day can be as effective as antidepressant medication! Opening blinds and curtains, trimming back tree branches, and sitting closer to windows also can help provide an extra dose of sunshine.

Simulate Dawn. People with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a form of depression that usually begins in late fall or early winter and fades as the weather improves, may feel depressed, irritable, lethargic and have trouble waking up in the morning—especially when it’s still dark out.

Studies show that a dawn simulator, a device that causes the lights in your bedroom to gradually brighten over a set period of time, can serve as an antidepressant and make it easier to get out of bed.

Get Your Heart Pumping. Exercising under bright lights can help seasonal depression. New research found that exercise under bright light improved general mental health, social functioning, depressive symptoms and vitality, while exercising in ordinary light improved vitality only.

Change Your Winter Attitude. The key to changing your mood is to alter your attitude about winter. Instead of seeing it as a long, never-ending season, try to see it as an opportunity to do things that can only be done in the winter. Take up skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snowshoeing or ice skating and you’ll quickly see your winter mood warm up.

Get Outside. Talking yourself into taking a walk when the temperatures plummet isn’t easy, but the benefits are big: Spending time outside (even when it's chilly!) can improve focus, reduce symptoms of SAD, and lower stress levels.

*The information in this blog was taken from multiple sources in the public domain.

Market Partner Builds MONAT’S First MONATborhood in 16 Days!

Elizabeth (Beth) Meyer, of Breckenridge, Minn., has been doing hair for 33 years, 20 of those in a salon attached to her house. Married for 33 years with a son and daughter and two dogs, Beth and her husband used to worry about saving for retirement.

Then she discovered MONAT—by accident—only four months ago (October 2016) and, using SMART Start, has created MONAT’s first MONATborhood in only 16 days!! Her real passion for MONAT is infectious and her story is a powerful testimony to what these products can do. Let’s hear it in her own words:


After learning about SMART Start at MONATions (awesome event!!), I built my MONATborhood in only 16 days because I talk—a lot. I have a small salon and have spent all my years teaching my clients to use the best products available. MONAT came into my life four months ago and I was ecstatic to share their products’ benefits!

When SMART Start was introduced at MONATions, I followed it. I posted pictures of myself on my Facebook page, describing what I was doing and showing my own results. I taught my clients about why they need MONAT and what I want them to order for all three of their next orders (I get them on VIP as soon as I can). We plan the order process together and I educate them about why Flexship is the best option. They trust me because they’ve seen the MONAT results with my own long curly hair.

I share the business information with others because I love the product! I want others to experience what I do! I call the products magic! I think THAT'S the magic—believing in the products you are talking about. I don’t try to ‘sell’ them. I have a real passion for them. It’s exciting to see how these products change people’s hair and their lives.

These are the best products I have ever used. Ever!

Beth Almost Never Discovered MONAT!

Beth says she started using by MONAT almost by accident..and it’s true. This is one we’re glad to hear about though.


I’d been looking for something for my curly-haired clients (and me) for YEARS. I always taught my clients, "You’re going to feel product in your hair. That's just the way it is for us curly-haired people." I didn’t know any other way.

Then one day my older daughter, Samantha, said to me, "Mom, I think I found something for your curly hair and I want to talk to you about it." I rather ignored her. What could my daughter know?

But about 10 days later Samantha brought the subject up again and said we could talk to a girl named Kendall on the computer about products for curly hair. She said Kendall would be able to answer all my questions because Kendall is a stylist. So I reluctantly agreed and then thought the issue would go away.

Together, my daughter and I video-called Kendall. I asked lots of questions about the products and was pleasantly surprised by the answers, intrigued actually. I thought, ‘Well, if they do what she says they will--this could be great!’ After an about an hour I decided to sign up with the biggest Product Pack because I needed to test the products on myself. Plus, there was a money-back guarantee so why not?

However, I made it very clear to my daughter that I was NOT interested in the business part of it. I just wanted the products. I said to her, ‘Don’t expect me to run this as a business because I already have a job.’

Once I received the shipment, I planned to test the products on my own curly hair so I could prove they wouldn’t work, like so many others don’t. I washed my hair, did an overnight masque, rinsed my hair in the morning and then blew dry my hair. WITHOUT any products in it! I was prepared for the perfect disaster. No products equals my hair looking like a dandelion in full bloom. So I blew dry my hair and it looked...PERFECT!! I was shocked. I took a few pictures of my hair and sent them to my daughter with the caption, "Will you look at my hair??!!"

I was sold. I learned you DONT have to feel products in your hair. It doesn’t have to be weighed down with products to look good! I thought, now I need to reteach my clients. My hair feels lighter and is in the best condition it has ever been.

However, the business I never wanted to run has now become a business for me. It pretty much sells itself. Now, my husband and I don’t have to worry about retirement. Without MONAT, we’d still be fretting. Now I can plan for my family’s future because of the MONAT blessing! I’m so fortunate!

Random Acts of Kindness

Tomorrow, February 17, is Random Acts of Kindness Day, a time we celebrate doing selfless acts to either assist or cheer up people around us. There generally will be no reason other than to make others smile or be happier. And it’s random because there is no thought of receiving something in return. This behavior is the foundation of a healthy and joyful society, where people happily give of themselves to help another, with no personal agenda, and such an act is happily received.

So why don’t people act this way all the time? Typically, it chalks up to insecurities, low self-esteem, fear of being seen as weak, and plain old selfishness... the same reasons that stop people from being able to freely receive. If you feel unworthy then you may believe you have nothing to give or you may not trust why someone would be kind to you. When people feel uncomfortable with generosity it can make them get stuck in themselves and their issues.

But when we can appreciate the beauty of spontaneity and understand the importance of giving other people the opportunity to give to us, it takes us out of self-centeredness. It enables us to let go of focusing on self and to freely reach out to each other. We both can give and receive. Such egoless moments are truly exquisite.

What’s in it for me?

Random acts of kindness are essential to our well-being because they liberate us from self-obsession, selfishness and isolation. Many studies have revealed that being generous for the right reasons and with the right intentions gives more pleasure than receiving. Random acts of kindness, altruism and volunteerism are 100% natural and side effect-free “medicines” that help rewire our brains.

True generosity is giving without expectation, with no need to be repaid in any form. This is the most powerful act of generosity since it is unconditional, unattached and free to land wherever it will. Whether we give to our family, friends or to strangers, it is the same.

We may feel we have little to offer, but whether it is a few pennies or a whole bankroll, a cup of tea or a banquet is irrelevant—it is the act of giving itself that is important. As Mahatma Gandhi said, Almost anything we do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that we do it.

MONAT Global embraces random acts of kindness as part of its core values. Helping local communities across the country without any expectation of a return is deeply embedded in MONAT’s credo of life. Shouldn’t it be part of yours too?

Pay it forward with coffee or at a toll both.

Let someone go first or ahead of you at the grocery line. 

Help someone carry their shopping bags.

Compliment a stranger.

Strengthen the planet and yourself. A close relationship with nature boosts our mood and immune system.

Add litter collection to a casual stroll.

*The information in this blog was taken from multiple sources in the public domain.

Fashion Week Inspired Do’s & Don’ts

It’s not difficult to put together an outfit. Pair a top with a bottom and you’re done. But there’s a difference between regular outfits and outfits that make you feel like a million bucks. While everyone has their own distinctive style, a few new tips never hurt anyone. So to stay up to date on what to wear, here are some dos (and don’ts!) of dressing.

  • DO Try Denim in Unexpected Places: You can never go wrong with jeans or your classic denim jacket. However, one way to look 100% more fashionable this season is to test out denim in unexpected places like in a coat iteration or even on an accessory.
  • DON’T Go Overboard: While we love denim on denim, make sure you don't go overboard with your alternative denim pieces.


  • DO Mix Textures: There's nothing more forward-feeling and chic than mixing different textures like velvet, silk, cashmere and everything in between.
  • DON’T Look Like You’re Trying Too Hard: Mixing textures is great but make sure your separates still go together. Pay close attention to the colors and patterns so it doesn't look like you're trying too hard.


  • DO Go For Statement Boots: Right now we’re flooded with amazing boots in a wide array of interesting and unique patterns and textures—perfect to help you stand out from the crowd.
  • DON’T Just Stick to Basic Black: While black boots will always be in style, a little change (cue: statement boots) never hurt anyone.


  • DO Push for the Unexpected: Nothing is better than pushing the boundaries when it comes to fashion—like pairing two seemingly different styles of clothing together (like a nerd-chic sweater with a femme skirt).
  • DON’T Wear a Costume: While going for the different is fantastic, ensure that you're not just throwing together random items that scream costume!


  • DO Add Layers: Layering is not only crucial to keeping warm during winter but it's also the simplest way to look put together and fashionable.
  • DON’T Forget about Proportions: While layering is undoubtedly chic, there is such a thing as too much layering. Make sure to watch proportions. Don't bulk up too much with too many extra fabrics hanging about randomly.


When it comes to hair DO’s, low ponytails, ballerina buns, ultra-voluminous hair and the fringe cut are totally in. Use MONAT’s Sculpting Taffy to help strands stay in place!


*This blog was inspired by various fashion sources in the public domain.

Volume Hacks for Fine, Thin Hair

Fine, thin hair? We’ve heard so many stylists saying their clients complain more about this than any other hair concern.

Some people are born with fine, thin hair, some develop it with time, and some actually cause it themselves from too much styling abuse!

But there are measures you can take to protect your hair from getting thinner and, instead, plump it out with full luscious volume.

Here are a few suggestions:


Mini Scalp Massages. These stimulate blood flow into the hair follicles and can help strengthen the hair roots and plump up your hair. Simply work a few drops of a lightweight hair treatment, like MONAT’s REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive, into your fingertips and rub all over your scalp before you shampoo.


Choose Wisely. Make sure you’re using the right shampoo and conditioner. MONAT’s Volume System cleanses and conditions gently without stripping the hair or leaving unwanted build-up. Its Reshape Root Lifter adds lift at the scalp and makes hair feel thicker and look fuller.



Towel Tips. Gently blot your wet hair with a water-absorbing microfiber towel to avoid roughing up the cuticle. Blowouts are easier, frizz diminishes and, overall, it’s a gentler drying solution for fine, thin hair.


Upside Down You’re Turning Me. Tilt your head to the front and blow dry it upside down. Do the same towards each side, blow drying your hair while tilting your head to the left and then to the right. Voilà! Instant volume.



Moe Hairy and Curly. To instantly give your hair a boost the healthy and heat-free way, add more body, waves and curls with MONAT’s Moxie Magnifying Mousse. Apply it to clean, damp hair, make two large braids and let it dry naturally. Unfurl the plaits, gently rake through your hair with your fingers… Lo and behold sexy, beach waves!


Play the Part. If you always wear your hair parted on one side, switch it to the opposite side. After years of being flattened in the same direction, this will help add lift, body and volume to the top of your head.



Dry Cleaning. Use The Champ Conditioning Dry Shampoo from MONAT on your “off” days to absorb excess oil, dirt and odor, and give your hair extra volume too!


Don’t Forget Your Vitamins. Certain supplements are specifically designed to do wonders for your hair, like MONAT’s S3, an exclusive proprietary blend of clinically proven ingredients that provide a holistic hair boosting treatment from the inside out.


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